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Ok. If I don't relate it all now, I never will, cos I'll have too much to relate from tomorrow (err, later today..). *g*

Great fun. *g*
Called the school, asked if I could get a visitor's pass. They asked me for what purpose. "I'm a recent graduate, and I'd like to come visit." "Well, I don't know if they'll give you a pass to just wander around the building.." ..and she patched me through to the *principal's* office, where I began to hear a voice-mail-thing.
I hung up. *That* won't get me anywhere---!
(That's one thing I knew, that if I ran into the principal...I woulda would up ranting for a day and a half, and..yeah. Just woulda gotten messy. So I figured I'd avoid that possiblity. *g*)
Called B. Who, go figure, wasn't there to answer his phone.
Called the band room. Mead was out for the day (*sniffle*), I managed to completely bewilder Tim, who's answered, I think..*laughs*. But once I said who I was, he said no problem, he'd have someone let me in about ten.
Dad drove me up a little after ten...only to find everyone filing out of the building.
Fire drill.
*That* made things interesting...*g*
...ended up waiting until Mr. Lauf (vp, who knows who I am) left the band-people, then, as they were coming back in, I just came back in with them. *g* ..the sub never knew the difference, I sat in an extra seat in the front row, with my flute-section. *smiles*
After that, went to the library with Laur and hung out..then we went to lunch, found and chatted with B on the there, I flipped out at the new cafeteria, with its booths, and the tables taken straight from McDonald's, and it's horrid grey and orange-mauve (that's what I've decided that colour is..and I bet Westby'd agree *giggles*) colour-scheme..*shudders*
On the way out, talked to Mr. Casey some, which's always cool. *smiles* Yay Mr. Casey! ^_^
Back to the library, found Westby on the way, she and I and Laur talked for awhile... (learnt that Becky and I *were* the only ones to get a 5 on the AP English exam last year--! *jaw drops* *then comes back up, forms huge grin* ^_^) ..was just nice...*smiles*
Library, talked to Mrs. Fleming for awhile...then went to MusicWorks class with Daffy...Scott's incredible level of random spazotic hyperactivity never ceases to amaze me. *laughs*
But yeah. So there's the technical-end... was just...*nice*...*smiles* ...everyone knew me, everyone in band was saying hi, asked how I was doing, everything many people said hi in the halls (and some, like Brian, just looked *terribly*, terribly confused...*breaks down giggling at the memory of Brian's face*..*g*)...and, thing is..walking through those halls...I no longer felt like I had anything at all to don't know, it's hard to explain...cos I never really felt I *did*, even while I was in high school...senior year, I was pretty confident. But this time...I was just, like...not even worried about it at all? no, it's..I can't even explain it. But it was a very different thing, *much* more relaxed and comfortable than it ever had been..
...but it was so nice just being there...I'm sitting there in MusicWorks, for about half of the class, Mrs. Rice was going over Baroque music, and Bach, and things...and I *so* totally remembered like, *all* of it from music history last year!!! *laughs* ..was great. *g* (and yeah, I was sitting there, randomly doodling and working on a fanfic. ~_^ ) Got to the "master class" portion of the block, listened to people play/sing...just leaned back on the risers, in the awesome new choir room..and though the room was new, the people were the same ones I'd been friends with (not super-close friends, but friends..I considered a lot of people friends..), the risers were the same we'd stood and sat on all those years...
...I miss the people (students and teachers both), tho not the *thing*, of high school...hearing the bells and all going off for class, hearing the term "hall sweep" again..all that, just made me smile, and laugh..*g* ...but the people...I was immediately just *comfortable* with. Yeah, there were a lot I still didn't know..and yeah, there were a lot I knew that were no longer there...but really...comfortable really *is* the word for it, I guess, it really is...
Love you guys. *smiles*

