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wheeee I have issues! *laughs* case anyone was still undecided on that. *g*
Was dead friggin' tired at like, 9pm, and could've fallen asleep then...but instead stayed up poking about random blogs and doing silly things, finally starting in on painting ornaments for gifts for mom and the grandparents at like midnight.
And I need to get up at like 10am tomorrow.
Brilliance, ne?

Anyway, yeah. Though it i--err, was *laughs* Christmas Eve, and though we'd been up 'til like 3am the night before, Erik and I decided to go see The Last Samurai in the afternoon. I was mad impressed, I'd heard the movie was good but I hadn't expected it to be *that* good. Wow.
But yeah, had fun, chatted, joked around, picked at their translation of Japanese dialogue (though I highly doubt either of us could ever pull off an actual conversation in Japanese ourselves--! *laughs*), it was good. ^_^
Came back, they'd already eaten dinner without me - though I'd *said* I'd be back between 5.30 and 6, and it wasn't quite 6 when I got in..meh. whatever. was Chinese take-out anyway *giggles* no big deal.
Went to the candlelight service at chuch at 7.30, somehow managed to *not* see Laurel, though she was there, same goes for Matt Duell, though I did see - and actually talk to - Dan. Whom I'd seen once in awhile over the summer, but hadn't really talked to since, y'know, last year's candlelight service. *laughs* He passed along word of Blake having a party New Year's Eve...which I *highly* doubt I'll go to, as it will undobutedly be populated by the Choir People, none of whom I was exactly buddy-buddy with, apart from Blake and Dan, whom I still don't count as *quite* being of them.
And am still a bit sad over Blake *finally* visiting see the opera, which one of said choir people was in..and never dropping by to see me at all, not even calling to say anything one way or another, after saying on aim that he'd drop by if he had a chance. meh.

Aaaanyway, no being sad over what-ifs from friggin' high school. *laughs* Esp. not on Christmas.

Got back here, opened gifts.. merani really liked the stuff I got her, which made me very happy. ^___^ Got the Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox we'd found at the antique co-op from merani, then from Dad, a Two Towers calendar (which is one of the first bits of LotR merchandise I'm not particuarly impressed with..just, idk, the way the images were done-up? I could seriously have done myself in photoshop, it was a really basic layout and very basic sorts of things, and that irks me a little. but still pretty pictures so I like. yay. *g*), a box of Twinkies, will be getting a new - 80gb *droooool* - harddrive...
And each of us got one of those little spaceship toys that shoot out foam discs.
*Far* too much fun. In one of the first bits of real family-togetherness we've had in awhile, the three of us shot the things at each other on and off for like half an hour, happily battling away. ^_^ It was good.
But those buggers sting a bit when they hit bare skin..
..which I guess made it all the more fun cos then we really *were* trying to avoid being hit and whatever. *giggles* yay.

Around 11 or 12 tomorrow we're going to the grandparents for Christmas with them and Mom, not sure what time I'll be back but I'd guess sometime after dinner, probably 7ish or thereabouts.
And then I get to talk to Megs and we open our presents from each other. ^___^

Okso getting sleep now. *giggles*

May all the petty arguments and sundry troubles and worries fade away, for even just a day, and have a warm, safe, happy holiday. ^_^

and holy feck that *rhymed* like a mofo and sounds like a really bad commercial. my apologies. going to bed. *giggles*

