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Though it's already been said elsewhere many times over...

In other news..ehm..not much. *laughs* Tonight or tomorrow I've gotta get up to the school and go see Anything Goes, featuring my Blake tryng to pull a British accent and reportedly making a complete fool of himself in general, and probably countless other people I know. Sunday is a mass-excursion to Great Northern Pizza..and I'm super-excited cos my Himeros is coming along. ^_______^
ok wrong words hi. *giggles* You know what I mean.
S'pose I might as well play some ddr and wake up..had intended on sleeping later, but woke up at hearing Himeros sign online for the first tme in days, talked to him a bit, then have been occupying myself on the cpu since then, so...

*bouncing and spazzing and ears ringing*
Nooooothing beat a good live concert.

So, Laur will have a more coherent and probably better overall account of things, but here's my late-night-sleepy-but-spastic version. *giggles*
Headed out about 4, 4.30, got to Darien Lake (excuse me, Six Flags at Darien Lake 9_____9 *gags*) ehm.. sometime later..*giggles* Eventually found Holly, then promptly split up to go do stuff. Wandered a bit, then Laur and I decided to check the arcade to see if they, by some lucky chance, might happen to have DDR.
So, dropped a good few bucks in there, figuring out how to make the silly thing work right (I accidentally set it on like, beginner or something dreadfully simple..we couldn't get it to go into two-player mode..y'know). There were lots of songs that I don't know or even *have*, tho, which bothers me somewhat. (And probably more than it *should*! *laughs*) But there were enough that I knew, "Look To the Sky" and "Butterfly" and "Dam Dariram" and "Drop the Bomb" and otherstuff so I was like whee. ^___^ And it took awhile to get used to the way it's set-up - I'd never played the arcade version before. I dunno, it's nice that the thing doesn't slide away under your feet *laughs*, but I had to jump down on it a lot harder'n I'm used to, and due to the metal seperator-bits I couldn't slide across from one arrow to the next like I'm used to doing. But I caught on and it was good. *G* Went on the sleighride thing, which's always mad fun, then met up with Holl at the ferris wheel. And then didn't see her again the rest of the night! *laughs* But she was with people so it was all good. And we played more DDR. And it rocked, cos we figured out to play against each other finally. *giggles* And I died once cos I tried.. something on standard (PS-version equivalent: trick), I'm not sure which it was, and it was sad cos then I couldn't play a third song. *pouts* So I learned to save the one I'm not sure of passing for last *giggles*. Did that awhile, then got lemonade and lemon-ice stuff, met up with Laur's mom and Mrs. Bou..yeah I'm not even gonna try that. *laughs* Sat about for a bit, then wandered around some more and went on, like, the swings, and..was that *it*?? *laughs* Think it was. But I really hadn't even expected that we'd be going on any rides, and goodness knows I've been on them countless times Laur doesn't like roller coasters and it's no fun going alone and I'd've felt bad leaving her alone anyway. *giggles* But yeah. At two of the characture booths, there were SO drawings of BONO!!!!!! *spazzes* I literally squeeled at the first we say. *giggles like mad* I'm such an obsessive freak. But it really made me happy!!! Then from the swings we spotted the second, and afterwards we went over to look closer..and realised that the drawing beneath it was of the main cast of Whose Line!!! So *Laur* spazzed and I spazzed and it was good. *G*
Then we realised we had a bit of time left before meeting up with her mom again, so we went for ONE MORE ROUND of DDR. ^___^ And ohhh my gooodness, it was AWESOME!!! *spazzes* Like.. we felt kinda bad cos we were watching these guys play and then this kid (with long blue hair..I was like oooo... *giggles*) set his quarters up on the machine - proper arcade ddr etiquette - set your money there marks that you've got it next. Only Laur and I weren't doing that cos we didn't know that anyone else would, and anyway we weren't quite sure on it cos we'd heard it second- or third-hand or something. Or at least I did. But we only had a bit of time so we nicely asked the kid if he'd mind, and he said no, so we were like YAY and we played - Laur set it on light, I set it on standard cos I'm insane. (but also cos I *can* manage 5s now cos I play so much here at home.) And we played, and it was good. ^__^ Something that I can't remember the title of but had a heart in the middle *g*, "White Love".. and then "Dam Dariram". Which was a 4 for Laur, and a 6 for me. I have tried to beat that on standard SOOOO many times, and have NEVER succeeded.
*spazzes* It was insane! I was like *THIS* close to dying at one point but I didn't and it was awesome and then Laur got an A!!! and I got a C but IT'S A FRICKIN' 6 AND I *PASSED* IT!!!!! and then we were done and we were laughing and blown away and spastic and got off the pad, letting blue-haired boy and this girl on.. and the guys who had gone before us had apparently stuck around to watch... cos they shook our hands and told us we were awesome. Well, rather, they told Laur that, then she pointed out that *I* was the one who'd been doing a 6, and they told me I was awesome and shook my hand too. *giggles* Cos I'd heard them saying as I was playing, all in awe that I was playing on standard... *laughs*
You've NO idea how.. I don't even know. We felt empowered. It rocked. ^____^

