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School's Out, Alice Cooper

Well we got no choice
All the girls and boys
Makin' all that noise
'Cause they found new toys
Well we can't salute ya
Can't find a flag
If that don't suit ya
That's a drag

School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils
No more books
No more teachers' dirty looks

Well we got no class
And we got no principles
And we got no innocence
We can't even think of a word that rhymes

School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils
No more books
No more teachers' dirty looks

Out for summer
Out 'til fall
We might not go back at all


WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more gym class, no more getting up at 5.30am every day again EVER!!!! No more calculus, no more...WOO!!!!! ^_^
...and that's one of THE awesomest songs EVER.
...will think about leaving later, for now, this's gonna be *the* best summer like, EVER!!!!! ^_^
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
   The dry scents of cigarette smoke and beer are stained into my clothing, along with the sweat of a thousand crushing crowds.
   You'll have to speak up, my hearing's a little bad today, my ears are still ringing from that first bass note, that first power chord...
   I'm a rock fan.
   My body is still comfortably hollow - the sound's emptied it of all else, and it's not been filled back up by the endless inanities of everyday "life".
   Life.... *Heh*. Life is feeling that sound course through your veins, obliterating everything in its path, annihilating all contraints and restrictions, all preconditions, all inhibitions. You dance, you scream, you gaze and reach out - you who, elsewhere, sit alone in the corner and just watch. This is where you - where I - live.
   In a rock song.
   Watching the band onstage, everything that they are, lost and gone in the music - even as you, as I, are. And all that matters is the hugeness of the all-encompassing sound that they create, music is pure emotion, that's all that this is...
   And I watch them onstage, and nothing that they do could ever looks stupid, cos it comes from inside... And I watch the singer... And that's gonna be me someday.
   Pacing the stage, singing with every ounce of strength I have pouring everything all that I am and the whole fucking world into my song.
   Arms raised to the heavens, thanking Him for the music that gives me life.
   I'm gonna be a rock star someday.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
[..just a sketch, not quite happy with all of it..but it's a *sketch*. Wrote this while at Darien Lake today, during the first opening act for Nickelback, a band called Epidemic, who I thought were alright, tho no-one else seemed to like them..I dunno, to me, they were, in some ways, *better* than Nickelback, inasmuch as I *felt* more from them, I think..and I think a lot of it has to do with the singer...cos Epidemic was the only one of the three bands who had a singer just *singing*, the other two the singer was on guitar as well...and while Heather'd rather have him stay put so you can watch, I'd rather have the singer tearin' around, rock-posturing and all...*smile* But, pretty much autobiographical, tho I've not been to a thousand concerts yet. Key word: *yet*. But I'd actually just had in mind a character, not quite myself, just..a concert-goer, y'know, someone who just *lives* at rock *I'd* like to, if it didn't cost so much---! Warning: do NOT go to shows at Darien if you can help it, they're *evil* and they *rip you off*.
..will write more later...need to get *some* sleep.... graduation's tomorrow!..err, *today*!!! ^_^;;;;;]

Lily - when did your mom see db? mom saw him on the Diamond Dogs tour, if I remember right....crazy, I wish I coulda seen him then--! (But there's a Ziggy Stardust movie supposed to be comin' out this summer, which'll totally *rock*. ^_^)
Hurrah. *Great* stuff...I've actually been on a db d/n'ing streak, have like, 30 Bowie mp3s sitting in Grokster right now.. ^_^;; But it's interesting, I was d/n'ing stuff from his Earthling album, which was the album-before-last, sometime in the '90s I believe..and it's very strange, it's got a lot more techno-trappings and synthed stuff in it than anything of his I've heard...then, for some variety, d/n'd some more of his glam-era stuff...then some stuff from Pin Ups, which was actually mostly *older*, late-'60s stuff re-released, none of which I'd heard...crazyness.' I thought U2 and Monkees went all over the place musically!!! *G*
Btw, Lil, the track you mentioned is actually called "Space Oddity". ^_^
Hey Laur? ..the title on QPQ says everything is both hunky and dory...
Hunky Dory's an old David Bowie album. [tho I'm sure that's not what you were thinking of, I'm pointing this out anyways.]
*ducking random object thrown by Laur*

