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*squee!* But just found *the* most adorablybeautiful manga (err, technically doujinshi) of Folken and Van! Awww----! Found it on Folken's Realm, tho I think it originated from elsewhere, direct link to image here.
*Oops. ..or not...blah to no-offsite-linking! ..*sigh*...go to the site, head into the manga/doujinshi gallery, then look under doujinshi, find dj23.
Isn't it soooo pretty????'l'l Van...awwwwww----!!!
[I prolly don't wanna know what the words are that're written there...I forgot, doujinshi has a habit of being..ehrm..more'n a li'l twisted...-_-;]
The rest're gorgeous, too...*sigh*..wish I could draw like that---! ...esp. go see, under manga, dj13, dj14, and idea who the blue-haired girl is..
... context of the show/movie, it might be like, Sora...possibly Cerena with dif. coloured hair, tho I hope not--!...
...or, y'know...
...who do we know that's got a hang-up with blue hair anyway? ~_^

Ok. *Really* going to bed now---!
Start here, and read for a bit. Then go here and do the same.
Fun stuff.
...definitely feel a common bond with these people...hurrah for the social outcasts! ^_^ (On top of that, I can..ehrm..kinda relate to the balloon-thing...? at Steph O.'s a year or two back, we were playing truth or dare, there was a pretty blue balloon..and I had mega-crush on Blake at the time....ehrm..yeah...-_-;)
But yeah...not that I actually *really* am a complete social outcast (tho I'm trying--!, and Matantis thinks I am), I mean, lotsa people will talk to me etc...but...I feel more at home, more at ease, freer, with the social outcasts, like Steve...cos they just totally accept you as you are, no pretenses needed, it doesn't even really seem to matter if you've much in common, really...we just screw around and have fun. Like lunch. ^_^)
But I really *am* going to bed now..or, at least, upstairs, will prolly (re-)read some more LotR (I'm into Two Towers now, having pretty much finished Fellowship in lack-of-math-class this morning... in any which case, g'night.
Matantis and Brian just came home... (Brian pretty much just *lives* here, sooo... ~_^)
*Brian comes in first...*
*Brian sits on couch behind Ananda, randomly punches her in the arm* [this is a first..hrm..?]
Ananda: "What was *that* for? I *defended* you today!"
Brian: "What?"
A: "You know that girl who asked you if you were goin' out with what's-her-name?"
B: "Jen? Yeah.."
A: "Yeah. After you got off, she's all like, 'he's ugly!' And I was like no, Brian's a great kid.."
*Matantis comes into room*
B: "Hey, your sister's all like, sticking up for me and stuff--!"
Matantis: "Yeah, it's cos she likes you."
A: "No, it's cos he's a great kid, an'..."
B: "It's cos I'm a whore." *pulls up his shirt as he bends backwards*...
*Ananda laughs [while taking in view..gahhhhh..I don't know *what* this girl on the bus was thinkin'--!]; Matantis drags Brian upstairs*
....gahhhhh....I don't *like* him like him, it's just..he *is* a cool guy, fun to be around, and def.good-looking... ~_^ *shrug*...

One thing I will say...
Love you, Mr. Mead!!!
..ehrm, even tho we torment you mercilessly..hehehe...*psycho-evil Mackie-grin* ^~~^
But seriously...he's the *best* band teacher ever...and so the banquet tonight he gave a mini-speech about us seniors, how he was going to miss us, how much he's loved knowing us...(err, in Krystal's case, how much he's been *afraid* of her..*laugh*)...and me? "I look out there, and I see Melissa Antes, who I've trusted enough to watch my own children.."
(*proud grin* I'm the only one besides Natalie, who's his neighbor and can't get out of it, who's watched his son Ryan more than once...he says no-one else'd agree to do it a second time! *laugh*...can understand why, the boy's a psychopath..but so's Mead, so it makes sense..but I'm used to this stuff, living with Matantis and his friends and Teraa and all...)

..and today was the last band rehearsal in the band room - it's being torn down beginning of next week, so they can start work on the new one..*sniff*...I really, nearly started crying today, I love that room, it's my home! it used to be a cafeteria, there's no floors, nor ceilings in the practise rooms, and we get peanuts thrown at us from the bus drivers and Mrs. Rice screams at us when we practise, but...*sigh*...I love it there, I really do, it is my home...took some pics today, Kev took a bunch the other day, I think we're gonna try to make a website in memorium of our band room...
Bleh...will write up band banquet *crap*, and not-so-fun..*sigh*... some ways, I wish it was sophomore year again...

