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And whoever came up with the concept for the vid for Chemical Brothers' "Star Guitar"?
..has done the same thing. (*points down to last entry*)

Know what the awesome thing is about headphones?, you're listening to music, and you've got it up loud enough so that it's *all* you can hear, it surrounds and blankets you completely...and you look around you...and it's like you're living in a music video.
..coolest thing in the world...*smile*
Ah. Hurrah for weekends. ^_^ ...after posting last night/this morning, was up til about 4am or so watching some Star Trek (TNG).
(<3 "Where No Man Has Gone Before"'s the one with the Traveller in it. It's so funny, Picard and Riker just keep referring to Wes as "the boy". *laugh* ...watched another early episode...and I think they were all a lot crankier, testy, in the earlier episodes. *shrug* *g*)
...oh gees. Just thought about it some more...*really* sorry, Laur. Honestly, was *not* trying to put him before you at *all*. He's not...yer both in totally different categories, really, but he doesn't come before you at all. *smile* (What it is, maybe, is that I'm more insecure about my relationship with him than I am with you guys? and so, having to sacrifice a little of one conversation or another...I know I'll get to talk to you soon, with Blake, I usually just leave him a message...I don't know. It still doesn't sound fair, or right, or anything, I'm sorry...)
Or am I over-thinking this all?
*shaking head*...should *not* be trying to be coherent when I'm this tired.
I'm gonna go watch some Star Trek, and then sleep. ^_^

(Oh, and Laur? ..while I'm thinking of it, having just gone thru comments...dude, yeah, give me some titles of M*A*S*H episodes to d/n! that'd be really fun. *g* ...cos I really *do* like what I've seen of the show so far - and no, I'm not just saying that *G*. I was just trying to figure out what else I should try to d/n anyway. ~_^ )
Sorry I kinda dropped off talking with you there, Laur...just discovered tonight that talking and typing two different conversations doesn't work very well for me. x__x;
(*Did* considered calling *you*, btw, but figured yer family might *really* flip out if I called. *g*)

So yeah... was all social tonight, it was kinda weird. *g* ..turns out the girl across the hall, Britt, isn't leaving 'til tomorrow morning. She had a few friends over here tonight, but could only sign in a few for the evening, so they asked if I could sign someone in for them. Which I did. Then they invited me to join their little party - they were gonna watch Newsies, which somehow I'd never seen, and they said I *had* to see it.
So, since like, everyone's gone, inc. my roommate, I joined them. ...and b'sides all that, Josh was there too. *g* *laugh*
Movie was *very* good, btw. Am now definitely in love with Christian Bale. *g* (Was before anyway, cos of Velvet Goldmine, but, y'know...*g*)
But, thing is...
...Josh reminds me *so* much of Brian. (Daf!!! it's Brian with blue hair!!!!! :D hehe..) A little bit in looks, but a *lot* in personality. ...and one of the girls reminded me of Holly-the-Hooligan... ...and in the movie, there was some tap-dancing, which made me think of Crazy for You, and thus, of Blake.....
After the movie, Josh left, one of the girls left, the rest were heading out for a bit, so I signed them out, came back to my room, got online... Blake and Laur were both on, talked to them...
...made the mistake of putting on Zone's "Secret Base". ...and I came the closest to crying that I have yet. (If they hadn't kept me busy typing, I would've, I know...) I miss everyone so much... ...Blake and Laur, thanks so much (err, not that "Blake" reads this that I know of..tho he might..wouldn't mind if he did, but I don't know..*g*) for hearing me out...tho I know you'll say it's the same for you or whatever, still. Thanks for being there. (Blake, thanks for staying up 'til 1am to talk. *smile*)
blake: yeah -- this is why I hate change < G >
me: *smile* yeah...
me: ...I love it and I hate it...I want it, but then I don't like it...*wry grin*
...and I was listening to "Electrical Storm", too..
"You're in my mind all of the time
I know that's not enough
If the sky can crack
There must be some way back
For love and only love...

...If the sky can crack, there must be some way back
For love and only love...