...came home on the bus, sat with merani-chan (she was all confused with me on the bus..*laughs*..) back, Dad took the three of us out to get pumpkins for Hallowe' was decent, but other'n that, it was about normal *g*...McDonald's for dinner, passed some of matantis' female fans on the way in...*rolling eyes* *g* home, played a bit of Crash Bandicoot racing and things...went online for awhile.....ended up going out to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding with Laur and merani (Daf was invited, but decided not to come..tho I'm telling you, Daffy, you missed both spoons and drag-queen moments XP *giggles*). Both Blake and Laur had seen it, and liked it, and found it quite amusing..and my humour tends to match theirs, so it's all good. ...the movie *was* pretty funny..coulda been the tiredness-aspect kicking in, but I think it really was good. *g*
The old grandmother-lady? *So* reminds me of the gypsies we ran into in Italy. *mad giggles*
So yeah, that was just *fun*.....came back, was on the cpu for awhile again and things... ...ended up talking to both Blake and Josh on aim, at the same time...which was just...strange, for me, y'know? ...discussing the movie, and the new aol smileys, and the usual random and sundry things with Blake...talking about laying in the middle of the road, looking at the stars, but seeing life rush past you so fast, with Josh...*smiles*...*shaking head*.....what kind've a mess have I landed myself in now?
...ah well...again, am not gonna let myself worry too much about least not right now...

Today, merani dragged me outta bed about noon, cos she wanted me to take her down to Eckerd's to buy a present for her friend's b-day, she went to the girl's party later on... ended up watching a few episodes of Weiss Kreuz together first, then went down about 2pm or back, was on the cpu for awhile and things...cleaned, started some laundry..and put on all of my U2 records. ^_^ (For more on those, head on over here... the "Under a Blood Red Sky" one was even cooler'n I'd thought!!! ^_^)
Spent the evening listening to U2, re-reading 1984, and nearly dozing back on here, been talking to a few people, doing e-mail, watched some of the new version of Dune (opinion so far: both the new and old versions have their strong points..tho I think I like the characterizations in the old better, even tho I can barely stand to even *look* at the Harkonnens in that one--! *shudders* ..well, apart from "lovely Feyd", of course.. ^_~)...yeah.
*yawns* to bed in a bit...g'night. ^_^

..wonderful day...might relate later, getting rather typed-out now, just sent Megs a 20k e-mail ^^;;; (gomen, again! *laughs*), was chatting with Josh on aim for still talking to Blake on aim...*laughs*
...gonna maybe watch some stuff, then get some sleep, I think...

..and newly-discovered wonderful band of the moment?
The Gloria Record
(yes, I'm wondering about a U2-connection, too...*g*)
...great stuff...Josh's quoted them in his aim profile, I finally remembered to ask what it was...downloaded is, as he said, depressing, somewhat..but also gorgeous..*smiles*...thanks again, Josh.

10.09.2002 home again,, again, sooooo tired, tho! *laughs* (Ask Daffy, I've completely lost all notion of time again already. *g* ...yay for being like Bono!!! ^_^)

So, plans for the weekend?
Tomorrow, going to school. *laughs* ...not until like, 10ish, tho...will poke about, visit/pester people, and try not to get myself kicked out. *g* plans yet. ^_^ (Tho either Fri. or Sat., we're going out to get pumpkins and stuff...)
Saturday, Colin and Brad from Whose Line is it Anyway? at RIT!!!! w007!!!! ^_^ ...leaving about 6ish, I think (or, will be there then? will ask Laur later *g*), the thing goes from 8-10....supposedly, Laura and co. are gonna drag me to a Rocky Horror thing later Sat. night, but we'll see..depends if I can find a way from RIT to Webster...and, too, that's if we don't spend time *after* the show trying to hunt down certain improv stars. *laughs*
And at some point, Blake and I are getting together for a checkers-rematch. *g*

But oh, speaking of that movie, tho...guys, I *did* finally sit down and watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show this afternoon. Uhm...still digesting it. *g* ..was odd...*interesting*...good, I think, tho? *laughs* ...haven't made a clear opinion on it yet. *g*

Uhm...Yeah. Think that's about all I have to report just *far* too tired to be thinking even remotely clearly right now. May actually go to bed sometime before midnight tonight (!!!!)...*g*

Oh. There is *one* thing.
I think Daffy's getting more corrupted and evil than I am.
*evil giggles*
Dude...can't wait to be a rock star! Look at this, you get to request *real* cups, not styrofoam etc!!!