Random quotes for the day....
"Steve, stop licking your tray.
...Steve, don't lick the outside of your milk carton, that's not sanitary!
...Steve, lick the floor.
...[to me:] If he [Steve] ever hands you a stick, don't take it. He'll think you're a human popsicle."
-Andy, in lunch

"They all look alike - Hawaiians, Japanese, Canadians..."

...Mom's picking me up a white feather boa for the band banquet tomorrow night. *happy, happy siiiigh*...pretty white feathers... ~_^ (Shelley's told us all that senior girls are to wear boas..which'll be fun...still gotta figure out what else I'm wearing, tho...and, y'know, how I'm gonna frickin' *get* there, that'd be a good thing...-_-;)
So between the white feathers and Ziggy Stardust, and cpu-geek Matantis complaining that my powerpoint was "too good", life's goin' pretty well.
For the moment.
'Cept it's WAY too frickin' hot and humid, mainly just humid, my hair's gone completely psycho an' it's gonna be fun tryin' to sleep tonight, up in Hell-furnace room---!

But I'm happy anyways. ^_^
YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, this's AWESOME!!!! According to article on nicefriendlywonderful dotmusic, there's gonna be a concert film of ***ZIGGY STARDUST*** in theatres this summer!!!! *praying it hits theatres relatively near here!!!* ^___^
The film
"captured Bowie's final live performance as Ziggy Stardust and was shot at the Hammersmith Odean in London in 1973," it says... ...aww, just better not be as sad as Mackie's last gig..*sniffle*... ~_^ But *dude*!!!!! I'll get to see Ziggy Stardust!!!!! ^__^
*lost in moonage daydreams* ^_^



Take The Ewan McGregor Test!

Yay! ^_^ ...gahhhh....<3 Ewan!
..figures I'm Curt, tho...think I'm really closest to like, Christian, but I love rock too much. And glam. ...and seein's how glam has been the majority of my world the past week or so, due to psycho english project--!

i'm a bird.what kinda pet are you?
quiz made by muna.

But yeah...speaking of psycho-eng. project... this's sad...I'm not usually so much of a psycho over-acheiver, but... found a *very* nice video editing program over on ZDNet d/ns...and spent the last few hours playing in it, sticking together clips of Luna Sea and David Bowie vids...gahhh, so much fun! ^_^ ...I've gotten waaaay too into this project...but I *love* glam, and I want to show everyone what it is, how great it is...
...tho, whether they'll see it, I don't know...
*sigh*...hate this...*how* many days til graduation again?..month and a day...
...come home to what? a family happy to see me? no. My little frickin' sister, who's decided to lecture me about what I wear. Wtf. Not all of *her* shirts are baggy-oversized things at all, either!'...gah.
Know how we're always criticized etc. for bra straps showing? For one thing, I don't do it intentionally, but like today, I wanted to wear a cool shirt I'd bought in Italy, it's got like, spaghetti straps on it. So yeah, you can see my bra straps. So what? no dif. than anyone else...
And then too.
Guys - my brother included - can sag their pants, I can't even count the number of pairs of boxers I see in a week...and *they* never get cut down for it! "That's different." How?! "You're not a guy." According to dad, on guys, "it just looks stupid. On girls it's..suggestive." What the bloody hell, *how* is it different?! Is it *our* fault guys' minds maybe slip into the gutter faster'n ours? (Do they, even?..I think it's just that they're more vocal about it..)
I hate this.

...can't wait til I'm a rock can wear *anything* as a rock star, no matter how strange etc...

'Least Brian appreciates me...~_^ I yelled at Teraa again for succoming to the evils of conformism, wearin' her frickin' Aeropostale stuff...Matt started raggin' on me cos I dress weird, and Brian, who was busy looking thru my yearbook while Matantis got ready for work, came to my defense!...said my stuff's cool...he picked up the end of the sash-thing I've got about my waist, "How many people would wear *this*??", Matantis's like, exactly, who else would wear that?!...
...great. So I've got..lessee..Brian, Steve, and possibly Ken on my side...Heather, Daf, maybe Laur...

Normal people frighten me.
Ahhh...been meaning to change the love of the moment for awhile, just was too lazy to do it...
...carp. I was gonna be in bed, asleep, an *hour* ago!!!!
..*sigh*...I hate school...

