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Wow...hey, Laur, you might wanna check this one out...
End Race-Related Ill-Treatment in Spain usual, this's an e-mail-thing...just two minutes of your time, people, literally...^_^
Gahhh.. toooooooo much fun. Tho I mentioned it on Topaz Meanderings, for anyone who reads this that doesn't regularly read that...
Zelda - get out of my house.
*dies laughing*
Great stuff. Arigatou Teraa, for finding it. ^_^
Ah. Right. Back to my original reason for posting... thought certain audience members might enjoy this. (Or maybe not enjoy it..*I* do...~_^) ..rules for "Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich" are on the next page after that one. ^_^

Right. And tho this wasn't my envirothon team...this still brings back such happy memories....*g*
My dad just announced that he just taught himself how to do bold, italics, and different sizes in his e-mail.

(He's been trying the e-mail thing for...a year or so now, I think.)

'Course, bear in mind, this's the same person who completely flipped out when he first saw the screensaver on his company laptop. ::flashback:: "WHERE'D PROCOMM GO?!?!?!?! MY PROGRAM'S GONE!!!!! etc etc.." *Ananda enters the room, takes in the "mystify" at a glance, and moves the mouse* "Hey, it's back! What'd you do?") ::end flashback::
*gasp* Lyrics and translations for Luna Sea!!!!!!!! And "Gravity"!!!!!!!! ...I've loved that song for awhile now...and the more I listen to it, the more I love it...means so much to me, tho I've never known the words...*hoping ferverently the lyric lives up to the song!*
Oh yeah. ^_^

"Garasu no tsubasa demo
Habatakeru kitto ima tsuyoki hito"
(Even glass wings
Can surely fly now, you're strong)
- "Gravity", Luna Sea
Score!!! ^_^ Teraa found J-rock/j-pop lyrics over on Megchan's!!!! Happy day! ^_^
Daffy - japanese lyrics to "Secret Base" are here, english translation is here.
Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! ^_^

