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Ahhhh....good day, good day.....began good, found some *nice* pics of Brad Pitt, and painted Heather a nice watercolour of him for part of her grad present....then was at her grad party *all* day, from 2-9 or so....all good....
Lol, and Blake has *soooo* gotten me addicted to playing Price is Right on lycos!!! *laughing* It's so sad...but addicting...esp. when you're winning...*g* ...b'sides, when you win, you get entered in a there's a slight possibility of actually winning $$$!!!! *Sweet!* *G*
So yeah....good, good day....hung out with Blake for...most of the day. ^_^ Well, rather, once he got there, I did...we played volleyball for most of the afternoon. It was great fun - I was actually mostly doing reasonably *well*! *gaspo!* *g* ...but, in any case, I couldn't've been doing worse than Heather, she was doing *horrible*, it was hilereous! *laughing*...
..but it was nice, Blake and I were always on the same team..stood next to each other most of the time....and everytime I screwed up, he'd say something nice, or just joke about it, everytime I hit it good, he'd say so, I was like, *awww~~~!* *smile*
Oh yeah, the other great Heather-thing? Our fun little sophomore friend, Brandon, showed up with a *whole cooler* full of water balloons. And we *drenched* Heather. (Then her cousin Jeremy - gah, that guy's *so* much fun! *G* - filled it up with cold water, and dumped it on Heather.) Once she'd dried, Brandon and John went off to get *more* water balloons. Plus there were squirt guns about, etc....*great* fun. ^_^
We love Heather. ^_^
B showed up for awhile, with his two that was cool....we all hung out and chatted...ate food...then went and played volleyball some more. Great fun. (Largely due to the afore-mentioned reasons...*smile*....tho it was fun anyway, with Heather's cousins and Karin and everyone....)
Eventually, we got hot, and like, half of my team (inc. Blake and myself) wandered off to go get we sat down and just talked for a few was nice. ...I sat down next to Blake, various people wandered in and out, we talked about..well..uhh, a *wide variety* of things....*g* Found out Rachael Pazda'd been homeschooled for years - hadn't known that, it was really cool, we talked about that for awhile...Stephanie and Lisa? and some other girls were tlaking about buying lingerie online and stuff, poor Blake [GAH! ...keep forgetting to use his code name!! *g*] was sitting there kinda turning red, just ducking his head behind his arm...(it was *so cute*!...*smile*). I don't know, it was just...*nice*, y'know? Haven't gotten much of a chance to just sit and chat with people, esp. Blake and Greg...
...about 9pm or so, it started getting a little chilly, Greg decided to head home for a bit, and Blake said he was gonna go, too, asked if he'd mind giving me a ride home? ...said sure. *smile*, we said goodbye to Heather, and headed for his car...and we started talking, cos Donna'd disappeared with one of Heather's relatives(?), and Daisy seemed to've hit it off with one, as well....and I'm like, *dude*, what *is* it with people this summer??...with that night Heather had, and all this, and...Blake agreed, said yeah, everyone's been kinda changing this summer..."But I'm never gonna change. I refuse." ...I smiled.....he *is* a stubborn dorkwad when he wants to be. ..and seeing's how he's not changed his *haircut* since *preschool*---! *laugh*
..and I can't remember what it was we were talking about in the car now, and it's gonna bug me...*shrug* Ah well...
...coulda gone to Steve's party tonight, I *was* kinda invited...but I was kinda tired, and...I know there's gonna be drinking etc., and I don't feel like another one of those tonight...I mean, Karin's was alright, inasmuch as I was fully amused by observing people and my sketchbook, but...*shrug* (..b'sides, then I couldn't've gotten a ride home from Blake! *sad, sad grin* ~_^)
Hehe...then, got home, got on the cpu..and signed on aim.....sure enough, in a few minutes, he signed on. ^_^ ... ...oh, CARP!!!!..and I didn't get a chance to save the conversation (like I sometimes do..ehrm..*cough*...yes, I'm that sad!), cos the blasted cpu froze up later!!!! ...blahhhh....but anyways, yeah...I imed him, I'm like, hi, long time no see, ne? He's like yeah, about five minutes. ^_^ we chatted a mentioned, he got me hooked on 'net Price is Right..*g* ...talked about some random stuff...and it was good, there was some actual, meaningful conversation there...and..*sigh*. He's sweet. *smile*
...then, later, when I came upstairs to steal the good, non-freezing-up cpu from Teraa, we were talking, I said he'd said earlier that she pestered him online a lot...she said yeah...and then she's all like, "Do you know how *hard* it is for me to not say anything about you liking him??" I'm like, no, no, don't... "It's like, hrm. Should I tell him, or face the wrath of Ananda?"..and I'm like, no, just..don't say anything to him about it........cos, officially, we're just good, close friends? ..but.....I don't know...the more I think about it, the less I wanna leave him.....