Note: Finally remembered to remove links entirely 'til I get around to fixing the images. Which will probably be soonish, but definitely after Christmas. Also put in more of a break between entries cos it's probably not easy telling where they end/begin always, thanks to me spacing things in my own random way. *g*
Definitely staying at blogger forever. There are a lot of morons around here too, but far less than at lj.
Also, there's no fecking "friends only!!!" option. If you're going to post something online, then I'm sorry but you've gotta be willing to have anyone see it - that's the risk you take. If you don't want anyone to see it - this is why we have diaries, journals..y'know, the books with blank pages? yeah. If you only want a handful of friends to see it (in most cases they're all people the person knows irl), then hi, e-mail.
There's no silly "friend!!!" system either..I mean, ok, yeah, it's fine, having the friends page and all, but like, let's leave a comment on someone's lj and be like friend me? I'll friend you then you can read my lj. I'm sorry, I'm not gonna friend someone I don't even fucking know. And then people have like 437298 friends listed, you know there's no way they keep up on that many different's like a status-thing, which lj in general has been since the beginning, and it's always pissed me off, which's why I never wanted one. Still don't. Have it only so I can comment on other peoples' ljs and not be an anonymous n00b, as I've said. And it's free now entirely, for whoever, which's an odd switch I ljs should get a whole lot less "special" now, which would be nice.
Or we'll just get 463892 snobby n00bs who just want to be able to say they have an lj.

On a side-note... someone made a Macphisto-lj, and it has its moments but it doesn't sound like Mackie to me at all.. there's also a community that maybe ten people are on with a few posts and lots of dead links. *shrugs* I have no interest in following either... I adore Mackie, but I guess I've gotten to the point where I have my own take on his character so firmly in my mind that I haven't a whole lot of patience with half-assed unwriterly attempts at him..

I *so* sound like a fecking snob right now, don't I? *laughs* wow. uhm...sorry. *giggles*

**a bit later: ok so I read a bit more of the Mack-lj, and when you get into it and go through the comments, it's actually pretty good, I've a hunch they read the Macphisto society as well, there're a fair number of characters floating about and the sort of questions he gets into feel like it... but it's their own little world they've got going, with some others rp'ing Gavin and Bono (Fly?) and the rest, so I'll leave them alone. *smiles a bit* I've enough U2s of my own to deal with. *g*

As for my day. went into school to invade SFE again today with Daf and Laur, only we went to the band room first, harassed Mead for a bit, were party to him passing in this huge long metal pipe-railing-thing? I don't know what the fuck it was, in thru his office window..then he changed his mind and had us pass it back out again. *giggles* I don't even know... left there, went down the hall a ways, and saw Swais! yay! I haven't seen him since I left, I don't think, and I *knew* he'd cut his hair but hadn't seen it doesn't look bad, and he still looks like Bono, but it was definitely better long. *tear* So we talked with him a bit, he and one of the other science teachers were arguing back and forth over micro- and macro-biology.. *mad giggles* I miss the science-humour, I'm not big on science but with B and Swais and Prouty and whoever all else, it was always so fun to just hang around them and be party to the insanity. Took our leave after a minute or two, Laur brought me to go see the new English office, now that they finally *have* one..we poked in and they were wrapping up their Christmas party, but we were invited right in and offered food. *laughs* We chatted with Klumpp and Westby for a bit, which was cool, and they passed a candycane-shaped chocolate cake onto us, cos we figured SFE'd make short work of it. *g*
Poked into the tech wing to see if Glenn was there, wasn't, so we went down to B's room, where I'm assuming the whole club was (as well as Bethie and, after a bit, Matt Duell..wait, he a senior or he graduate already? I always forget), despite it being after school on the last day before break. *smiles* I'm glad the sheer geekiness of the club in general survives. ^_^ Erik was there, of course, so again I ended up talking to him like nearly the whole time, while people attacked the cake, B passed out study-booklets (which I know right now about two people will look at at all over break *G*), then we all just hung around and talked and B, Laur's brother Kevin, Nate, and Bethie, all got into a rousing game of penny-soccer (only with dimes and quarters and whatever). *laughs* It was fun, it was really nice.
Laur disappeared, we wandered about for a bit, found her, came back about 4. Merani and I walked down the IGA and Eckerd's to buy a few more gifts, came back, wrapped some, and I attempted to make some candy. *laughs* It should be chilled enough by now, will go try some when I'm done here..
..which is actually like now cos megs hasn't been online yet *big blue sad puppy eyes, as lower lip trembles*, and I need to go bring up some laundry.
Having a life is fun now and again. *giggles* But I think I need a niiice long morning of sleeeeeep to recover now...