Yes, I know, I've posted a *ton* within the last two days...but hey, makes up for all those one-sentance posts and sillyness I was doing awhile back, right? 0;-)
So yeah.
Did I have Blake-dreams last night?
What kind of a dream *did* I have?
An *Edge* dream.
(And Jay, oddly enough.)
*sigh* Yeah. So, the main part I remember (there was some stuff about testing, SATs? but don't remember enough to tell, really..), is...we were in a hotel, I'm not sure why or who all was there... but, I looked down to the corner of the hall, and there was a woman coming out of the room with two little kids. And I got all psyched cos it was Morleigh and Edge's (and her's) kids! ...but, somehow..they bore an incredibly striking resemblance to Tabitha and Jason (two friends of mine from Perry, both of whom died in a car accident about a year and a half ago...and Jay was one of those never-ending crushes for me then..). Just, like, semi-chibi-sed. (And the Tabitha-one sometimes had dark hair, unlike Tab herself.) But, it wasn't them, they were Memphis and Elvis to my mind. (Yes, somehow, my subconscious messed up a name. I dunno, I remember thinking, wait, *is* his name Elvis? but it *must* be, cos Larry's son's name is *Aaron* Elvis, and I remember that Edge's son's name was just Elvis... ..which it's *not*, but...*shrug*)
And then I turned about for a minute, to see a bunch of friends etc. coming down the hall towards me...I think, oddly enough, it was people from SFE..whole thing felt kinda like the Long Island trip we took last any case, Laur and Daf were there, among others..and I was all happy cos Daf was back, and I ran up to her, giving her a bit of a hug, and babbled something about Edge's kids being down there but they looked like Jay and Tab! So we hurried down, they were still out in the hall...and little "Elvis" (who really DID look like a chibi-Jay..possibly with a touch of Cloud, or Rufus, actually) was playing around, running and I think falling down...but it was *so* *CUTE*!!!!!! ^_^
Honestly don't remember if Edge was about or not, he might've been. what happens when I stay up 'til about 4 in the morning working on an angel-Edge pic, I guess. *g*
..and I think I know where some of the rest came from...right before I went up to bed, I was putting new pics up on my a different one of little-Edge. And I was looking thru some doujinshi pics that I and and Teraa had..and I found *the* cutest one *ever* of Tseng holding a little-toddler-age Rufus! *all gooey eyed* ..was *so* cute... ...and I was thinkin' about Jay a bit the other day...*shrug*
*So* cute, tho. ^_^
Well, as the man (aka our belovéd Bono) said, "Make up your own minds!"
George Michael's got a new video out, that's apparently causing a bit of an uproar. (Thank goodness dotmusic tells me this things, otherwise I'd never know *wry grin*).
The vid's up on the website linked above, if you'd care to see it...Cartoon-versions of the singer, Bush, Blair, others...and has Bush completely amused by a sock-puppet. I...I don't know. I mean... I don't know. People shouldn't *ever* be lambasted for speaking their minds (unless they're completely ignorant of the facts). But, at the same *does* bug me when they endlessly make out our president to be a complete moron. Cos he's not.
'Course, in a different article:
"'Shoot the Dog' was written before September's terrorist attacks on New York and was meant as a criticism of Tony Blair. However, Michael claims that Americans have misinterpreted the song's message and mistakenly taken it to be an attack on US foreign policy."
And it *does* look that way, it really does. ...I think...I think he should've been more aware of the fact that that's how it looks to us now. ...why wasn't this done *then*, *before* all this stuff went down? ..I'd still be annoyed at making Bush out to be like a two-year-old, but not as much. And some of the images in the vid...yeah.
Add onto all of this the fact that this guy's not an American...and you've *gotta* know this's gonna piss people off here. It's hitting on Bush just as heavily sa it is on Blair.
So yeah, say what you want, I firmly believe in freedom of speech...but...I dunno. The whole just kinda..I dunno. Distasteful. And maybe a lot of it's supposed to be, but... ...meh. And he's griping about it being misinterpreted, but..dude, I couldn't even make out half the words, it's a pop/dance-thing. Not exactly the best format for a protest song, of any sort.

Meanwhile, in simpler, happier news... a drummer has a tv show. ^_^ ...drummer with Stereophonics, who're pretty cool (*aaaand* opened for U2 *g*). Sadly, is only being broadcast to like, BBC Wales, so far, but...*shrug* That's still unfathomably cool. Drummers rock. ^_^

Oh dear...yet *another* cd I wisht I had the money for---! Re-issuing David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"...which I do already have on cd, the review on dotmusic, and there's all this extra early versions of "Moonage Daydream" and "Ziggy Stardust"!!! Wai~~~~! ...gahh...<3 that album.......mehhhh....but have no money....err, rather, have $25. And a buncha money owed me. Have to come up with $54 in the next few days. Then have to, somehow, get $ to go to Darien, and would truly love to be able to get a t-shirt at the Creed concert...*siiiiiigh*
..I hope some people pay me back. Soon.