But enough! ...I just rambled about this the other day, I'll not go thru it all again! ...
Ahhh...sick humour, good artwork? *g* (Actually, this particular strip amuses me...)
Popped over to check out winners of the 2002 Cartoonists' Choice Awards - megatokyo (which I've *finally* caught up on! woo! *g*) won a few there. ^_^ So'd Machall, which I've read some of (it's really good), Makeshift Miracle (which has gorgeous artwork, can't access the full archives unless you pay - and I'm poor. *pout*), and 8 bit theater, which I believe Teraa's been amused by.
Yay for the 'net. ^_^
..oo, hey, RPG World's not bad, either...this looks familiar...*laugh* (Note: This is the best way in the world to get a sibling pissed off if you're doing a battle against them on Legend of Mana...cos using the same attack repeatedly like that is, while dumb-looking, a great way to confuse them - and thus, prevent them from attacking. ^~_~^)

Oh, hey, yeah, and I *finally* fixed my mouse! ^_^'d been worse than *ever* the past day or two, to the point where even *I* was about to pick it up and throw it against the wall. Very, very hard., I messed around with every mouse setting I could find, downloaded every windows xp update that seemed relevant (and even some that didn't)...and it *still* didn't work. Fortunately, Matantis is a computer geek, and has *lots* of spare computer parts in the basement. ^_^, found a spare mouse, plugged it in, and voila! problem solved. ...this one clicks a little funny, and it's kinda yellowed a bit..but I *really* don't care, I can *do* things on the cpu again, w/o having to worry about the mouse going psycho and closing them! ^_^

...blahhhhh...and why is Topaz Meanderings publishing fine, but *this* blog isn't!?....arggg...dumb template-error, blogger's got a notice on their site that they'll fix it asap...*sigh* this's is about a post/post-edit behind, I think...

Dir en Grey's "Yokan" is *awesome*. <3. ^_^
o_o;;; ...just got an e-mail from boomspeed. And at first it just seemed innocently intriguing, they're offering a good deal on *100 megs* of space, right? So I'm like, ok, that's cool...but...I kept reading? ..and, uh, looks like it *might* be that the free accounts (like, uh, mine) are only supposed to be used for image-hosting for, like, auctioning things. ...but I plead ignorance, cos I never picked that up in there anywhere before! I'm just hoping that, due to the undoubtedly low traffic this site gets, *whispering* they won't notice me. so I'm just gonna lay a bit low, image-wise, for a bit, I think. ~_^

Meanwhile, *YAY* for Amnesty Int'l! ^_^ ...kinda mad at myself, I'd been largely ignoring them lately, cos the e-mails were getting sent to my old, rarely-used e-mail address. But now I've updated it, so the e-mail are coming to an account I *do* check, pretty much every day. Ahh, good stuff.
Stop Conflict Diamond Atrocities.
(If you're not familiar with AI, they're trustworthy, believe me - I did a report on them a few years ago for school. Plus, Bono and Sting and tons of other people back them up. So it's all good. ^_^ They're a human rights organisation, and they'll give you information on all these terrible things going by unnoticed in our world...and provide you with suggestions and addresses. On many cases, like this one, they'll give you an e-mail already written, they just ask that you personalise it somewhat, so type a bit, click, send, voila! In about two minutes or less, literally, you've helped change the world for the better. ^_^)
Urge Mexican Government to Investigate Disappearance

...*heh*. And within about a minute, I got an auto-response e-mail from Ms. Senator Hillary Clinton...tries to sound all nicey-nice and personalised...*blah*. ...makes y'wanna puke some days, doesn't it? *wry grin*