So then we went over to where the concert was, and *oh* my goodness, it was GREAT. Darien, as a venue, is normally the worst EVER, with secruity shite and seating and no water bottles or cameras allowed and just.. it sucks. But for Kingdom Bound all that shite is GONE and it's awesome!!! They didn't even check our bags when we went in, it was open seating, people had cameras... gah. wonderfulwonderful. I'm so going again next year, ESPECIALLY if Newsboys are there again, as is likely. ^___^ So we get in there about ten to 8 and there's a band onstage.. and it was Audio Adrenaline, already started!!! which was sad. But not devestating, cos it was Newsboys we were *really* there to see. *g* Laur and I worked our way about halfway to the front, a few hundred feet back (actually kinda-near where I'd been for Nickleback alst summer, I think), and it was very cool. I knew one or two of the songs, having heard them in the van on the way *there*.. *laughs* They're fairly good live, it was cool. The bassist had MAD FRICKIN' AWESOME HAIR... you don't usually expect someone in a Christian rock band to have giant near-foot-long orange-yellow spikes in a line for hair. *mad giggles* It was sweet. And the singer bounced all around the stage and got the audience to sing and all, which was good and as it should be. ^_^ (I really think this was half of my problem with seeing Nickleback live - the singer was behind a guitar and motionless a good deal of the time. And just facial expressions don't make it over a distance of a good 300+ feet.) Hey Laur? you by chance remember which song it was they was kinda towards the end I think and the lights were all dark blue and purple, it was an angstier, heavier song... also, title of the one about being His hands and feet? I have downloading to do. *g*
So, yeah. Eventually they finished, a guy from Compassion, the child-sponsery-thing that Newsboys are quite fond of, came up to talk, and Laur and I made a run for the merchandise table. And bought Newsboys shirts. Both, oddly enough, of which are green. *g* (Only hers has Thrive and stuff on it, and mine has this funky 70s-ish flowery-design on the back.. I'd've liked one with at least the date or something on it, but they were big and I don't like big shirts *giggles*. and this one's mad cool anyway. ^_^) Prices were very, very friendly for once, as well - shirts were $15 and $20! ^___^
Dropped our stuff with Laur's mom, made our way down towards the front so we'd be cloooose for Newsboys. And eventually we found a rather nice spot about..goodness, 100 feet or less from the stage (tho Laurel and I're both bad with estimating distances so who knows! *laughs), where there weren't *really* seats but space for them so we kinda crouched there and half-sat on the metal poles that divided the area off - turns out it was one of the VIP boxes. (--The very things that pissed the hell outta me when we went to see Creed, cos the whole front seciton is this VIP shite or whatever and so despite the fact that I'd bought my tickets in the first two minutes they were onsale and paid 60-freaking-bucks, we were mad far away and Scott Stapp was like half an inch tall. *grrrrr*)
9pm, Newsboys came onstage, and everyone FLIPPED cos they're awesome and they opened with "Shine" which I've known and loved for quite awhile. ^___^
And I'll let Laur cover all the specific details, cos goodness knows she's gotta remember better'n I, but... It was a very simple stage set-up, two large screens to the sides of the stage and two smaller at the corners of the stage itself, platforms for the drummer and keyboardist, and the bleacher-like things and ramp that ran behind - same as for Creed, so I'm assuming that's a permanent feature of the stage there. No backdrops, for a few songs their music videos played on the screens but mostly it was just views from the cameras situated around (mostly about by where we were *g*). Volume overall was.. can't have been too far off from the U2-concerts, judging by the fac that I had to YELL into Laur's ear as she stood right next to me to be heard.. but it was somewhat less, cos I didn't have to yell as *loud*. And my ears are still ringing but that might be gone by morning, it's not too bad. The lights were quite well-done, though, they also did the smoke-effect thing a few times and the strobe-thing. So it was cool, but not overdone, so yay. (They also did this really neat thing with the lights, which I'd never seen before.. like, the outer rim of the circle of light was a different colour than the rest of the beam - shining downwards, it looked like a purple beam with bright green edges, on the stage it was a purple circle surrouded by a green ring. Ok it doesn't sound so great here, but it looked really cool and I'd never seen that done and *I* was impressed. *giggles*)