Was definitely up 'til like 5am last night working on Christmas things..okreally just like, all the stuff for Megs & family, painting ornaments and wrapping things and searching futilely for one of the smaller things I'd gotten her and the supplies for making my Christmas that failed, I re-sketched my design, scanned it in, downloaded some awesome new brushes (yes again *g*), and played in Photoshop for an hour or two, fought with the printer, and finally successfully printed some cards. *giggles*
Woke up at like 11.30 or so, wrapped like mad and touched up some things and printed out some more cards and took a shower and then suddenly it's 3.15 and Laur and Aneya are friggin' in my breezeway waiting for me and I'm just starting to tape up the box for Megs. *laughs* So, flung all that together and had Laur drop me off at the post office while she went to the school to pick up Glenn... 2-day shipping on the box was a LOT less than I thought it was going to be - YAY for things being dependant on weight and not size! ^___^ Took care of that, waited for rather awhile for Laur to return, due to some issues or another that arose while at the school, the details of which I have not yet heard but whatever, they got there. *g*
Got to the movie theatre, and everyone who was coming was, in fact, already there - Laurel had issued numerous threats about getting there on time, and it was definitely us who were late. *giggles* ..fortunately, we'd set the time mad early, so we still had plenty of time. ^_^
I hadn't eaten yet, so I went to go get food, along with Erik who also hadn't yet eaten. *giggles* So he asked if I wanted to split a large popcorn, I said sure, we each got a large drink (cos I knew I'd need the caffiene to make it thru today), and all headed into the theatre. I wound up sitting between Erik and Nate, Nate snuggled Bethie the whole time (but unobtrusively so that was fine *giggles*) and Erik and Julie (who was on the other side of him) and I, having already seen it RotK once, made plenty of silly comments. Which got progressively worse and woooorse throughout the movie, oh my goodness. *dies giggling* ..and no, you *don't* want to know. *g* Erik ruined a particularly good bit by a comment, so I finally just smacked him...then a bit later he smacked *me* cos I soooo killed something else.. ... ...look, when you spend your weekends rp'ing U2 slash and reading way too far into pics, you get VERY very good at thinking of these sorts of things. *laughs*
(But no I am NOT *EVER* going to write LotR slash. Never. No. *giggles*)
I think we were only about half an hour, maybe an hour into the movie tho, when Erik and I both had to go to the bathroom.
By the end, we were DYING omfghduk;j. *giggles like mad* It was insane, we both *love* the movie but we were just like c'mooon END DAMNIT! So the SECOND it faded we grabbed our stuff and squirmed past everyone and SPED for the bathroom. *laughs*
Move let out about 8 or so, and we all decided to go down to Gregorio's, at the intersection by my house, to get some food. I had Laur drop me off back home so I could call Britt and see what was up, and also get her address and directions, cos Erik'd offered to drive me over if I got stuck for a ride (as was likely) cos he had nothing at all to do tonight. Once I got all that, I walked down to Gregorio's to meet up with everyone again, we hung out there awhile, had some pizza, I talked with Erik some more cos everyone else'd crammed up two booths so we sat in the booth across from them. I got my Christmas present from Laur and omfg it's AWESOME! *laughs* It's the lil mini-lunchbox with Care Bears Uno cards!!! which I saw like a few weeks ago and thought was the BEST thing ever only I hadn't the money to get it at the time. Laur, you *so* rock. ^_____^
Was I think a bit after 9 or so when we finally left, and Erik and I attempted to find our way to Webster. Thank goodness for mapquest, otherwise we'd've been doomed. *giggles* As it was, there were a few semi-close calls, but we made it and it was good. ^_^ He had to get back home, so he just dropped me off, but..idk, it was just really nice to be able to spend some time with him today, I haven't seen him much since the summer...tho he was saying there's actually a possibility of him ending up in Fredonia next year (he's a senior), which would rock. ^_^
Got to Britt's, was hugged by Britt and fecking TACKLED by Laura, same's last year..*giggles* They were all watching A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I'd actually wanted but never had a chance to see...only they were halfway thru it already, so I kinda missed a lot. But what I saw was cool. *g* There were I guess about ten people there, they left a few at a time over the next few hours...there was *definitely* no caroling at all, which made me very sad, but everyone'd boycotted on Britty apparently. And hid her song-sheets. And when I called her she'd been shut in a closet by them all but I'm not really sure why that was still. *giggles* But yeah, we hung out and talked and stuff, Leska was there, some people who I either met there last year or'd come to visit in Fredonia or whatever, so they were familiar kinda at least, which was good. And picking-on-Britty is always a very easy common ground we all share, so s'all good. *giggles* Watched stupidthings on the internet for awhile...
But we watched this one thing with like, a ton of those photos with ghosts in them and things? and I've seen that sort of thing before, and about half I'm pretty positive were just camera-issues, accidental double-exposures and whatever, but still.. then there was a bit on these sounds...*that* freaked me out, and I'd never heard it before: Human voices can only hit a certain range of soundwaves, I forget the numbers but it's like 30mghz (or whatever) to 200 or something...but there'd been recordings where they've caught voices *below* that. And no human's ever actually quite gotten as low as 30, but these were it couldn't've been accidental people talking in the background or anything, but they were definitely coherent words, and singing....*that* scared the shit out of me. Then one of the girls, Margeret I think it was, related an episode of 'real ghost stories' or something that runs/ran? on one of the nickelodeon or fox family channels or was *mad* creepy, it was like, this guy worked as security in one of the oldest still-standing jails in the country, it was a tourist attraction at this point and they'd sometimes get kids coming in and vandelizing at night and stuff, so he was nightguard. One night he heard someone talking in a hallway, so he went to go check it out..and there was no-one there. The door shut, and locked, he was stuck there for like two hours cos he was the only one on-duty, there was no-one around...then seemingly on its own, the door opened to let him out.
He wouldn't ever work the night-shift there again, and understandably... but his son didn't get why, and had the people from the show come in and check it out. So they set up all this gear, tape recorders and video camera and infra-red sensors and all sorts of things....
The old-fashioned jails were *not* rehabilitation centers, you were quite simply locked up and left there... solitary confinement, you were shut in this room and not let out, the inmates eventually went crazy... then were taken out and strapped into beds in the infirmary until they died. So it's the infirmaries that are thought to be the most haunted places in these old jails...
It's thought that in order to communicate, or whatever they want to do, ghosts need energy.
The batteries in the equipment was completely drained by morning. What tape and whatever they'd gotten, doors had opened and closed and there had been movement but no-one there...
The one thing that still had some power in it was the tape recorder left in the infirmary...and on it was someone's voice, screaming, "get out, get out".......