Heather's grad party's tomorrow, that should be fun...hehe, wondering just how badly she's gonna kill me for her gift...^~_~^ ...great fun...oh, shoot, that reminds me, I've gotta find a pic to print out as reference...haven't *quite* finished yet, tho the majority of it's done.
And still gotta figure out how to draw a recognisably hot Italian guy (preferably a polizia) for Vicki, her grad party's on Sunday...ahhh...*remembering*...Italy was *great*, it really was...*gorgeous* weather, we were there for ten days, and it rained for like, fifteen minutes, I think. Very hot, but low humidity. Riding on our busses all morning, dozing off until awoken by Paula, our tour guide, suddenly getting loud as she endlessly talked over the speakers...looking out the windows at whole fields of sunflowers, and bits of probably anceint ruins in cattle pastures...watching the endless numbers of hot guys with Vicki (she's the one who taught me how to guy-watch ~_^), there was that blond guy in the one city..everyone else'd gone to get food or summat, I was sitting I think by myself (or maybe with James) on a street corner, behind some barricaded construction-work, under an awning in front of the restaurant..and I looked over to the other side of the sidewalk, a little ways down, there was this *incredibly* good looking guy...blond...and he was looking at *me*...and we just sat there and looked at each other for awhile...Vicki came back, pointed out to me that the cute guy was looking at me...said yeah, I knew...~_^ ..and we never even said a word, I haven't any idea if we even spoke the same language.....there was Venice, the gondola ride in the afternoon...God, was it *gorgeous*...not in the incredibly pristine way the stereotype has it, but...the buildings were it stucco, maybe? ..just this flat red-orange, smooth walls, except in the places where they were crumbling from age...but I just *loved* the *look* of those buildings...our gondolier was really cute, we watched and listened as he called out to his fellow gondolieres, chatting and laughing...the sun reflecting off the water...passing through shadowed channels between the tall buildings, peering up at the blue sky against the straight, smooth lines of the houses.....
..basta, I'm sorry, now I've got you all jealous...~_^ .....(basta's another thing I picked up there, actually - Italian for "enough"...actually, it was in "The Echo Song", which we sang on that trip, tho we sang only the Italian, not the english, can't remember the Italian title, tho...)

Ah, thank God! picture-cd isn't dead, it works now! *immense sigh of relief* ...I was seriously scared for awhile,'s an entire cd *full* of images, tons of U2, a bunch of Monkees, random anime, Fushigi Yuugi, lovely Kuja-kun, all this stuff......*phewwww!!!* ^_^
Wow...hadn't meant for that one post to get so long....(posted the Travis one before I'd finished the one prior to that - no way I wrote all that in six minutes! *g*) Gomen-nasai!

But yeah...had a bunch of other stuff I'd meant to write about here, too...might as well now, while I'm here...

Lessee... oh, yeah. Madeline L'Engel's Many Waters is *wonderful*... I'd actually avoided it for rather a long time. There was this book my mom got, years ago, that suggested books to read, gave little summary/reviews on them. Thing is, the book had a very Christian slant to it. Which was generally good. And they really liked the rest of L'Engel's stuff - so did (and do!) I. But Many Waters, they took issue with, saying that it blurred the line between Biblical truth and fiction too much. So, good little child that I was, I avoided it.
Saw it at the library the other day, figured that by now, I can sort out what I think is true and what's not true better than I could then, and I picked it up.
And it was great...and I can still see how they would've taken issue with it, but I enjoyed it a lot. And it was really cool, cos she actually used an idea that *I'd* picked up on awhile ago, and wanted to do something with. If you're reading in Genesis, the account of the Flood..there's a few brief sentances there that mention the sons of God laying with the daughters of Men. I stumbled across that awhile ago, and I was like, whoa, *what* was that?! ..cos that's *one* thing they never taught us in Sunday School--! And I sat and thought about that for awhile, and just found it a fascinating idea...just didn't know how to work it into a story or anything (yet).
And that was actually one of the main tenants in Many Waters, was the nephilim seducing the daughters of men.....
...*very*, very glad I *didn't* read it back then, tho - it gets a little too, ah, *blatant*, shall we say? for what my fifth-grade mind coulda handled, I think. (Remember, I was homeschooled at the time. Very, very sheltered. Not that I think this was bad, at all, looking back...)
But there were some incredible scenes in there, with the nephilim and a hang-up with angels and wings anyway....gave me some great ideas for drawings, tho, which I have sketched out...actually started drawing something from the story, then went off on another idea that somehow came to me, went into a manga-ish thing...*shrug* interesting to see if I can pull it off right (I doubt it, but..).