Oh yeah... and Lily? You rock. ^_^ ...your last blog entry made me smile. *g*
Yay for Bono! *G*
Hrm. Not much to say just now...gonna go see if Daffy's about, I think, so I can go scan some pics.
Oh, typed up a short little Labyrinth fic I write up the other'll prolly be on f/ someday, but seeing's how they're currently down (*again*), *that's* not gonna happen... Daf, I'll show it to ya...and it'll prolly end up on our Labyrinth site, too, should we ever get it up. ^_^

Went up to school today to practise concerto with Mrs. Rice again before graduation...'course, *getting* there took awhile, bike problems blah etc., but... *g*
Afterwards, chatted with her and Brandon for a bit, then went and found B, cos I had to ask him about all the gourds that're still sittin' in my basement...
'Course, I walk in, and...
this is classic.
There were a whole bunch of the science teachers in there (this's in the temp. sci. office, over in the new wing), one asks what's that on my arm. I said yeah, my brother's friend signed it with a sharpie. And they all immeidiately started babbling about what'd be the best way to get it off... Pulhamus was convinced acetone would be the best, while B said *he* had a sharpie, he could just scribble it out...
..gotta love the science dept. *smile*
So, asked B stuff, then taught him how to burn music cds off his laptop. This was actually a *bad* idea, we got one started, he's like, 'Great, now I can listen to Elvis tonight while I'm eating supper! I can teach my kids how to sing!!!" ...I'm like, uh, maybe *not*, B.... [note: B's singing is notoriously *terrible*. *g*]
Then I walked back thru the jr. high (I'd parked my bike out there), walked all the way past my old classrooms, down to the 7th grade area, walked around the first little "pod" I'd ever been in, where I'd re-started my life *here* was kind of weird... saw Mr. Hogue, remembered how much fun that (one month!) had been..thought about stopping in to say hi, but I don't know that he would've remembered me...
Took off, and just gently cruised down the school driveways and onto the road...then Heather drove by and nearly frickin' *KILLED* me, but..y'know. *g* (Used to that.)

About 4-ish, went over to Heather Smith's, she'd gotten some people together to get pics taken of us in caps & gowns and stuff... oddly enough, Blake was there, which I hadn't expected, but that was kinda nice. *smile* was *great*, Steve had pics from Karin's party? ...oh, *man* about blackmail *there*!!! ..esp. for Heather, it was *great*. *eg* ( was funny, tho, we were lookin' at all these, Heather makin' out with Karin and all, everyone kissing in all these odd positions, and Blake's kinda squirming, it was funny..I'm like *yeah*, just try actually *being* there, and being sober! ..he's like, glad I wasn't! ...but...oddly enough, I was kinda *glad* to see him squirming like that. Not that I was happy to see him uncomfortable..but that that meant that all those parties and all the times he hangs out with *that* crowd..they're not doin' anything like that. Which relieved me. And Heather said she was sure they didn't, but..I've kinda wondered, y'know?...but I'm glad to see that he hasn't changed entirely. *smile*)

Goin' to Darien tomorrow, we're gonna catch Nickelback, which should be very cool. ^_^
Blog entry for about 1, 2am last night (err, this morning ^_^;):
Stupid Matantamis frickin'...
...kidnapped Rhonda!!!
..and I was already terribly upset at having missed my belov├Ęd Bowie...
..and was consoling myself by listening to a heartsick-sounding Luna Sea track (lacking the heart to continue listening to David...), while working my way thru more Labyrinth screencaps - and it was looking good, was nearing my goal of making my way all the way up to #300 tonight...