Hey, wow...there's some psycho competition for the MTV VMAs this, they set Creed and P.O.D. up against each other for best rock vid?! ..oh dear...I'm not sure who to root for! ^^;
No U2, but I think everything was covered at last year's.
White Stripes' "Fell in Love with a Girl" has *GOT* to win *womething*, tho. Cos that's one of the coolest vids EVER. ^_^
P.O.D.'s "Youth of the Nation" vid, I really like...granted, most of these that're up, I've not seen (this's what happens with no cable *pout*), but...
But look at this, this's what's crazy:
Best Video Of The Year:
Eminem, "Without Me"
'NSYNC, "Gone"
Linkin Park, "In the End"
P.O.D., "Alive"
The White Stripes, "Fell in Love With a Girl"
Nas, "One Mic"
Linkin Park. v. 'NSYNC. v. Eminem. v. P.O.D.
That's...*whistle* Insane. And those huge names against White Stripes, who hardly anyone knows (tho I like rather well), and Nas...who, I, I don't know who that is. ^^; *shrug*
...granted, awards shows like this are generally full of complete b.s., but it's fun to pretend they're not? (And once in awhile they get things, y'know, they give U2 lots of awards. ^_^)
Oh. Laur? One more thing I was gonna mention. Yer current fav mp3? ..I'm assuming that's the one I gave you. In which case, it's *technically* the Solar Plexus *extended club mix* of "Mysterious Ways".
( a rather obsessed fan, whaddya want? *G*)
Oh Laur... I know now, I'm not the one who's worse-off in the romance dept...cos I've never had something go wrong like that. Granted, I've never actually truly gotten together with Blake, least we've never had a falling-out, or anything, and I doubt if we ever will.
But I still wish, so very much, that things had worked out differently for you and Bryan, I really do...and I wish too that I could help you with some explanation for what happened, but I can't. I'm still just as confused about it as you are. Cos it *did* look like he really, truly *liked* you liked you...
But don't...don't ever think that you wasted your time. Daf, same for you, I know it's something you've struggled with.
It's not a waste of time, cos for awhile, you *were* happy. And though it didn't work out in the end...well, at least you had that time.
And I know I'm really in no position at all to talk, but... don't regret things too much. Cos all the both of you ever did was your best, in both relationships. And that's all you can ever do.
Laur...I *don't* know what all of his smiles meant...but I do know that there was something real there. I saw it. And tho it didn't work *was* there. You were really the only one invited to his birthday party, remember? I was just there so you didn't feel too awkward. *smile*