Ahh, enough for now....more later! ^_^
Awww.... was just poking around dotmusic, found this:
"Travis drummer, Neil Primrose, will have an operation today (July 11) to help repair an injury to his back.
Yesterday, dotmusic reported how the sticks man injured himself in a swimming pool accident while holidaying in France over the weekend.
The accident left him unconscious and in need of treatment to damaged vertebrae in his back. He has been on heavy painkillers since the accident. ..."
..poor drummer...Lar's had back problems, too, I know...
Carp. Missed the live Starsailor chat over on dotmusic...*knew* I was gonna forget and miss it!! XP ..*sigh*...ah well...... there's an archive here, which I'm going to go read. ^_^
" Rose from USA asks: Ben, are you naturally so charasmatic, or do you have to work at it?
James S: Ben is undoubtedly the friendliest drummer in rock. It just comes naturally."
...ah, but no-one can top Lar for best-looking drummer....~_^

...been an interesting few days...done a lot of thinking, and very little talking...well, 'leastwise, 'til Daffy came over. *smile*
...Daf...thanks again for listening to me ramble on melodramatically about the same stuff I've been rambling about for..what was it? four years, now? *wry grin*..and thanks for the support, advice, etc., and all.....
But yeah. After all that? I get on the cpu...and he's not on aim. >_<#

...Daf and I were talking for awhile, she mentioned that she and Calypso'd been talking about past years...and how we never quite knmew whether he still had a crush on me or not...he thought it obvious, we never had a clue~~!...ah well.....but that reminded me, I still had the notes he wrote me, all those years ago (err, three years? *g*)..and she said that he said he knows know that he kinda went about it wrong..which I think he did, cos he asked me out before I even really knew him...and he *did* just sit down next to me and stare at me, never saying a word, and that *was* just *weird*.....but it's in the past, I won't hold it against him now...but yeah, so I dug thru all my old diaries, and found the one with the notes in it...and we read thru them again, and I felt soooooo bad, all over again...the second one, especially, he sounded so terribly upset and depressed...Daffy, don't forget to tell him that I'm still so, so sorry---!
And then, I read thru some of my other old entries..this diary was from 9th grade. ...interesting, all the accounts of the various battles between Mother Earth and Evil Dan...and I spent *pages* talking about one mall/movie thing we did, me, Blake, Evildan, Christy, and Katie O'...and that day had been so perfect, we just played around in all the different stores...and we got to the theatre, went to go in, and Blake couldn't find his ticket (this actually became a habitual thing..*laugh*'s just *cute*... ... ..errr...*blush*). Katie and Dan'd already gone ahead, Christy went to go catch up and tell them what'd happened, and I stayed with Blake, holding his stuff 'til he found his ticket. ...then we got in there, and everyone else was already sitting I sat next to Blake...and Evildan was on the other side of Blake. This was very, very bad. Throughout the entire movie ("Pleasantville", which we all thoroughly enjoyed), Evildan kept making "suggestions" to Blake, only some of which I heard then (heard about more later on)...telling him to put his arm around me, or kiss me, all this stuff.....and Dan pestered me about it later on, and I wrote that I couldn't quite outright deny some of it..while there, I'd been daydreaming, imagining him putting his arm around me.....
...the other interesting things we found in that diary were a few dreams I'd written down. *That* was interesting. For one thing, had a *great* time tryin' to read it - very small, and very scribbly. (This was actually partially on purpose - so no-one else *could* read it! *g*) And the other interesting thing was what I'd *dreamt* of 'em, I was like....*whoa*. ... ...I *dreamt* that then?! (Let's put it this way - I couldn't quite read it aloud to Daffy.... -_-;;; ..I mean, it wasn't *that* bad, but, ah, *very* close, I think...)
And all these things.....there was "The Plan" - Blake and I, at the suggestion of a friend - pretended to go out for a while (few days? a week? I don't remember). We did this to 1) annoy Dan (we suspected he was jealous of the close friendship Blake and I had - we were truly inseperable at that point), and 2) get Calypso (who was near-stalking me at the time) off my back., I'm just like, damnit, why the hell didn't we just go out?!?!?! *AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Y'know?!?! I mean....GAH!!!...this's one of those thigns I'm gonna be forever kicking myself in the arse for, y'know?....*deep, sad sigh*.....but yeah, it didn't end so well - we ended up letting Calypso in on it, cos he wrote me such a terribly sad note (which I mentioned before) (it was odd, I felt *so* terrible after reading it..but Heather and everyone else? thought it was dorky, lame..."the lines of communication have been severed"!? and they laughed...and I was just like, no, no, you guys, can't you see?..he spent *time* on this...there's an eloquence here....and I felt *so* *terrible*...hell, I *STILL* do!!!..that's how potent it was....). And Dan..I think caught on? don't remember...but it was dumb cos we didn't act like we were going out or anything, didn't hold hands even...there were so many times that I was *so* close to putting an arm around him or something...but I didn't.
*kicking self*
And it could've been.......
...and I shouldn't dwell on past mistakes like this, I know I shuoldn't....but the thing is......during those few days we "went out", I dreamt about him *every night*, that we were in the halls holding hands, or he kissed me, or something...(err, yeah, something..*cough*...*blush*)....
...I'm still dreaming those same dreams.
Four years later.