(..yes...we're sad..we're reading Monkees' contracts from the '97 tour...*shrugs* *g*)

Which ArchAngel are you most like?

brought to you by Quizilla
"Rafael. You're most like the ArchAngel of Healing. You want people to shape up, and you nag. But you mean well, and you're well loved despite it. Or because of it. You bring the donuts even as you tell people to eat more veggies."

*happy sigh* ...mmmm..angels. *smiles*

(pretty ones, at that. ~_^)

Oh, and according to me-taking-the-quiz-for-him?
Larry's Rafael, too. *G*
(I'm such a dork. *g*)

Daffy's got some good points...and I agree. We should make sure we don't try to do this alone (tho I *know* we've got some support, at least..and where we go, others *will* follow), and be careful we don't mess things up again, and all... ...and yeah, we sure as hell'd *better* help these people rebuild!
..but I think we will..
..I'm against war, but that's all some people in this world can understand, it seems..if Saddam has no problem with killling his own people..reasoning with, threatening him? no. not gonna work.
Someone sent around a peace-petitions, claiming to be on the behalf of the UN? ..for one thing, I was under the impression the UN was kinda siding with us? (will go check that later). And then...I couldn't sign it. War's wrong, and scares the shit out of me...but I think it's our only option right now.
And it *needs* to be now. There're people who think, oh, well, Taliban's under control, everything's fine here, the world's all peachy so let's just go abck to what we've always done..
Saddam needs to be stopped, he should've been ten years ago..but we underestimated his lack of humanity, it seems. He needs his ass kicked once and for all.
*Now* *is* the we wanna wait 'til another 9-11 hits us again? Hell no. If we see something that's obviously *going* to be a problem, for us and the rest of the world, we oughta go take care of it...especially when it's as clear as this one.

..meanwhile..I know there seems to be a lot going on at once, but...there's a lot of problems I think we've just let fester for the past decade or so...and our gov't big, it handles tons of stuff at once every day...
..Africa still needs our help, as well. We can't let that be forgotten.

Beware: unrestrained personal opinions ahead

...Bush's speechifying.....
...anti-Iraq, which's nothing new.......I don't know.....there was an anti-war protest in Buffalo yesterday, I was asked if I wanted to go...but I didn't know. Still don't know. I hate war, it's so terribly, horribly wrong, killing more people shouldn't solve anything...
...but in this world?...that's the way people I think...that might be what we have to do. Saddem's been thumbing his nose at us (and the rest of the world) for over a decade now, he tortures and kills his very own people,'s...we can't let him lose like that. He made an agreement at the end of the Persian Gulf war, and he's broken has to be made clear that we won't stand for that.
And yeah, it *is* our problem. We're the most powerful country in this world, and yeah, maybe we shouldn't stick our nose where it doesn't belong..but y'know what? This was started ten years ago, it's time for us to finish it.

...oh, shite...Iraq's been, and is, expanding their weapons...far too close to nuclear power...('course, then, y'know, who're we to talk? yeah. nukes need to just *go*. no more.) mean, it' I said, war is bad, pure and simple. And yet...and we have another choice right now?...we can't ignore this stuff...we've tried everything, all these years...and it's done nothing.
...and it's so hard for me to say, but...war might be the right..not the right choice, but our only choice, right now...
...damn, it''s not right...not at all...and I *know* people in the army now...but what other choice do we have?

..and Bush isn't proclaiming war *just* yet...Saddem's being given one last chance...but if he doesn't follow's war. can I study art history tonight?
i am an old indie fart!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

For you, indie music died after "Loveless" came out. None of the bands around today are worthy of your time. Not that you've heard any of them. It's all been done before. Fuck off back to your REM albums, you annoying little twat.

*sputtering*..but...but...but...I love R.E.M.!!!! ...they are, and always have been, an incredible band...
..and I've been listening to Starsailor for the past three hours, what do you people *want*?!

*taking again*

i am an indie snob!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're just too cool for school, aren't you? You're pretty narrow minded and opinionated with regards to music (and probably most other things as well). But you're allowed to be, because you really are better than everyone else. You take pride in obscurity. You probably prefer vinyl too, you elitist bitch.