(And I know you don't want me to have to be bothered with something you think is just your problem, Laur...but I'm your friend. This is what we do. ^_^)
Okay, I'll just get right into it, that way Laur can read and get to bed. ^_^ (Am also largely adapting this from the e-mail I'm writing Meg..saves time this way, it's not that I don't care enough to write entirely seperate things for her and this blog. ^_^)
After that last post...sat around, anxiously...tried to get my hair to behave, primped a bit and prepped...(not that this entailed that much...*laugh*) Had dressed pretty normal today, having been counting on seeing him tonight. (And this wouldn't be a good time to try to be weirding him out, y'know? *g*)
So, 8 o'clock hit. Nothing. (Oh yeah - didn't mention it earlier, he'd said he'd call me again before he picked me up.)
8.15. Nothing.
8.20. Dad asks why I'm still home. "I don't know~~!"
8.21, I hear Dad making a call. "WHAT THE $^#)&*% IS HE *DOING*?!?!?!"
8.30. Phone rings. I come pounding downstairs, heart pounding. was for my brother.
8.31. Am back in my room. Praying he didn't get into an accident or something. (I was actually very terribly worried...sad, possibly, but...*shrug* I really *was* worried..)
8.39. Phone rings. It's Kevin. "Hi, I'm on my way. But I'm calling illegally, so I've gotta go, I'll see you in a minute." (I find this hopelessly sweet - he's risking getting arrested by talking on his cell phone while driving, for my sake. ^_^ ..yes, this *IS* sad, but I don't care. *laugh*)
He picked me up a few minutes later, and apologised profusely... (he'd left a little late, having gotten to Jess's late.)
So, we went down to Jitter's, got stuff to drink...hee, their strawberry-cream milkshakes are very very good. ^_^ (It's so funny, tho, really...neither of us drink coffee at *all*, are both terribly determined to *never* become coffee addicts..and here we are, getting together at a coffee chop. *g*) Sat down at a nice little table, and played checkers.
..If you've not been there, Jitters has these great hand-painted tables with checkerboards on them, it's great fun.
I warned him in advance, that he was going up against a *master* checker-player. (No joke - there's very few people who can beat me; my dad trained my siblings and I well in the game. ~_^ Daf's come terribly close to beating me, and Dad can *sometimes*...but that's about it.)
At first, I was in a bit of trouble, but I soon pulled ahead, and won. *eg*
He immediately announced he was gonna try again..but first switched pieces with me. *laugh* (Yes, I found this hopelessly cute, too. *blush*)
And again, I was in a bit of a spot a few times early on..but I pulled a triple jump on him, some double-jumps...And won. (See, that's the thing, and he knows and admits this - he sees the single jumps, but doesn't catch the doubles. Or triples. ^_^)
...but it was nice...cos I could just sit there and watch his face while he pondered the next move...(and he *did* remind me terribly of Larry once or twice..*wry grin*..I know, not right, but he *did*..)...*happy sigh*...(and he watched me, too...~_^)
After he lost the second time, we just sat and talked about stuff... ...and I apologised for Calypso asking him about me the other day, he said it was alright.. ..I don't know, talked about lotsa different things...talked about Calypso-K, how she's gonna be after him next year, I gave him a few more suggestions...told him (and I think he's the first one I've told this to) that I'm a little worried about being at college with Calypso next year..cos if he and Daf don't end up trying to stay together (they don't know yet if tyhey are or not)...I'm terribly afraid it's *me* he's gonna go after. Still can't completely shake the memory of all those times he stalked me back then.. And like I told Kevin, I like the guy well enough, sorta, but..I'd never like him that way.
And we talked about the joys of getting lost while driving/biking...I told him about this terribly cool run-down shack we once found out in the woods in Perry, he said it sounded really cool, now *he* wanted to go see it..I told him I remember which woods it's in, if he ever wants to go try to find it...~_^
Etc., etc., etc.
And we stayed 'til the guy cleaning up asked if we could wrap things up, cos they were kinda closing. ^_^
So, got home about 10.30, thanked him for taking me, he said sure, he'd had fun..., no goodbye kiss or anything, was some nice quality time. ^_^
Also, this sets up a precedent. Thus, I won't feel so awkward or nervous about setting up something like this again. ^_^
So it's all good.
*happy sigh*, if I can ust convince certain family members that no, it wasn't a date, no, we're not going out, no, he didn't kiss me, etc., etc., etc... o_O;;
Great. And now Dad's all pissed at me. We're sitting there eating, they're talking about Teraa having a friend over, I'm like, *yeah*, I'm leaving. Dad gives me this *look*, "were you gonna *tell* me about this?" I'm like, huh, *yeah*...I just set this up like, half an hour ago!
...and then he was all pissed.
And just now gave me a lecture, *again*, close to the same's yesterday, about taking up responsibilities etc., saying he's not sure what *my* expectations are, I'm thinkin' what the *hell* are you talking about?! ...spent *all* afternoon cleaning my room, and a good deal last night, too; swept both sets of stairs and the kitchen; cooked supper. Those were my chores for the day, I did them. Gyah. ...wraps it up with I don't mind that you're going out tonight, that's fine, I can see why you didn't want to say anything in front of your brother and sister, blah blah...
*fed up aggrevated confused and frustrated sigh*

...two hours to go. ^_^
Well. Got brave, gave Blake a call this afternoon. And...
Got his answering machine. XÞ

...but he called me back a little while ago, said he was actually supposed to go over to Jess Best's to play badminton for awhile tonight.."but I don't know how long that'll last." "So, if it doesn't get out too late, would you wanna go do something, or..I mean, I hadn't really thought of anything in particular, but..." "Yeah, I can't be out too late, but we could just go to Jitter's or something." Hee. So he's gonna pick me up about 8. Which's good. Cos that's when Teraa's psycho friend is coming over. (That was another good reason for this...I told him yeah, Daf abandoned me, and psycho child is coming over tonight.. ...damnit, why'm I always so full of excuses, why do I always feel I need justification...?)
Ah well.
*feeling proud of self* to let Dad know without everyone in the house ragging me about going out on a date? (cos it's not..err, well, we haven't said as much, anyway...tho, I dunno, could be kinda...^_~)
Someone (I believe over at nekobox) said that, whenever you're in a terribly gloomy mood, you should go buy yourself a box of new crayons. This will bring you a simple yet instant innocent joy.