I knew all the songs but one or two.. admitedly, didn't know most of the words, but I knew the choruses anyway. *g* And... wow. The singer was running all over the stage and everything like a singer should (tho he was behind guitar for one song, but that worked too), engaging the audience and all. Traded off vocals a few times with the guitarists, which was also cool.. I saw the drummer singing but I don't know if he was miked. I... *smiles, shakes head* I haven't the words tonight to even try to describe, so only those of you who've *been* to a concert like that, up close, the sound washing through your whole body and self, heartbeat replaced by the drums, bass and guitar resonating in your gut... and then the song *hits*, just, *that*, and your soul's flying higher'n anything and you sing with all you have though you can't be heard and
"we lift up our hands and we call on Your name"...
I got that a number of times at the U2s concerts I was at, once or twice at the Smithereens one.. possibly once at a Monkees one but I'm not sure... and these are what I measure a band's quality live by, and Newsboys..hit it a number of times. *smiles broadly* Thus, they are wonderful. ^_^ "Joy"...blew me utterly away. I was so lost in that..... when it ended and I was gasping for breath, eyes wide and shining and utterly at a loss for anything, I yelled to Laurel that *this* is what you go to concerts *for*, just.... there's no way to verbalise that. Laur, what was that word, for the feeling so high above just, everything, that just.. yeah. (I know you mentioned it in a comment here ages ago, but I've forgotten it..) It's.. I think it may very well have been *that* that helped wake me up in the first place, I know it was the music that first got to me at Niagara '98..the music, then what the speakers said sunk in and smacked me and I was like wowokhi, there's a world here and God and holy crap I've not really *believed* and *known* and *lived* this before now, have I?'s that music which brings me that close to God.......
*smiles* On a more earthly note, there were *tons* of balloons being batted about the audience all through the thing, it was great fun. There were a few really little kids in our vicinity, who kept reaching out and calling for the balloons, but didn't always get them, so Laur and I made it our mission to pass the balloons over in the direction of said kids when we could. *g* It was just cute and fun, I was batting one back and forth with this little boy to my left for a minute or so in the midst of a song, and it was just... really cool. *smiles*
Near the end of the set, Peter, the singer whose last name I'll not even attempt, began talking, and went into a whole speech-sermon-thing kinda... which, I suppose, this being Kingdom Bound and a(n official) Christian rock band and all, I should have expected..... I don't know. It's not that I think he shouldn't've gone into the whole God is our only hope, Jesus is our way to that, thing.. cos, really, he did it quite well, only slipping into the terms so easily thrown about by so many a few times. It didn't sound dry and thoughtless and like.. it didn't sound like uninspired indoctrination, you knew he meant it. (Also, these things are somehow easier to take if the person talking doesn't sound like everyone else you know.. the Australian accent added a bit of flavour to things as well. *laughs* Dreadful as that sounds, I know, but it was just cool in general.) Maybe it was just the crowd screaming at each mention of Christ, I don't know. Again, not that it's a bad thing, that's awesome and I'm sure most-all meant it. Maybe it's just that it was odd to me a bit..or maybe it's just that I've seen too many people all "I love Jesus!! *sparkle sparkle*" and I don't feel they really know what they're saying..... I don't know. Really, it ties in to the conversation merani-chan and I had the other night about religion and all, and how so many people's not that they seem fake, but it kinda is, just that things seem to come so easily to them and they're all *sparkle sparkle* and I don't even know, just something about them makes you wonder f they ever really *did* wake up to the world around them...not that they're bad people, just... *sighs* It's hard to explain.
But this is a tangent, I'm gushing about Newsboys. *G*
Anyway, I got a "Streets" vibe cos as he was talking the keyboardist was playing soft slow organ-ish chords behind him and I kept waiting for his speech to trail off and then explode into a song. *g* (Again, not that this was what was solely occupying my mind.. I was listening. ^_^)
They did a really wonderful version of "Entertaining Angels".. a song that I've had for awhile and definitely liked, but wasn't an especial favourite..but live, it was awesome and even hit one of *those* moments. *smiles* "Breakfast in Hell" was also great.. at least one person flung cereal into the air. *giggles* "Joy" was definitely the highlight for me, but so was "It is You", which the band (really) closed with... they left the stage after..ehm..I forget. something. then we all screamed and clapped and made lots and lots of noise and they came back and we were like SCORE. ^___^ And they went into "It is You", which was, again, a favourite beforehand anyway but live, it surpassed itself by infinite amounts, and it went on forever..... And the bad got the crowd to sing, then left the stage one by one..drummer leaving the crowd still sang.... definitely a "40"-moment, and definitely awesome. *smiles*