..cranky people, ne? ...not narrow-minded entirely..well, ok, I won't even *listen* to someone who's really into pop music and the top 40 shite in general, but..*g*
j/k...hey, I actually really *like* Eminem's latest(?), this track "Lose Yourself"...narrow-minded my arse...and vinyl's just fun (yay for my new U2 records! ^_^)

Meanwhile, in other news...I *hate* the smell of cigarette smoke...think that's why I have a semi-headache...blehhh...
Have mostly finished my art project, tho, which's good. And no morning classes tomorrow, due to testing. ..tho, I keep forgetting, I have another art history test tomorrow, I think....oooo, yay...
...evil theory test of DOOM?




*dances about like a dork*
Wow...just spent...*laughs*..a *long* time just talking with Danielle...we met up to go get food at about 8, then decided to watch Labyrinth...which we did. (DaffyDaffyDaffy!!! she totally agrees with us!!!! ^_^ ..she also liked our re-write..and I have some new ideas now, as well. ^~_~^) Then..we just got to talking..about life, and music, and dressing weird to freak people out, and Hallowe'en, and people, and friends, and writing, and slash fics, and *everything*...*g*
..she just left like, maybe half an hour, 45 min. ago. *laughing* isn't so bad, guys...*g*
Err, not that I ever said it was...but it's just...I've never *met* people who know who U2 are, and who David Bowie is and *love* David Bowie, and are totally obsessed with music, and who play with lightsabers like I do, and...this's great. *g*
...but no-one will ever replace my true friends, don't worry, know who you are, and you've always been there for me, through *everything*...I couldn't have gotten anywhere without you, I couldn't be who I am without knowing you're there for me...thank you...

Evil aural theory test of DOOM is tomorrow at 11.48...nice thing is, this means no music classes at *all* Monday or Tuesday. *bliss*


You're Elena!

Turk quiz taken at Pro Fools

Oh, whatever...*g* ...ditz? no. ..tho Mom said the mindset-thing was right... ~_^
Few quick additional notes on last night/this morning.
"I wanna have a picnic in the median [of a highway]."
"You know, that really doesn't look good.." - on seeing Britt's legs sticking out from a large cardboard box of stuffed animals she'd (purposely) fallen into.
"I wanna kitty!!!"
Britt, later:
"I have a kitty!!!"
And I mis-quoted Laura, this is it proper:
"Britty.. you can't get sexual gratification from a fence. *shudder*"
Britt's crotch stuck on a fence.

Wow. Just had the coolest night *ever*. *g* ..I've been so social this weekend, it kinda scares me. *g*
Well, actually, was social all afternoon, too, Danielle and I met up and went over to Mason to study for the impending aural theory test of DOOM..and we did actually study for an hour or so..then got fed up, took a Pringles break, and just started talking...and talked for like, two, three hours. ^_^ ...she's very cool, tho...loves David Bowie, for one thing ~_^ ...
Gave up a bit after 7, cos Laura'd IMed me earlier, asking if I wanted to go into town with them about 8 to catch "Four Feathers" at 9...oh! *g* ..I learnt Josh's screenname last night, so I imed him this afternoon, he said he'd bring me the records, and he was goin' to the movie, too..yay! *g*
Somewhere around 8, Laura and Josh came over here...Josh brought my U2 records!!! YAY!!!!! ^_^ "Boy", "October" (*squee!!!*), "Under a Blood Red Sky", and "Unforgettable Fire"!!!!! ^_^ ...oh, the *awesome* thing, tho? I was pulling out the records, seeing if there was anything on the sleeve-thing the actual record is in, stuff like that? And the Boy one..tho the actual album cover is, y'know, the distorted images of the band members, the interior sleeve? Has The Boy. *So* cool. ^_^