I'd like to challange that.

I say, it's a nutty-buddy cone. ^_^
Oh hey...some more e-mailing to do for Amnesty, if anyone's so inclined:

Prevent Torture of Musallam Shaykh Hasan in Syria

Protect Egyptian Law Student Sayida Muhammad Gad al-Rab From Torture

And, for those of us sponsering dear Samweli, especially:
Urge Uganda to End Human Rights Abuses in the Congo
According to AI:
"The current war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been one of the world's deadliest. It is estimated that some two and a half to three million people have died, due to the violence and conditions created by the fighting. Amnesty International has documented large-scale human rights abuses, including acts of torture and sexual violence, unlawful killings and illegal detentions, committed by the Rwandan, Ugandan, and Zimbabwean governments and their rebel counterparts based in the DRC. Many of these abuses are directly linked to the exploitation of the DRC's natural resources. Please urge the President of Uganda to take immediate steps to end these human rights abuses and to investigate, prosecute, and convict perpetrators."

*concerned* ...*sigh*...such a scary world out there, y'know?.....
Hurrah. Within five minutes of me comin' home this evening, I got lectured 'bought all the shite I (supposedly) haven't been doing. For an hour.
...that's *one* thing that's got me *totally* *ready* to shove off fer college. >_<# that kinda sucked. Then went up to my room, quite pissed off, stayed there for awhile...totally cranked up U2's Achtung Baby, esp. "Acrobat" and "Until the End of the World"... (what would I do without my band...? *smile*) Can't say I quite cheered up, tho I got un-pissed enough to do some cleaning.
Then, of all people, *Calypso* called. ...which, uh, yeah, was kinda odd. *shrug* Found out details on Daf's mysterious vacation, tho - she'll be back Friday, it seems. ...talked about some random stuff, he asked for some advice...told me he'd actually talked to Blake (!!!!!), asked...well, he asked Blake what *his* thought were on the relationship between us (myself and Blake). And he said close friends. Calypso said he thought I thought that there was a possibility for something more...but Blake said no, close friends. *shrug* ...but, see, this's what it is officially, so far's I've known...but then, too...I don't think Blake would *tell* Calypso that sort of thing. For one thing, Blake's never thought a whole lot of Calypso. For another...dude, he, of all people, knows how Calypso stalked me in jr. high...I really don't think he'd talk to Calypso about that sorta thing, esp. in regards to me. (And esp. on that short a notice, just a random bit of conversation at a grad party? no.)
But whatever.

Meanwhile, for anyone who's come over from Topaz Meanderings, looking for explanation... Meg's been giving me pointers on what to do with Blake, etc. Her latest suggestion: Since Daf's gone, I should call Blake, cutely complaining that she left w/o telling etc., then say how lonely/bored I am...and get him to go out for ice cream with me. Laur thinks it a bit blatant, I think it may actually be plausible.... *shrug* ...check back here tomorrow night, I'll probably call him tomorrow...
*crossing fingers*

Bought some towels today for college. Dusty-blue and kind of a moss-green. And two dusty-blue washclothes. Woo. ^_^