So, we somehow found Laur's mom and headed back thru the park, and people were spastic and random strangers in the mass throng of people walking alone were half-playing Marco Polo and it was mad amusing. *giggles*
Aaaaaaand I got back at like 11.30 but it's past 1am now and I've written so enough, I'm going to curl up with a book and pop in my Newsbos cd and fall asleep. ^__^

briee: "You're humping the air!"
merani: "Isn't everyone?"


How Would YOU Take Over the World?
*twitch twitch TWITCH*
That's it. 'Nanda's gonna friggin' post general rules of DECENCY on the bathroom door.

1) Flush the freaking toilet when you're done using it. Even if it's late at night. If Dad's gonna wake up, he's probably already awake from people walking around anyway.
2) Clean up your own freaking mess if not everything lands in said toilet. *cough*guys*cough*
3) For the love of anything, CLOSE the door when you're in there and turn on the light, ESPECIALLY if it's at night and no-one knows who's awake or not or who might or might not be in there. And if the door's open and it's dark you're gonna just naturally assume that no-one is in there.

gahhh *twitching uncontrollably* Rule #3 was conceived in the past five minutes. Thank goodness it was dark and I didn't even get the door half-open before the occupant let me know it was, in fact, occupied, but--- *twitch* That was nasty. No. Ick.

(you'd think a parent would be a bit more intelligent about these things..... *twitch*)
oooo goooooodnessssss... I have not been this sleepy in ages. Went to work with Dad today (and he had to actually PAY me today!!!! *mwahahahahhahahaaha* score. ^_____^), so got up at some inhumane hour, put out a few orders and straightened brushes and portfolios and paints and - y'know, my list of assigned tasks gets longer every time I go with Dad..maybe I should stop doing my job so well. :p
Got home a bit after noon, took a nap from one 'til like, 3.30, 4..and was mad groggy still and felt all icky and bleh. Like, all evening. Until merani-chan and briee came in and pounced on my ddr pad and wanted to play. and I played a few rounds too, and then I kinda woke up. and spent the usual bunch of hours on aim with people and poking around the blogs and all. then I sat down and FINALLY FINISHED THE FRIGGIN' OCEAN-SCENE in the fic I'm (still) writing for Megs. (Which, incidentally, I think has a title now.. In One Man's Eyes sticks pretty well with me.) But I'm all liike YAY cos I think I pulled it back out of the dullness it was slipping into and made it pretty again. And I totally reworked the star-conversation, cos what I'd had originally.. it was too close to how I would phrase things myself, writing an entry on here or something about it. Oddly enough, I think I ended up *simplifying* things..but then, that makes sense cos Ad and Edge are just talking, not sitting agonising over the choice of every word.. *laughs*
Opened up my fav li'l screenmate to keep me company (and provide distraction enough to keep me awake) while typing.. she's so cuuuuuute. ^____^ She's the most adorable little kitten ever. And I'd link you to where I found her but I *really* don't know if I have the link still, and if I do..well, it's one of a few hundred in need of re-sorting in my favourites list. ^^;;; (Just go to google and look for screenmates and/or FaFa Cat.. or, well, there's an addy with the program, tho whether it'd still work I dunno.. )