What the hell is wrong with me? Four years, it's been like this, and I *STILL* haven't done *anything*! God, what am I doing, all these chances I've had...and I think, looking back, there's been a *lot*...and I've never even reached for his hand, not once. There was that dance...*sigh*...and that was...pretty much *bliss*.....and I should be happy with that, but... .... ...I still can't help but wonder, y'know? we knew each other so very long ago..he was my first love...and then I came back, and we got to be best friends, tho we seem so very different on the surface....and.....I kinda thought I was mostly over him, but then...I looked over at him again, across the band room; listened as he sang his solo in choir; talked with him for awhile.....and I care about him so much.....and now, I can't get him out of my head again...and I have to wonder if it's fate, or something, meant to be.....
...*this*, I think, is why I've not had a boyfriend still...because I can't/won't/don't want to give up on Blake...whether it's right or wrong, I can't let him go.....and I don't know if I should or not.....
...*this* is why I was greatly annoyed that he wasn't on aim, I wanted to talk to him for awhile, haven't talked to him since...I don't know, the last grad party I saw him at, the weekend before last.....

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll shut up now....b4k4....feel like I'm in an anime series, this whole childhood-love, meant-to-be thing pops up a lot in anime....(at least I don't feel like I'm the only one Piro finds answers to so many of his life problems in shojo, I look to the things around me as well, songs and stories...)
*sigh* ...I don't know what to do..I *want* to do *something*....but....I still worry as to what *he* wants.....and I should listen to Calypso, he told me to stop thinking about what Blake might think for a minute, and do what *I* want.....


I have a variety of colours to choose from: green, blue, purple and the ever popular red.

Find out
What absurd Star Wars product are you?

Lightsabers rock. I want one. ~_^ (A real one, that is...I've got two plastic light-up ones already...pretty good at using those, actually...~_^)

What bishounen type is your favourite?

By ShoSen of Totally Kawaii!
Now, see, I don't *like* to watch them *suffer*...err, at least, I don't *think* I's just that it's usually the sweet caring ones that are poor Kamui.....or like Folken, who has good intentions, but gets sucked into the wrong side, and then---
...gets hit by a tortilla chip.