As usual, Laur's got a much better Memorial Day blurb up...
But here's my take on today, anyways, for what it's worth...(isn't that a song? forget who it's by..)

Was definitely interesting, today...played with the band at two different Memorial Day ceremonies this morning.
...and it was kind of odd for me...the girls I was standing by were getting antsy, shuffling, whispering, wondering how much longer it was all going to go on..and I guess it prolly *was* kinda dragging..but I didn't really notice, for the first time in the three years I've played Memorial Day.
It was truly a gorgeous day...we stood outside in the warm morning sun, on the grass in front of the library..err, town hall, is it now? whatever... But it was so beautiful, the sky a totally clear, bright blue...that elusive shade of luminescent blue that's so hard to pin down anyplace tangible, you can usually only ever see it in the sky...the grass and the leaves on the trees were such a *living* green...I usually don't go much for green, except when it's that golden-green of the sun shining on and throught of the most beautiful sights I've seen... And I stood up straight, flute in my hands, for once still, just listening, and looking...this's me, the one who's always got something else to do, sketchbook story whatever, I'm always doing so many thigns at once...yet, I just..absorbed it all this morning. Listened to the speeches,
looked around at all the different people gathered there...a little girl in a white dress with the veterans' red poppies in her hair...a slightly-grungy looking guy on a bike, parked under a tree, still sitting on his bike - decided he was just cool, that's like something I would do...the military people, standing so straight at attention...the photographer, snapping away as wreaths were placed on the memorial - hey, that could be *me*! *smile*...just looking around, observing other people, trying to see what they're like, listening to them..always fascinating to me. we had watched the tail end of the parade, I was thinking...parades really *are* strange things. Clusters of people walking down streets, others watching trucks and police cars going by, and while yeah, now, we may cheer them on...they go down the streets, sirens blaring lights flashing and the kids scream and cheer..or plug their ears, as they should..cos these are the sounds of disaster.
...and we watch people march past, in regimented blocks...and we admire the discipline etc. but...why do we enjoy these things? It's really very, very odd...

But I started both services, there was an opening prayer, a benediction...and these are *religious* things, even the speeches, God bless this, God bless that...and it doesn't offend me in the least but maybe it does..
..cos while yeah, I could say what about freedom of religion etc., I won't, cos this country was *founded* on Christian ideals...and..I think, thinking about it's Christian ideals that help keep this country afloat, in a free society there's a good deal of trust involved..actually, yeah, that was a point mentioned in someone's speech today, that a country with great freedom leaves open a lot of freedom for wrongdoing, and I thought of what I've just been (re-)reading in C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, that God gave us free will, and that leaves us free to do good or evil, it's not that He *wanted* there to be evil, but that it was a necessary risk cos without free will we'd just be automated drones, an' what's the point and what's the good in that? ...but the point I was making, was that without at least some Christian-oriented ideals, we'd *really* be in a mess...
..but the thing that bugged me, I think, about all their religiousness..
..dude. I see what it was now.
I was thinking, do they really mean all of it? Cos at the end of one of the speeches, they're just goin on, listing off, "God Bless all of you, God Bless our soldiers, God Bless the souls of the dead, God Bless America.." etc etc etc. And it *was* a list.
And then, too, it seemed...almost put-on, like an expected thing, like it was just a part of the expected patriotism.
And that's what just hit me.
Lewis' The Screwtape Letters, that was one of the things that Screwtape, the senior demon, suggested...
The book is set during wartime. He suggests that Wormwood, the junior demon, tries to make "his patient"'s religion merely a part of his partiotism, or involvement in some that he keeps up the appearance, but the religion, the faith, is merely an expected part of this (seemingly) much larger Cause. that what I was seeing, then?
..maybe it's just me, and I'm growing cynical in my old age (shut UP, Daf Laur and Zinni!..I may be "elderly" but I could still take you all! *g*)...
I dunno...