Ooo...heya, shibby. Just realised: I get the down comforter to sleep on, since I'm stuck on the floor. (Translation into Ananda-ese: I get to sleep on feathers...*happy sigh*) ^_^
Wow.... I've just had the most odd, contradictory, fscked-around night like, ever.... Sitting here on the computer, ripping U2 stuff onto mom's harddrive, like, October, U2-7, things like this, right? ...meanwhile, wind up reading the blog of this poor girl who's stuck working in a porn shop. (the link was up on megatokyo...and it's actually amusing reading..there's some *strange* people out there, but this girl handles them well...I'm just thinkin' that certain people were darn lucky they didn't run into any of these that one time--! *g*) So yeah. Then, up on winamp comes a ridiculously bright and happy little video-game song, which I think is actually in swedish. (theme from..Legend of Mana? one of those..) Just then, I hear this incredibly loud yelling outside for several minutes, car doors slamming, some kind of alarms going off... While happy little Swedish song is playing. And I'm reading about a pron shop. And U2's "Walk On" is being ripped onto the cpu. thinking it's about time to go to bed... ...tho I wanna get a bit more done on "A Vampire or a Victim...", I think.....*g*
Wow. That was great. Have been over here at mom's...we get here, and she's still having trouble getting a new internet server on her cpu. Cos it was old. And horrible. So, she says again that she's *gonna* get a new computer, has Teraa and I go thru the adverts. We find a decent system for under $500...then mom says we're going to get it. "What, *tonight*?! Shibby!!!" *laugh* So...we did. Was great fun. Am on it now. ^_^ ...not as fast as Rhonda or anything, but a *vast* improvement over the old one. So it's great fun, Teraa and I've been busy ripping stuff off our cds and filling up her nice 40gb harddrive for her. ^_^

Only thing is...we go to put compuserve on here, right, cos there's a free trial? Yeah. And we get on...and it's aol. Buddylist, aol layout and place for aol keywords and all. Just with worse graphics. Creeped the frickin' crap outta me. ...I'm guessin' aol bought our compuserve, and I just never knew about it.
...damn aol..they really *ARE* out to take over the world!!!!
...but they'll never get me...never again.


*laugh* Right. So...have basically done very little today, besides read thru the novelisation of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. It's very good, it really gives more of a backstory than the movie did. (Knew it would, that's why I wanted it. ^_^) But it was nice...there was a lot more *reason* for Padmé to fall in love with Anakin - in the movie, even *I* thought it seemed kinda abrupt... And there's a good deal more with the Lars family, which's cool. And, of course, more Obi-Wan. (Which is what truly makes me happy...and it's all the more perfect, cos I've this lovely Obi-Wan bookmark to use, that I'd gotten for a grad present....*G*)

'k. Am off to go continue filling up mom's hd with music, and write more of the vampire-Lar story. ^_^


Am I The Greatest Song In The World?

Rock: Indeed, I am the greatest song in the world!

But you shalt never hear me, for I am far to great

to be heard by the ears of mortals.

Are you the greatest song in the world?

*sigh*....Daffffyyyyyyy----! ..littledark-feathereddemonwholeftonvacawithoutwarning!!!..
Right. *g*
...yay for the Greatest Song in the World. ^_^ (GO DOWNLOAD...the video, if you can...*g*)
And always *did* like Marius.

...meanwhile....does anyone know of a more poetic word for "smushed"? (context being "the sheets that had been smushed down at the foot of the bed") Seriously. Leave a comment, if you've any ideas. (My nice and darkly angsty vampire-Larry fic has just gotten CUTE. >_<# )
Wow...*this* is a switch.... found some *old* comics, put up online...stuff from a 1938 comic book, with Superman and some other's actually pretty cool...fascinating, really. ^_^
...interesting, how different they look...large panels, full-sized pages, and no skimping on artwork or plot, really. Not as stylized as things are now, really, less difference from one comic to the next...I dunno, and I found the way they took on Superman/Clark Kent's character to be quite interesting..just, how different Clark was from Superman, I s'pose...*shrug* (But then, what I know about comics, really, could fit in a thimble...*web* comics I know, but *real* comics?.....was never able to properly follow them, tho I think I could now...*g*)

Hurrah. Am watching DiGi Charat, and planning to work on the vampire-Larry story afterwards.
*cracking up* ..oh yes...*this* will work well---! *laugh*' Daffy? You are *so* in trouble when you get back---! ...leavin' on vacation without so much as a word -nyo! >_<#

Ooo...I take that back-nyo! (The first thing, not the second, Daf XÞ ) ...episode 13 deals with Dejiko being possesed -nyo! ( the spirit of a clam -nyo. ^^;;)
Taking a cue from Laur, am gonna see how true these love tests are... ~_^

First one:
1. You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free. * Meh..yeah, I s'pose, kinda...inasmuch as I think people who completely disregard social conventions are pretty cool. ~_^

2. In the process of courtship, the approach that would make you feel irresistable is straight-forward, just tell you he/she loves you. * *laugh* Oh man...thinking about'd be *nice*, y'know? There're so many times I've wished it'd be that way---! (...y'get sick of the guess-work after awhile.....)