...and baka onii-san came in with Brian and Justin, and stole Rhonda.
...I pointed out that it really *would* be easier to move Justin's video camera here than it would be to move Rhonda (whose various articles of clothing - err, such as they are..metal casings - were strewn about the living room)...

So, decided to steal laptop back from Teraa.
Unfortunately, Teraa-chan has *completely* booby-trapped her blasted room.
Thus, it was only a matter of time 'til I woke her up...actually, was doing quite well, I think the fan in her window was covering up a lot of my noise...but then one of the laptop cords got caught on something on her music stand (which was out in the middle of her floor - she *must* do this intentionally!!!), and somethin' fell, and she sat up, muttered something at me, got generally kinda pissed...and then *Dad* woke up, said somethin'...(tho he was prolly already awake cos of Matantis & co. making noise.)
Why is it that the two people in this house who actually prefer to *sleep* at night are the light sleepers??? ..seriously, Matantis and I will sleep thru frickin' *anything*...and we'll just go back to sleep if you wake us up in the middle of the night..or in the morning..or the middle of the afternoon, y'know, whenever. ^_^

So, now, am listening to Patti Smith instead of David Bowie (having just rediscovered my cd of Patti Smith and random other stuff (Robin Black and the Cure and the Cult etc)...and the majority of my db stuff is still in mp3 form on Rhonda..*sniffle*..).
And I think the smell of the blasted Sharpie on my arm is giving me a headache...
(But I know right now that I'm not gonna want to wash it actually looks pretty cool. *g* ...tho I know already I'm gonna hafta explain this to frickin' *everybody*...oh dear... ... ...I'm meetin' up with a bunch of people tomorrow, too.... -_-;;)

Oh, and I've been reading megatokyo again all night, thus the random Japanese and l337-sp34k. ^_^
*bursts into tears*
BAKA!!!! BAKA!!!!!
...12.35 am means he was on Conan *last* night!!!!!!!!!!
*sobbing dreadfully*
*phewww..!* Thank God for watch alarms - otherwise I woulda prolly *totally* forgotten to catch David Bowie on Conan O'Brian tonight!!!' that would *not* have been shibby...
Only trouble is, it would seem that I'm in for another half-hour+ of sitting in front of the tv, holding the one cord up to the antenna. Or, actually, I found out that sitting there with my finger on the prong on the plug works, too, tho it leaves a nice little dent in my finger after a bit. ^_^;;
Ahh, the joys of having a carp-old vcr and a tv that doesn't work properly! -_-#
...but it's all worth it for good music. Esp. db. ^_^

Oh yeah...remembered the other thing I was gonna talk about.
Laur and Zin, don't worry about the Labyrinth-thing...if you guys watch it and see it the way Daf and I do, then great...but if not, we're not gonna get really pissed about it or anything. You guys are perfectly entitled to have your own opinions. And so are we. ^_^ ...but honestly, Jareth's truly not so scary as you guys first, yeah, he may kinda seem that way...but really. Watch the movie...then like, read Daffy's version of it from *his* pov (if she ever gets it touchedup to her satisfaction, tho it's really not bad now, Daf, apart from a few phrases and things I think). ^_~
But just... no matter what you guys think, Daf and I will always drool over his gorgeousness, and swoon over his sadness etc... *g*
(Workin' on more of the screencaps right now! ...and just got to the lovely oubillette-scene...hehe...*sooo* not a kid's movie, is it, Daf? ^_~ *squee*...there's a pattern on his pants, what? *G*)
And he's actually not really *evil*. He's supposed to be, or is expected to be, I think..but isn't...he's just doing what he thought Sarah wanted - what, in fact, she *did* want..."..I have re-ordered time...I have turned the world upside-down, and I have done it all for *you*! I am exausted from living up to your expectations."...*awww....* *sigh* *sniffle* *whimper* *etc* *G*)
And I'm annoyed. Oasis and Jimmy Eat World and The Stroke and the White Stripes are *all* coming to New York!
...but it's New York *City* they're hitting.