Holy fuck I'm scared shitless again, my eyes are tearing up it's *that* bad.....


I love ghost stories like that, I don't know if it's cos I *like* being scared shitless or if it's just..idk, it's the same sort of feeling that I get in museums and antique stores, looking at old things... in the car aftering shopping at the co-op, merani was saying how scary old things are to her, you start wondering what their life was before they got there...and that's just's the story behind it all, tied in with the other-wordliness of it, I think, that attracts me to ghost stories...

I'd like to write one sometime, a good one... I read a lot when I was younger, I should again....

Anyway, wow, tangent aside--! *laughs*
By about 12.30, there were six of us left at Britty's, and turns out Margeret lives in friggin' Gates which's not far from me at all, so she offered to drive me home YAY! *giggles* But first, we all apparently decided to go out to get something to eat. Perkin's was the plan, 'til we found out like thirty seconds down the road that they're no long open 24 hours like some of us had thought. So we went to the East Ridge Family Restaraunt, which is *the* hang-out spot in that area, from what I'm told. *giggles* Random, but fun. We got food and hung out and talked and talked about *many* many things that undoubtedly should not be talked about in such a public place and particuarly in a restaraunt (apparently...okthere is NO polite way to say this, fuck it *giggles*...cum apparently helps prevent breast cancer? *laughs* no idea. that led to a long bit of interesting discussion, one guy and five girls at our table..), but there was no-one near us really and those some tables away were our age anyway. *laughs* S'all good. So that was mad fun, I had some pancakes and eggs and bacon, which made my total like, what, almost two meals in the whole day? *giggles* (That, two pieces of chicken finger pizza, half a large bag of popcorn, and a large cherry coke. *laughs, shakes head* dreadful, I know..) Sometime between 1.30 and 2 we finally all left, I got home at 2.15.
And I am maaaad fecking tired, I need to sleep now. *giggles* g'night all~