3. The impression you would like to give to your lover is stylish. * Hrm. Not especially...have my own sense of style, but it's not like I have to *try* to make someone notice that... ~_^

4. You don't like it when your partner is insecure. * Ehrmmm...depending on what that means. Cos, I mean, me, I've probably *seemed* pretty secure the last year or so - s'pose I am, how else could I've worn my shiny red pants to school so much!? *g* ..but then...people-wise...I have a tendency to be pretty insecure, I think, tho it's probably not so, I mean, I'd understand someone who felt that way, too...

5. The kind of relationship you would like to build with your partner is one that you care not only about the present but also the future with your partner, a long-lasting relationship that you can grow with. * *nods* I think so...

6. You care about the society and morality, you won't do anything wrong after marriage. * Society, not really. Morality, *heck* yeah. no, I'll (at least try my hardest to!) be good. ^_^

7. You think of marriage as a precious thing. Once you get married, you'll treasure it and your partner very much. * *nods*..yeah, I think so...I don't think it's a thing to be taken too lightly, I know *that* much...

8. At this moment, you think of love as a committment for both parties. * Ehrm...I suppose so, yeah...only makes sense, really, I think...

Second one:
1. The road represents your attitude towards falling in love.

You chose the long road--you take your time and do not fall in love easily.* Mmm, yeah.

2. The number of red roses represents how much you give in a relationship, while the number of white represents what you expect in return.

You give 50% and expect 50% in return. * *shrug* Sounds good?

3. This question represents your attitude towards handling relationship problems.

You like to get the person yourself--you are a more direct person and like to work out problems immediately. * Oh, would *like* to...doesn't mean I always do, fact, yeah, usually, things end up festering for awhile before I confront them...

4. The placement of the roses determines how much you like to see your boy/girlfriend.

You want to place the roses by the windowsill--you are alright with not seeing him/her much. * Ehrm..actually, I put the roses on the windowsill so they'd get some sunlight. ^_^ *shrug* I dunno...I *do* need time on my own sometimes, but...still, I'm not as antisocial as I seem. ~_^

5. This represents your attitude towards his/her personality.

You prefer the person to be asleep--you love the person as the way s/he is. * Well, yeah...cos otherwise, why would you love them, if not for who they are? Though, granted, I *did* try to break Blake of the all-grey wardrobe-thing...but hey, look, that was *necessary*!!! *laugh* [...tho's just cute to watch them sleeping. *g*]

6. The road to home tells how long you stay in love with someone.

You chose the longer road--you will tend to stay in love for a long time. * *laugh*...have to say, yeah, that'd prolly be true...what was it, four years now? (sorta fifteen?)..*wry grin* ...gahhhh, I'm hopeless. *weak smile*

But yeah...Laur, actually, I've got a touch of what you've got, too (tho you may be right, I may be more lovelorn..*weak grin*)...sitting there last night, watching Maria and Joey sleeping last night (they're so *cute* when they're asleep! *soppy grin*)...and thinking back on the day, hanging out with Blake, all the stupid little things (...corny as it sounds, it *does* just feel *right*, natural, for me to be with him like that, being in the car with him, showing up places at his side...)...and then, I had my current sketchbook/journal with me, was flipping thru what I'd written about the choral banquet...felt him holding me again.....then yeah, all the other couples hookin' up this summer and everything...*siiigh*...the only difference, I think, Laur, is that I have an object (sorta) for all this, and you don't...but it's largely the same thing.....tho I'm still not sure who's the worse off...(would be so much easier if we were in opposite places, ne? cos I'll be meeting all these new people in a month or so...)