Oh, but Daffy, this might interest you. ^_^
So yeahhh...
I've been branded by Brian.
...he and Matantis came in awhile ago, I was sitting here placidly typing away...and Brian tells me to hold still.
And pulls out a black permanent marker.
And proceeds to write "simpleton" (his alias..err, or is it his true identity? *g*) all the way up my arm.
..and it looks pretty cool, it's all like, graffiti-like.
..but...'s in permament, black marker. All the way up my arm.
I've got graduation in a couple of days, and I'm playing my flute, in Eastman theatre.
If it doesn't come off by then, well, to steal his own phrase..."I'm gonna *destroy* you!"
*G* (..but I couldn't really..nor *would* I...he's *so* lucky he's so damn can't kill a nice-looking guy in a wife-beater... ^_~)
Wow....*PSYCHO* day!!! ^_^
..but stress level has dropped a few notches, so it's all good. *smile*
Spent the day tearing all over the place, taking a pic of me, dropping it off for one-hour developing at Wegman's, going to the doctor, back to Wegman's, over to Rowe photo, praying they could get the pic into a slide by day's end, to the mall to find me a dress or something for graduation, back to Rowe to pick up slide, which thank God, was ready.
But hey, yeah, when I got the pics back? Was the same roll of film I took the Labyrinth-themed shots on...and they came out *perfect*, this site's gonna seriously ksa! *G* (*there's* a phrase I haven't used since..7th grade?? *G*)

...I've reached the conclusion that doctor's appointments are just *weird*... for one thing, my doctor's a frickin' hyper spazz, she talkandtalksandtalksreallyreallyfastandforheaven'ssake! *G* But she's very nice. What wasn't so cool, they did a tb test on me for college..this entailed this random old lady that I'd never seen there before coming in and jabbing a half-inch needle into my arm, shooting stuff into me, and I have to go back in Fri/Sat, so they can see if my arm's gone funny-looking. If it has, that's bad, if not, good. o_O;; *hurt*, dangit!
(Btw, Mom, you still owe me a candybar for being good and not crying!!! *G*)
But yeah. And it's annoying...y'know how they always like, feel your stomach and stuff to make sure stuff's where it's supposed to be or whatever? That's just not cool. Cos I'm like, *really* really ticklish. Always have been. Not cool.

And shopping...gahhhh...forgot how much I *HATE* dress-shopping!!...blahhhh...cos I can never find anything that's *me*, y'know? we went into like, *every* clothing store in the mall, I think...and I ended up with a nice comfy hippyish outfit. ^_^ Black blouse with colored embroidery around the top, a kind of rust-red-maroon skirt with embroidery and small beads in patterns at the bottom. Very cool. picked up some new necklaces and hair-stuff, so it's all good. *smile*

Am *sooooo* tired now, tho!!!
And tho I should *so* be sleeping now...
I <3 David Bowie. ^_^
..watched tape of the Live by Request-thing he did on A&E this morning...gahhhh...*awesome*. ^_^ ..for one thing, he still looks *great* (*so* does *not* look 55..he an' Lar must be in cahoots someplace here...^_~). It was awesome, really was...people requested everything from "Starman" to "5.15 the Angels Have Gone"...and he was just..cute is the only word that'll come to mind, it was just sweet and...gah! *G* ...he was grinning and having such fun the whole time ('cept for on more serious songs, obviously, like "5.15..."..which turned out a lot darker than I'd originally thought closer to "Stay" than "If God Will Send His Angels", vibe-wise...)...talking to people, he was joking around and being so..*charming*, I think, that's another good word. *smile* And he doesn't tear all around the stage like Bono does, but he's just as expressive...I've figured out the common link, tho, I think - they both studied mime at some point.
*hrm*...'nother necessary wanna-be-rockstar course? *g*
But yeah. ...he *did* have a binder onstage, full of lyrics, sitting on a music stand..but he had the emcee-guy talk about it, explained that if he *doesn't* have it, "I forget everything. If I *do* have it, I only forget a few things. *laugh*"
And a guy in the audience called in to request something on his cell phone, David invited him up onstage, it was a (rather cute) guy in his 20s or so, David put his arm across the guy's shoulders and talked to him, told him to keep tlaking into the phone, 'this's just too good' (or something like), then he's like, "I can't hear you, what was that?". the guy repeats it in his ear...and it's sounding lame here but it was just *cool* to watch. ^_^ ( Bono pulling Arun up onstage at the Hamilton gig..or the random guy at the Buffalo gig...*so* cool...)
And I've gotten thru cropping/converting 200 of the 600+ Labyrinth screencaps.
*nods* Yep, think comment-boxes look good now. *smile* ...should make enetation my new love of the moment--! [also the webmonkey color charts!] *g* (...nah...j/k, Jareth m'love...nice as I made my comment-boxes, and easy as it is to use...yer still prettier. *smile*)
Now, just need someone *else* to test them out, make sure they work for other peeps! *hint hint!*