Went to McDonald's for breakfast - bacon cheese & egg McMuffins are *seriously* frickin' good... ^_^

Then went over to the elementary school to play there...and we had a bunch of downtime before we started, so we just hung out, sat down and got sunburnt...I held onto my flute, and just played..picked a key, and made something up, and it was actually going quite well..<3 Dm! ^_^...tho Am and I think it was F were going quite well, too..just these random, pretty little things..('least, they sounded pretty to *me*..'course, did anyone else even hear me at all? not that it matters..)
And we got up, and played, and listened to more speeches...
..and it was odd, they said the same things, down to some of the same phrases...I *hate* clichês!!!..gahhhh...but just like, I dunno...Dad may have a point, I think they're a bit long-winded at times...and it's kind of strange, because they *are* so very formal, not in dress per se but in the organization and action and all of it...
And I got a little more bored this time, cos it was HOT, and it was a bit longer, I think. and a lot of it was I looked up at the beautiful old brick school (which I never went to, think I've only been inside once), as it stood against the still-clear blue sky...I *love* that look, the red-orange brick outlined against the bright blue sky..was the same sort of thing in Italy, esp. Venice, the smooth solid stucco buildings before the clear blue sky...and I thought about how nice it was, the old architecture, how if it was to be built now it'd just be a drab, functional structure, instead of being ornamented, pillars in front, cupola and bell on the top, far above our heads...

Was one thing that definitely bugged me, tho. One of the speakers..gahh..kinda pissed me off. He started talking about patriotism, how it's so often ignored and generally uncool now..and he talked about someone who'd asked some college kids in New YOrk City, not long after September 11, if they'd like, fight for the country (or something to that affect). And they said no, giving different didn't want to risk their dream of being a film director, one said they didn't have the killer-mindset for it, the other said, 'Well, the whole thing was America's fault, wasn't it?' "Now, do *you* believe that?!" the speaker demanded.
Yes, to a point, I thought. ...that's the thing, all these people were all like, 'How can they *hate* us?', but "It's very simple", it really is..we're rich, greedy, loud, obnoxious, often stupid, and generally arrogant bastards. At least as a stereotype. Most of us aren't as individuals, but..*shrug* We have our stereotypes of those in other countries, 's only fair they'd have similar stereotypes about us.
Yeah, I do hold some respect for fighting for what you believe is right, for fighting to preserve freedom...but I thank God there's no draft, I pray I'll never have to kill...cos I'm torn, cos I know killing's wrong, I believe that so very strongly, no matter what the situation is, war death sentance abortion suicide, it's all so very wrong...
But...what this guy was saying, how he was presenting it, felt very accusatory to me, maybe partly because he *was* accusing me, those're kids *my* age he's knocking, and their opinions most likely have good reason, they've put thought into them, and he's all just "look at these kids today, they have no sense of responsibility etc etc etc they're lazy and do nothing etc etc etc and so society's going to Hell in a handbasket etc etc etc..." I hate that. I thought they thought better of "young people" by now but I guess not...I respected these kids for having their own opinions, and being brave enough to speak them without fear.
And okay, to be fair, this guy had his points, but... I didn't like having the finger pointed at me like that, no I'm not signing up for the army, but I don't want to do something that I'm not sure I agree with morally. I don't agree with the terrorist attacks, not in the least, but how many of *their* civilians have we killed now?
*Those* are the numbers you never hear...
And I guess I am growing cynical...dug into the '60s mindset a bit much, I guess, but...

So it was a very odd day...

(And then of course there's the rest, but that I mentioned earlier, and really isn't esp. relevent just now anyways..)
And Matantis is riding around the house on this tiny little pink bike, like, 12" tires or summat---! *laughing* It's like, a preschool-girl's bike, and here's this 16-year old biker-guy on it--! *still laughing*...gah...gotta love my siblings sometimes. ~_^ ...never fail to surprise you entirely and make you laugh...
Geh...Brian just showed up at my house again, he comes in wearing a' he looks *good* in it...*low whistle*...I was just like, O_O *eyes bug out*, tried to figure out summat to say...he may be just a bass player, not a drummer, but...gahhhhh...^_~ *sheepish grin*

And my sister has betrayed me - she came home from the mall with clothes from Aeropostale!!!!! Noooooo!!!!!!!!! ...*tear*...thought I'd raised her better'n that!

Meanwhile, Daf and Calypso spent the afternoon cuddling in my living room, while I wrote up our paper for music, I don't really mind, I'm glad they're happy etc...and I really didn't mind doing the paper, I was having fun, all my wonderfully artistic bs...~_^...but it *is* odd, when everytime you turn around to ask an opinion on summat, you see them cuddling ten inches behind you...gahhh...
Daffy, where's that blue-haired drummer you said you'd find me?!!??!?!??!?