And I *so* have that episode of Star Trek on tape someplace. ^_^ (Pretty sure, anyway - I remember it very, very well, which is a likely indicator that we've got it on tape someplace. ^_^)


^_^ ...*definitely* right... *smile* Take this one, if you're inclined to take a hobbit-quiz...Laur got Pippin, I got Frodo, so far, it's lookin' like it's the msot accurate one we've found so far! ^_^

What's Your Inner Demon?

this quiz was made by Melissa

(Note: *not* made by my "real-life" counterpart...~_^ )


Lovely song: "Teenage Distraction", by Rubyhorse. (Rubyhorse is one of the random obscure bands I'm currently getting into...good stuff. ^_^)

*shrug* Not much going on...slept in late...played about on the cpu...made a desktop pic out of the Vampire-Larry I did the other day (it'll be up on Desert Songs momentarily) cat totally attacked my submarine sandwich *g*...Calypso's over at Daffy's again, so scratch those plans to go talk to her about yesterday *wry grin*... ... ...I don't know...was talking to Laur on aim (!) the other night, we were both feelin' kinda lovesick again...hit again last night, I don't know...*shaking head*...but...Calypso's over at Daf's...Heather's still seeing a lot of Steve, Donna's hooked up with one of Heather's cousins who was at her grad party the other day...hell, Dad's over to Beth's again!....and here I sit.....blah. ...gomen-nasai, don't take me too terribly seriously..I *could* be trying a bit harder (read: trying at *all*), but....whatever. Basta. Enough for now...will go away...*weak grin*
Ooog...I thought nothing could be stranger than that time Iggy Pop was on Letterman, but...
Flipping channels, Dad just came across Alice Cooper playing celebrity golf.
...*mind utterly blown*...
Hey Daffy! Sound familiar..? *laugh*

what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d
e w

Score. <3 R.E.M. ^_^

Meh...should not be trying to do something as coherent as reading thru the bmb message boards right now...(and they're *barely* coherent, for the most part! *g*) ... x_x ... just got back from babysitting, actually, it wasn't too bad at all, only had to watch two of the kids, and they were asleep within an hour or two...granted, Maria was a bit difficult as usual, but once she settled down a bit, 'twas all good. ^_^
Mainly, am largely just tired from trying to stay awake in a quiet, semi-dark house, I think. *g*

But previuosly mentioned, was a good day. ^_^ ...Blake picked me up about 3 this afternoon, we only got a *little* lost trying to find Calypso's.. ^^;
Oh, dude, but in the car...Blake pulled out *the* most adorable pic like, ever! ...he'd been digging thru pics for his grad party in a few weeks, and came across this one...remember those tent-things that kids used to put up over/on their beds when we were little? that we all thought were *the coolest* things *ever*?? (err, well, 'least *I* did, so'd Blake...and I *still* think they rocked. ^_^) was a photo of him and me in the one on his bed when we were in preschool. It's *so* *CUTE*!!!!! ^_^ ...'cept it's horrible - I was wearing a purple sweater. Ahhhh~~~~!!!!!! @_@;;; *laugh* ...but it's adorable... *all gooey-eyed* *G*

So yeah...we were the first ones at Calypso's, which was odd...I'd forgotten that Daf was planning to go to Karin's for a bit first, *then* go to Calypso's..but whatever. So we hung out for awhile, chatted about random stuff...(was rather odd for Ananda, sitting between Blake and Calypso.. o_O;;) ...crazy fun, Blake and I were talking about all the things we could remember from preschool... *laugh* Then we headed over to Karin's, and *just* missed Daffy...chatted with peeps, it was fun...left a bit after 7, Blake had Becky's to go to, I had to get home, so he dropped me off....and it was all just good. *smile*

*yawn* actually quite tired...gonna go listen to some nice..hrm. either U2 or db, haven't decided yet...*g* ..and then get some sleep. Oddly enough, I *don't* have another grad party tomorrow, so... 's all good, will catch up with Daffy, find out ohw *her* evening went... ~_^