So, yes. Darien Lake tomorrow to go see NEWSBOYS!!!!!!!! and Audio Adrenaline who are also cool, with Laur and Holly and yay. ^_^
If it rains - which is frighteningly likely - I'll...*laughs* actually, we'll prolly still have an awesome time. Got caught in major downpours there the first year I was in ensemble back in jr. high, and it was quite fun, running to hide under all the giant stuffed animals hanging from the gamebooths and all... and then sitting next to Blake the whooole busride home and talking and ghee that night was perfect *smiles*..
*laughs aloud*
I adore my WinAmp. It's on shuffle, a bunch of stuff that I thought would be conducive to writing this fic (i.e., angsty things, songs with awesome bass guitar parts, etc *g*)... and it just started playing the Smithereens' "Only a Memory". This thing has seriously grown to be psychic. <3

And now that I've babbled on *here* for like fifteen minutes, after having just done the same in an e-mail to Megs (accompanied by the addition to the fic - *POKES* - go read tonight while I'm gone! ^__^ )... it's definitely time for bed. *g* Sweet dreams. ^_^

  • My #1 result for the selector, Which U2 pairing are you?, is Adam/Bono

  • My #2 result for the selector, Which U2 pairing are you?, is Bono/Larry

    (#3: Edge/Adam, #4: Lar/Adam, #5 completely slashless *dies giggling*, #6: Lar/Edge, #7: Bono/Edge (that low?!), #8: GSF. So there, I'm not *totally* gone yet..*giggles*)


    Admitedly, I've not read much Adam/Bono, really, but that one instance with JT-Bono and Ad, Megs...goodness...
    *recalls that there are non-slash minded people who read this blog*
    *in fact, far more of them than slashers*
    aaaanyway... I'm currently in a state of Adam-adoration after watchihng R&H, so it's all good. ^_^

    but Bono and Lar are so preeeetty gheeeeeeee... ksorrybye

  • 8.04.2003
    An interesting, if complicated, suggestion for a real Napster replacement..not that it'd be quite free, but it's a ridiculously good idea..thus will prolly never happen, but, y'know...

    Meanwhile, yeah, onto a post I've meant to make for awhile now. The RIAA is officially evil now, what with sueing individuals for downloading music and all... if, like me, you're a 'netmusic freak and are now paranoid, go here to see if they're after you yet.. suggestions here for what to do/not to do to avoid their wrath, and, amnesty-style, there's a letter you can easily sign and send on to your representatives in Congress about this stupid mess here. Just poke around eff's site in general, cos it's good stuff.

    *sighs, shakes head* What I wouldn't give to still have Napster alive and well and un-hounded by lawyers again.....

    you are "occult". just don't give a fuck.

    What type of manga are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    What (yaoi) anime pairing are you?

    this quiz was made by Eike and Mirai
    Your relationship is like -- Yuki/Shuuichi.
    Unhealthy on the outside, but warm and sappy on the inside. Who cares what the media thinks?

    *giggles happily* Right. Were I a guy with another guy. But gheeee I adore Gravitation. <3

    You are... Yukari!
    The official Parakiss model is a little bit
    confuzzled, so to speak. She's a little shaky
    on where she's going and what she wants to do,
    but she'll get it right in the end.

    Which Paradise Kiss character are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla
    You are... Arashi!
    The punk rocker of the group is a little too wild
    (and a little too horny), but his inner sweet-
    and-gentle nature make him incredibly loveable.
    (Not to mention the fact that he's dead seksi!)