...I *did* have a whole thing ready to write for Memorial Day, but I'm too tired to do it now...had to be up to the school at 7.15 am, which really, really sucked...then was out in the sun and got pretty well sunburnt (again) while playing at the various ceremonies...then spent teh rest of the day in front of the computer, trying to write up the silly' it occurs to me, I oughta go "buy" some stocks for economics. Bleh.

....<3 LotR...been reading it for the last few hours, falling back in love with the whole story, and Aragorn and Legolas all over again. ^_^ (Really, I did love the characters long before I even knew there was to be a movie...then I saw the characters in the movie, and that just re-affirmed things. ^_^)
This is such a pretty idea...wish *I'd* thought of it!..actually, a very good idea...

Ok. So I *did* manage to find a copy of "Pagan Lovesong", after much, much' it's really cool, one of 'em's talking at the end, not sure if it's Gavin or Guggi or one who, but they're talking in such a lovely Dublin accent...~_^ (Very much like early Bono. Which makes sense, seein's how they grew up together--!)
Yay for Virgin Prunes. ^_^

..and *finally* finished d/n'ing a dvd-rip of Labyrnith!!!! Wooo!!!!!! ^_^ ..Jareth, anytime I want....*psycho grin*...hehehe...

"Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave..." -Jareth
*melting into puddle*

And am finally nearing completion on my glam pp for eng... it seriously, friggin' ROCKS...tho I don't even wanna think about the amount of time I've spent searching for pics and playing in photoshop...-_-;...gotta've been...lessee...'bout 6+ hours today, same yesterday, 3, 4 hours for a good deal of last week, plus time in school... -_-;;;
..*sigh*...I miss Napster...Grokster/KaZaA/Morpheus is great, cos you can get vids and software too, but their music selection..ehh..can be a bit limited...
*wailing* I can't find the Virgin Prunes!!!!..*sniffle*...was on their website (or, at least, it doesn't seem to be official, but it's the closest thing I can find as a homepage for the band), poking about, they had a few video' now I've got "Theme for Thought" stuck in my head, and I want to listen to some more of their stuff...but I have, maybe, two songs on cds someplace, that I d/n'd off Napster back before it died...and now I can't find *anything* on them!

...tho, on the up-side...less than an hour to go, and I'll have dvd-quality Labyrnith on my cpu!!!!! ^_^
Must...get...X/1999...manga!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...gahhh...just d/n'd another ep. of the anime off Grokster (Matantis thought it might have fewer ads than KaZaA..*right*..but 'least these ones don't make noise (yet).)'s awesome. I love it. 'Cept I've seen..maybe..ten, eleven episodes of the anime? and haven't gotten hold of *any* of the manga yet...-_-,...blah to import prices!!!

On a lighter note, spent another happy day laying out in the backyard, listening to random music, re-reading LotR, dozing off, and generally getting sunburnt. (It's very odd, yesterday I think I managed to burn my eyelids, *that* was interesting...and I can't rest my chin on my hands, it kinda hurts...). ^_^
Lotsa fun.
'Cept we were randomly dog-sitting today, and I've decided that I'm *definitely* a cat person. Dogs smell bad. And they drool. (Yes, I am bitter...stupid dog drolled on my jeans, arm, and headphone-wire.. -_-# )
..tomorrow gotta be at the school at the unnatural time of 7.15, to go play at random locations for Memorial Day..blah..then Calypso's gonna be over to work on silly music hist. project...Daffy, you darn well *better* not have any other plans, cos I am *not* gonna have him over and not have you here as back-up!!!! (Or..something..'course, then, yer his girlfriend, this could get odd...ah well, nothing new... ~_^)

So yeah. <3 X/1999...the ep. I just downloaded had Kakyou in it!!! yay! ... ... ...right. I know like, little to nothing about *any* of the characters, but esp. Kakyou..but what I *do* know of him I like...poor, pretty Kakyou...
..meanwhile, Teraa's discovered BoogiePop Phantom, a very odd, dark, and generally creepy anime...I dunno, there's this angel of death called Boogiepop who randomly shows up and "takes people away"..and all these other weird things happen, this kid can see peoples' regrets as spiders, which he eats...everyone who goes to this park and gets a balloon leaves a young version of themselves there to play forever, while their normal self basically goes insane... ... ...Teraa's currently in love with this show, her away message at the moment says...ehrm..something about boogiepop. in japanese. (trans. for "boogiepop wa warawanai", anyone???) -_-;

*yawn*...oughta go work on glam pp some more..tho it's so nice out still...*happy sigh*...nice having good weather for a change! ^_^