Laur, yer startin' t'sound like *me*! *laugh* "...where's my tall, curly-haired college guy with an umbrella to notice me getting soaked and offer to walk me back?" ...well, course, the guy involved's a bit different, but, y'know. ~_^
Speaking of which...I had the best dream last night...I just wish it'd been real---! ...almost was, it was very good, but actually quite possibly realistic...actually, a lot of it was weird, it started with something about a farmer. I don't know why. And I was walking up to the school, and I stopped to watch combines and tractors and things working in the old sheep field - which was a farmer's field in the dream. Don't know why. But then, like, it jumped, and I was with Heather S., giong to some gov't/town-meeting thing? and we saw Blake and Dan and some other people all in uniform of some sort as we went in..and I was all psyched cos Blake was there. So we went into the main part of the building, which was a cross between a church and an auditorium..and then it wasn't Heather I was with, it was Blake. We saw a bunch of our friends taking up one row of seats (the seats were more like a movie-theater, come to think of it), and I kinda wanted to just sit the row ahead of them..but Blake brought me to sit a row or two ahead of *that*, which was right behind a bunch of his (dream-version) family. Which was his mom and dad and a whole bunch of old ladies. I think he introduced me, everyone said hi, over and over, the old ladies were all excited...they started talking about some essay competition I'd done or somehting, they'd loved what I'd written for it, said I should've won, not tied (with Blake?)...and while they were chattering on, Blake set a program? over my hands, which were in my lap, and set his hand on top of it. And we were both breathing hard, and I noticed that he was of the old ladies had sat down on the other side of me, and was asking something about what I was doing there with their boy?..and my hand moved a bit (next to me, no longer under the program or whatever), and Blake noticed. "Oh." ..and he took my hand in his. By this point, the play(??) was starting, and it got loud, so I leaned my head over by his shoulder and said into his ear "No, you don't have to if you don't want to," and I think I held his hand a little tighter. He smiled, touched the glittery cardboard-like crown-thing that he'd put on his head (there was all this glittery, jeweled purple stuff about, I've no idea why..maybe it was falling asleep with my purple journal/sketchbook near me?, wait, bet it was the purple wings of the nephilim in Many Waters, which I'd been reading..)...and it seemed like I'd made that for him? "No, I want to," he said, and rubbed his thumb along my hand....
..and then I woke up. Still breathing heavily, pressure still on my hand. Then realised that this was because I was on my stomach, with my hand under the pillow beneath my head. *sigh* was so sweet...seemed so real (well, 'cept for the location, the old ladies, the purple stuff...*g*)... ...and my current resolution is that I *can't* chicken out next time I get a chance like at the movies the other day...I *can't*...
...*sigh* but I'll probably change my mind by tomorrow, decide no, what if..?, and what's the use?, and.....

Ah. Good. And comments are back up and working. (Not that anyone's commented in, like, forever, but..*shrug* I haven't said much worth commenting on lately, I don't think, sooo... ~_^)
Hmm. predicted, I like the sketchy version of sketch of love better'n the flash version. The flash one has its nice points, too, but there's a much better story, more to be found, in the sketchy version. *shrug* Ah well...

Not much new today...actually started cleaning my room O_O *gaspo!*....*laugh*..but even *I* knew it was time to clean, I was looking for "Until the End of the World" last night, and couldn't find it! and then I had to dig down to find the novelisation and early script of Labyrinth, which I needed to consult to work on *that* fic...after all that, I decided it was time to clean. ^^;
*yawn*...rather sleepy...once I get thru the flash version of SoL, gonna go grab some ice cream, watch "Vampire Princess Miyu", probably work on some story, then sleep. *nods* yeah, that sounds good....

Ah. Wait. But the comment-things are gone. -_-# ....*sigh*...ah well...was too much to hope for, I s'pose, having everything working again.....seriuosly, man, what *happened* over the alst day or so to knock everything out?! ...or'm I just cursed? (which is probably the more likely...)
Ahhh...good. Blogger seems to be back in good order again. ^_^
GAAAHHHHHH!!!! I'm gonna go insane here! (Err, well, more so than I am already, if that's possible..^^;) Geocities is barely up, my website won't come up, and blogger won't let me into my template!! Wtf?!? ...*sigh* more summer vacation for the people who keep the 'net up and running... >_<
...ahhhhh!!!!!! ...and blogger's not even *publishing* right now!!!!!!
...>_<.....b4k4s......'s definite now, Sketch of Love is awesome......