    Which Paradise Kiss character are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    One question answered differently, and it's one that didn't really have a suitable answer... <3 Arashi. and <3 George. ghee. ParaKiss <3 in general. ^_^

    Am poking about different adoption sites... Laur, there are Whose Line ones here, TMBG ones here (chibi-Pippin&Merry elsewhere on this site *g*) ... O____O merani, there's a Metatron right here..sorry, his pants are UP, but enjoy anyway :p ... a few BoogiePop ones here..eee! as well as DDR and Dir en Grey <3 and Malice Mizer and Gackt <3 <3... Daf, there's a nifty little phoenix here......okhi adoptee-searching is FREAKING ADDICTING AHHHH
    *pouts* Ok. can't find any ParaKiss adoptees anywhere, apart from one Miwako doll. *sniffle*
    *blinks* duuuude.. it's def. way past 4am, and I'd figured on being asleep by like, 2. oops.... *g* Anyway, cute new adoptees should motivate me to update all the pics on here *points to big-huge-giant-file-sizes-that-need-fixing-still, and the-age-thing-that-needs-changed-cos-I've-been-19-for-7-months, and etc* like I've meant to for basically forever.. geh. *laughs* But yeah. Bedtime now, g'night. ^_^
    And, having just watched Rattle and Hum for the first time in, goodness, possibly nearly six months (whaaaat, I didn't have a vcr in Fredonia, or one here that worked 'til about a month ago!)... may I simply state that I adore U2, Bono is incredible, Edge is sweet and has awesome holes in his jeans, Adam's butt-bopping onstage is..beyond guuuuh, and my Lawrence is gorgeous and a dear and funny and has the prettiest voice ever *ghee*. *_*
    *dies laughing* And, as usual, merani-chan's summary of events is far more amusing than mine... "HYDRO HELL DESCENDS ON EARTH"

    And again wishing Laurel the best of luck on her driver's test tomor--errr, today. You'll be fine, and your Bono will be with you (ehrm, not that he'd be good luck in regards to driving skill or anything, but..*mad giggles* emotional support?). ^_^

    So, merani-chan and Mom and I were good Rochesterians today and, for the first time in any of our lives, went to the Park Ave Fest. *laughs* Muuuuch bigger than I'd thought, I suck at judging distances but it had to've been a good mile or two or something all along the street..crazy. Very cool, tho.. all sorts of fun artsy things, thankfully little of the folksy-sort of crafty-things, some randomly cool (tho mostly not very-me) jewelry (though I did buy this one necklace, it's a very pretty blue with a semi-translucent, semi-iridescent round stone attached), food and clothes and a few garden-y things and music and stuff and yay. ^_^ Also humidity and too many people, but it was dealable.
    It rained a bit, then stopped.. then on our way back up the street heading towards the shuttle bus we'd taken to get there, we passed a rather good Celtic band playing. They were just starting up another song as we went by, the singer beginning to..ehm..sing...I think actually in Irish, which was cool... and jsut then it started to *rain*. *giggles like mad* I was amused. But then it started to reeally rain so we hurried and caught the bus. And then it started to *POUR* and thunder and everything and about ten minutes later it was still worse yet, and we had a bunch of blocks, about a ten-minute or so walk? back to where our car was (cos the newspaper'd been a bit misleading as to where the shuttle went). And it was.. I don't even know. It was INSANE. ^____^ The sidewalks had tured into rivers a good few inches deep, you were soaked no matter what you did, the rain pelted down and you breathed water back up in your nose cos it drenched you utterly and you couldn't even see and it was CRAZY and mad fun. ^___^ Except my shoes had like ponds in them which sucked, and wet jeans are hell, and I had a white clingy shirt (but fortunately also my jean jacket over top ^_^), so it was intersting. *giggles* But we speed-walked and ran and jumped and laughed and shouted our way back to the car, had just reached it when it started HAILING... *laughs* Frickin' INSANE.
    But great fun. *G* Got back home, changed, and watched this movie Blow Dry with merani-chan (her review is on her lj..not so bad as the title would make you think, it really *is* about hairdressers. *giggles* and it has Alan Rickman, of course, but he's not so bad in this one. plus there's a pretty Josh Harnett with a very nice British accent and it's like gheehi). And got back on the cpu and I'm kinda sleeeeepy cos I was def. up 'til like 5.30am, then woken up about 11.30, and it's gotten grey and rainy again which's lovely but yeah. *yawns, grins* Whee. ^_^
    But now I'm just babbling and there are boys downstairs, so I must go see if one is Himeros. ^_~