Ok. So, yeah. Once we dragged Erin out of bed, we headed into town. ...about an hours walk to the movie theatre...was..interesting. *g* ...various people picked up random large sticks, which were used to poke and otherwise annoy people...Britt and Josh kept arguing, saying they hated each other and they hoped the other got raped (dark humour - there was an attempted rape on campus I think about a week ago)...uhh, yeah. Josh did a cartwheel in the middle of the street. We found a random shopping cart by the entrance to this plaza, Josh hopped in and Britt pushed him around..then Britty got in and Erin pushed her around...Josh wanted to stop and get food, but we were already running late...Josh kept asking if we could just rent a movie at Blockbuster (which was closer.."I have free coupons!")...Erin kept trying to get us to just rent a movie and go back.....finally got there, missed the first few minutes of the movie, but...was ok. *g*
Movie itself...I guess was pretty good. I don't know. Seemed to be kinda dragging after awhile, and the ending was kinda..I dunno. Odd. And there were a lot of things..I think it's just that the overall plot, people's real motives and things, just didn't seem so clear..that, and I think Heath Ledger's character was *not* a coward to begin with at *all* - took guts to quit the army, and it doesn't mean he's a coward, means he's just kind-hearted. blah.
Got far too comfy in that seat, tho...I was all stretched out (there were maybe five other people in that theatre besides us), my legs across the chair in front of me...then the credits were rolling. Erin got up. Laura got up. Then they looked at me. "I told you, I *can't* get up!" ...Laura and Josh, who'd been sitting on either side of me (*yes*, I got to sit next to Josh..sheesh, people! *g*), each attacked/tickled a leg. "Ahhh, you people suck!" *g*
So, yeah. We left there...and..see, thing is, all along the parking lot in front of the movie theatre, there's this rather high chain-link fence. On our way in, we'd looked at it, and considered climbing, but decided against it. On the way *out*, I pointed out that we were again heading for the fence, instead of the entrance. Josh and Britt decided to go over it, while Laura and Erin headed for the entrance/exit. Me...was torn for a minute, but on seeing Josh and Britt climbing up, decided I wanted to see if I could do it. Had a little trouble getting up, and snagged a few threads on my jeans, as well as cut my hand a bit, but wasn't too bad. Looked over, saw Josh hop right up and down, no problem. I walked over to them once I was over, and Britty was still up there. "You coming down??" "I'm STUCK!!!!!" ...she'd gotten her jeans totally snagged on the top part of the fence. Spent at least five minutes trying to get down. *mad giggles* ..actually, she'd gotten stuck twice - first time, the crotch of her jeans'd gotten stuck (later: "Britt, you can't get sexual pleasure from a fence.."). Second time, she snagged the bottom part of her jeans. Was great. We've been harassing her about it all night. *g*
Stopped into Tops, as Laura had a random urge for cheesecake, and Josh was also still kinda hungry. Were in there far too long. *g* ...bought random stuff...I actually ended up buying the cheesecake for us cos Laura didn't have enough $ onhand...also got Hallowe'en Peeps, just cos Peeps frickin' *rock*. ^_^ Yeah. Played around with some stuff, etc., etc., had fun trying to check out (the guy saw my Peeps, was like, "What the Hell?!")...then ended up going into Blockbuster, looked around at all the movies..then weren't *gonna* get a movie..then decided to just so we wouldn't have spent all that time there for nothing. *g* Ended up with "Murder By Numbers" (tho the song was never in the movie at all..hrm...*frowns*..blah.)
So, after many adventures and misadventures (involving more of the over-large sticks, Josh confidently stepping into an over-large puddle which he'd thought was concrete, Britty complaining that her arm had a hole in it, nearly getting run over about a million times, etc), we got back here. Or, rather, Laura stopped in her room for a minute, Josh broke out his Special K with strawberries in it (offered me some, as I'd never had it..odd, but good *g*)..then we got back to Nixon, I signed them in, we settled in and watched the movie. (Well, with lotsa interuptions from Britt.) Ate some cheesecake. Etc. ended, Josh snuck in to jump on sleeping-Britty. Rather anticlimatic, tho, we were really hoping for a blood-curdling scream? Yeah. We got a "mm-huh?" *g*
Thus, it's 4am, and I just signed Laura and Josh out. Great fun. (Were more fun details, but I'd be here all night...and I can *not* type when I'm this tired! *laughs*)
'night, all. ^_^