6.18.2002 looks promising: enetation. Free commenting service-thing! ^_^ Hurrah! (I've wanted to have a comment thing on here for awhile, but 1. lacked javascript skills, and 2. lacked server to host stuff off of.) be testing the next little while...

Zin... your uncle and family are in my prayers tonight. ...hope they're alright...

Laur, the Klinger-in-a-dress-action figure? Is *seriously*, seriously frightening...*wondering *what* little boy would buy an action figure of a soldier in a pink dress*.... ^_~ (I personally find it highly amusing, but I know a lot of guys *wouldn't*...hehe, it was really funny today, after I mowed the lawn I collapsed on the couch, not planning on moving for awhile...and Matantis and Brian were watching "Dude, Where's My Car?"..which actually, wasn't *as* bad as I'd've thought, tho most of it *was* *terribly*, terribly lame..but yeah, there's this one bit, the two main guys (both stoner-losers) pull up to an intersection, there's this big guy with a gorgeous woman in the car next to them...the big guy revs up his engine, they rev up theirs...the guy makes out with his g/f...and the two guys make out with each other. o_O ..Matt'd left the room, it was just me and Brian watching, I started *laughing*, while *Brian* cowered and moaned about how *wrong* it was...and this is coming from *Brian*!!!! ..who just the other day, seeing Teraa and I watching Disney, commented on how twisted the movies *really* were...and then, too, there's the elephant, which I'll be kind about and *not* expand upon...-_-;;; ...maybe I've just read too much BMB. ~_^)

Daf just did a wonderful job obsessing over Labyrinth in her blog. ^_^ ..(in later entry, as well)...*sigh*...<3.....
Though Jareth's pants were *NOT* the first thing I noticed/fell in love with!!!!! ...*geez*, Daffy!!! ...even *I'm* not *that* bad--!..gahhhh....(not that I'm knockin' the pants at *all*..^_~)
But Laur?
You *are* in some trouble...
...I'm not even gonna refute what you said, I think Daf covered it well enough. just..*gah*...maybe you just have to see it...goodness knows, the first time I saw it, I was all psyched, ready to merrily watch David Bowie die [*shudder*...but I claim ignorance - I only hated him cos Mom *liked* him..same went for Sting - enjoyed watching *him* die in the original Dune movie..tho now I think there's another scene I'd like more..^_~]...and yet when I saw Daffy later on, I yelled at her for not warning me that I'd feel sorry for and fall in love with the bad guy/Bowie! *G*, if *I* could do a complete 180 on my opinion of the character---! ^_^
..and that line *is* irrestitable, put in context..... like Daffy said:
Final confrontation--Jareth, clothed in white tatters, tired and worn (and beautiful) comes out once more, beseeching her with the last of his effort... "Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave!" How could she refuse that?! He looks so hurt... he's speaking to her, not as the Goblin King with his powers of voodoo or other magic, he's speaking her as a man, as Jareth, offering the one true thing he has--himself.
So, got an hour and forty-five minutes of sleep last night, due to Daffy and I going completely off ona Labyrinth-thing...*great* fun... ... ...only trouble is, thescreencaps we took from the dvd? Yeah. It'd only save them in bitmap format. Thus, Ananda's got to convert them *all* from bmp to jpg (due to space, accessibility, web usage). And crop them.
We took over 600 screencaps.