ok GOING to update now..*laughs*

LotR: Return of the King was fecking AMAZING omfg. When something knocks *both* Britt and I utterly know it's big. *G* wow.
Getting there was a bit of an adventure tho...*giggles*
Midnight showing.
Last bus into town leaves at 9.50, so Britt and I were gonna catch that, go to WalMart and kill some time, then walk to the theatre.
9.40, we start getting ready...then out of nowhere it's 9.48 and we're like
So, we ran like heck across the field to the bus, were out of breath and panting and DYING when we got there..and then it left like three minutes late anyway. 9_9
Chatted with the busdriver and sang along to Christmas songs on the radio, and it was fun. Got out at WalMart, and I don't know what possessed me to check my pocket to make sure my $20 was still there, but...
It definitely *wasn't*.
And Britt and I just started *laughing*, we couldn't stop, it *laughs*
So we called Jen and she was a dear and picked us up, brought us back to campus, Britt made a brief futile search for my money while I ran in to grab *another* $20...
And we started walking. *giggles*
We went under the big clock tower just at 11 o'clock tick tock, and I don't know what it was but we made MAD good time - what's typically about an hour's walk, we did in *30 minutes*. w007. *G* It was chilly but not cold, drizzly, enough to soak my hair completely but not the rest of me at all...
So we get there and get our tickets and head into the bathroom, and we're talking, and this woman we've obviously never met was in there as well, asked where we'd walked from, we said the campus and she was like whoa. *giggles* Asked if we were walking back, said yeah, it wouldn't be so bad, we did it in far worse conditions last year. *g*
And she said that she was there with her husband and son and wouldn't mind at all taking us back after the movie!!!! ^__________^
People rock. ^_^
So, went in, saw the movie, I will say nothing specific so I don't spoil anything for anyone but omfghueihfiu;ds MAD awesome. And I was *so* glad, cos I'd had some major issues with things in Two Towers, and RotK has always been my favourite of the three books, so I was *really* hoping they'd do it well.....and goooodness did they ever, Minas Tirith is *gorgeous* and the shots and the music! omg Billy Boyd *in'll see why* and Blown away.
3.30am, movie ended, we got a ride back which was awesome cos it'd gotten fairly cold out and it was late and all, and the people were reallyreally nice, it was great. ^_^

But yeah, am back home again... went out to the antique/craft co-op with Mom and Mel today and it was mad fun as always. ^_^ I have done more baking than has ever been done at once in this house, I think. *giggles* Two dozen chocolate chip, a little more'n two dozen jam-shortbread ones, somewhat more of these chocolate-peanut-butter ones, a batch of lemon bars, and like 4632789 Christmas cookies. ^____^ It's awesome. Most of the decorating is done, I got the tree all finished up tonight, the candles all still need put in the windows and the rest of the smaller decorations need put around the house, but that'll get done tonight/tomorrow.

And I am SO relieved cos I've thought ALL this time that Christmas was *Wednesday*...and it's SO Thursday. w007! *laughing* I don't even know, but, I need all the time I can get to finish things up... *giggles*

And best of all, things are cleared up pretty much with Megs again. ^_________^ *super-HUUUUUUUUUUGS!* Love you. ^_^

Tomorrow night: LotR with the usual lot of people, and then caroling at Britty's! ^__^ Note: anyone who'd like to join is more than welcome. ^_^