...meh...and boomspeed's down again...*sigh*.....gomen-nasai if you're here and there're no pictures...try back later...
..and Dad is baka. >_<# Matantis made one little comment, about how Dad's typically griping that we haven't the money for anything..and he just went out and bought a $2,000 motorcycle. ...soon's he said that, I cringed, I knew it was a bad idea. Sadly, I was right, Dad lectured for about a half and hour, went into the same crap, the whole you-guys-have-responsibilities-here and all this other completely unrelated shite....*sigh*
I haven't griped about it all here much lately, but that doesn't mean it's stopped...lessened a bit, cos we've all been out and not home more, Dad's been hung-up on his new motorcycle - which's fine by me, all well and good, I'm glad he actually did something for himself for once, maybe he'd stop being so..carp, what's the word? "I work my butt off for you guys, and don't ask for anything for myself", that sort of thing...
But's the same as always, I'm tired of it, I'm sure anyone reading this probably is, too... *sigh*
New-found good band: Arid. was their song in the Haunted Castle thing at the imax, "Little Things of Poison"...dark, creepy, very cool. ^_^ Poked around their website some, it's pretty good. One thing I *love* about it, there's a section where the guys in the band put up what they've been listening to, which I think is really cool. (Plus, they've been listening to, among other things, Smashing Pumpkins, Sigur Rós, and U2! ^_^)
Hrm. They're *Belgian*. *That's* a new one... ^_^
Ah-hah. And it *IS* the lead singer who's the lead in Haunted Castle! ...uber-shibby.... *g* And this's
"the first-ever live concert performance in 3-D"....
...hrmm...and the producer on their second album's worked with U2... basta, I'll let you look into the rest on yer own. ^_^
AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! ...even *worse* than character death - character *betrayal*!!! ...baka't......gahhhh!!!!
(Look, I'm down to the final two episodes of's *gonna* get a bit angsty.....*wry grin*) don't *betray* someone cos you love them...ok, so maybe she was trying to get Sorata to stop loving her, so he wouldn't die for her, but still..
...are they drawing on more Christianity than I'd thought, here..?
...I *love* this series... ^_^
(Gives me something fresh to puzzle over...)
"When you do fan art, you get all the elements of that character or story to help elevate the emotive impact of a drawing - the character you are drawing already HAS a past. Doing original works is harder - you have to give that character a history, a past, something that people can connect with. If you are good, you can do it all with one drawing. You can cheat and do what i do - put a truckload of crappy drawings together to get your point across.
"Often, for many people, no one else seems to see what you see in a drawing you did. All art is really about putting your feelings down on paper. Learning how to do that so it effectively communicates it to others is a major undertaking. The mistake that people make is that they feel that if it doesn't communicate well to others they should not do it. Don't EVER think that. If it makes you feel something, remember that your frustration with it is that you haven't been able to communicate what you want effectively enough - and doing that takes time. Just don't give up on it.
"Thats where the frustration in learning to draw comes in - from thought to paper is never as potent as you feel it. Thats why i will never be satisfied with my work."
Arigatou, Piro. *smile*
...I think that's a lot of the reason I like megatokyo as much as I do, Piro's rants and how he carries over himself into the strip...I'm an artist, too, so I can identify. ^_^ Granted, he's a lot better'n I am, but then, he's older, and has probably taken more than one art course. -_-;;; ...but I'm not really so bothered right now as I sound, I'm liking a lot of the artwork I'm doing right now, pencil-drawings with watercolour, which is what I'm doing for grad cards, really work well for me. And some of the desktops I did in photoshop today I'm *really* impressed with. ^_^
*much calmer* Sorry again... the frontpage-inflicted damage wasn't as bad as I thought, so that's okay...and blogger *does* seem to be publishing, so that's good.
(And Luna Sea's "Gravity" just came up on good ol' WinAmp...that helps, too. ^_^)
..tho I'm still pissed at yahoo-geocities...on top of all else, it's loading my stuff *crazy* slow now....gahhhh.....but I was pissed at them anyways, the stupid ads on the page aren't *too* terrible, but pop-up ads in *addition*?! No. I'm sorry, that's crap. ..but, their pop-up ads are the least bad of all the free servers, so, I'm still with them...*sigh*.....I miss the good old days...
..."Don't you miss the good old days?" ~Mackie ^~_~^......*sigh* my Mackie..haven't spared him a whole lot of thought lately...been too happy and content, I suppose.....
GAHHHHHH!!!! Does *NOTHING* on the 'net work anymore?! ....geocities is being a complete pain in the arse again, not loading things right, and blogger's *still* being stupid...
...ok, I'm not *so* mad at blogger. They just had a server go out, I understand, that I can forgive. But yahoo-geocities is just a pain anyways, and it's being especially dumb today.
...*sigh*...gomen-nasai...I'm kinda tired, been smelling wood smoke on my clothes *all* day, woke up stiff, and've spent the last few hours re-organising things on Desert I'm a bit easily irritated just now.
Don't worry, soon's I'm done de-bugging the code that frontpage decided to completely fuck up on me, I'm gonna watch some anime. Probably finish off X. That'll put me in a much better mood. ^_^