...Matantis and Brian just decided to go out for a late-night Brian went past me he just punched my cheek (lightly, obviously), *that* was interesting...

...and stupid lecture from Dad again today...*sigh* but I'll not go into it, cos I'm finally getting un-pissed....

Started trying to actually physically draw something big again, with pastels...but I'd forgotten that I can *not* draw little-Bono---! -_-;; ...ah well...I'm trying, it's...*kinda* working? Not entirely yet, but I've only spent maybe an hour or so on it so far.....spent about another hour taking pictures of some still lifes I set up in my room, which I'm planning (?) on using for a Labyrinth page or summat...actually, the still lifes actually went together pretty well, each shot is a lot more cohesive than I had originally thought they'd be...theme-wise, it's the corrupted, decaying ballroom (wherein the over-lovely Jareth sing "As the World Falls Down"..and has blue streaks in his hair!!! *squee!* ^_^)...I've got shiny and velvety material underneath (thanks to Terra's blouse and vest *g*), some lace, old jewelry, some feathers, glitter...all this random stuff I found in my room and Teraa's room...a dried rose, an old-looking doll all dressed up in frills..and my sister had a small ceramic-like owl. ^_^ (It was brown, unfortunately, not white, but ah well..close enough. *smile*) *Really* hopin' these shots come out decent, it was kinda low-light (partly cos it was inside, partly cos I was trying to get a decent contrast between light and shadow, and so had to keep the lights at a low angle).

Bleh. I give up. Copied the code fine from another of the blogs I'm on, should've worked..but kept getting "runtime error" and it didn't do anything. >_<;
I give up.
Off to *shrug*
...ooohhhhhh dear...five rather tall guys all just stomped into my house and past me, clomped up the stairs into Matantis's room. *vaguely frightened* ...*g* No, not really, I know all (err, or most?) of these guys, all my brother's friends, but's a little intimidating, a whole bunch of them walking in like that--! (Plus, they're all insane. Soooo.... ~_^)
Meanwhile, I'm trying to get the archives to show up with links to each link on this main page, not sure how....I *so* need to learn javascript! -_-;;
Wow...Laur, it's incredible how much *shorter* things are when you type them, ne? *g* ...but've gotten so very much further into LotR than I ever have..or likely ever will...crazyness...but very cool and interesting any which way. ^_^
...but so *that's* how you stayed up 'til 4.30 in the morning! Well, now we know! *g*, next sleepover, if you start falling asleep should we just have you read aloud for awhile? ~_^
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YAY!!!! ^_^ ...I was seriously, really gonna be upset if I didn't get blue hair. *G* ...<3 blue hair.... ^_~

*yawwwwn*...ah...took a nap for a bit, up at 6 a.m.(!!!) to make Dad breakfast for Father's Day...then we ended up actually going to church...soon's Matantis got home, he fell asleep on the couch. *g* ...'course, then, few hours later, I was on the couch reading thru the novelization of Labyrinth (which I printed out from this site), and fell asleep. ^_^; ..but it was great, gave me a bit of a Labyrinth idea, which was cool...^_^
..practised my flute for a bit, seein's how I hadn't in awhile, an' I've gotta play the Chaminade (again!!!) at graduation--! -_-;;; ...'course, then, I figured out how to play "As the World Falls Down" on my flute, too. ~_^ (It's *such* a pretty song, tho...sounds good on flute, too, which's always nice. *smile*) off to go read thru Laur's latest rant on Quid Pro Quo, which, if her blurb's as long as she said it was gonna be, should effectively take up the rest of my afternoon. Hurrah for summer vacation! ^_^