...Baby, don't cry..." I said to Laurel, *how* is it that they're always saying exactly what's on my mind, in my heart? ..*smile*.....I love U2. Ever so much. More every time I listen, it's insane...

Finally, I broke down, and just called Blake. "It's so good to hear your voice!", and I *know* that's clichéd, but I don't care, it was true...
So we talked for awhile, just about random stuff (had gotten thru most of my sad-angst by this point, tho some of it still was)...but it was just nice.
Uh, until I got random cpu-voice, "You have two minutes left." I was like, what?!?!
So that wasn't cool. Guess I talked to Daf the other day and Blake tonight longer'n I'd thought. *g* Ah well. That was the first of two or three 60 minute cards. And then my grandparents got me a 600+ minute card. So it's all good. ^_^
...but I don't was just strange, this was the first time I was *really* sad.....geez, only took me a frickin' *week* for it to sink in---! *wry grin*


..but yeah. and Dad came down today, too, brought me some stuff (inc. my ZooTV vid...which *Brian* apparently found for me - someone tell him I said thank youuuuu!!!!!! *G*)...was alright, actually, went into town, got some dinner there, so...
..maybe that's what started to trigger this whole thing...tho it shouldn't've, the whole time Dad was here, I was like yeah, I'm fine here, no reason to go home yet...and..I don't know. Homesick isn't a word that ever came to my mind, 'til Laur suggested it. And maybe I *am* a little homesick. ...but, not really, like, I *do* like it here, and being on my own, and everything's just...Daf, I feel so out of touch with...everyone else, I *miss*.....I haven't anyone to exchange sarcastic remarks with during class, I haven't anyone to exchange glances with when there's a guy with blue hair in my class.......

"We talked and talked at the end of summer
Watching the sunset, then watching the stars
I'll never forget the tears that ran down your cheeks
Til the end
You waved to me
I know I won't forget it
So just like this
Forever in a dream...

I won't forget the end of summer with you
Dreams for the future, great hopes
I believe we'll meet again
In August, ten years from now

I knew that til the end
You shouted from your heart, "Thank you"
Holding back tears to say goodbye with a smile
It's sad, the best memories...
The best memories..."
- "Secret Base" (eng. trans), Zone

Hey, I'm *not* alone here! ..they're having a bit of a party and watching movies across the hall.
And blue-haired guy #1, who's name, I've discovered, is Josh, is there too. ^_^
Cy'all later! ^_^ Someone's got "Tapestry". Good episode, that...
(*such* a nerd. thanks mom. *laugh*)
I am the biggest geek ever.
...I downloaded a whole mess of Star Trek episodes.
Original series and Next Generation.

(Laur - one's "Coming of Age", which deals mainly with Wesley, as he's trying to get into Starfleet Academy! ^_^ ..awww....cute li'l Wes. *smile*)
(And got Q episodes! w007!!!! ^_^ Q Who. Where Q makes them run into the Borg for the first time. And Deja Q. Where Q gets turned un-Q. Score. "And Microbrain! Growl for me, let me know you still care!" - Q, to Worf. hehe. ^_^)

Oh~~~! How *CUTE*!!!! I don't remember this one at all!
..."The Pegasus". Episode starts with Picard griping about "Picard Day" - all the kids on board make cards and banners and pics..and a little Picard doll!!!! *eyes glittering* Kawaii~~~~~! *laugh*
(Skipping ahead, I think I might remember it...just don't remember the beginning. Gah. Impossibly cute. *g*)

Ahhh....meanwhile, caught the VMAs tonight. Meh. Yay for the return of *real* punk!!! w007! *G* (Hives and Vines. Score. ^_^) Eminem was, uh, interesting, as always...Jacquie's in love with him, so it was a different experience for me. *g* ...actually, am intrigued. Gonna have to check out some of his stuff...
...tho I didn't appreciate him threatening Moby. That just wasn't cool. I *like* Moby.
In any case... White Stripes' "Fell in Love With a Girl" won some stuff, so I was very happy. ^_^

Found out on of the girls across the hall from me is a fellow Snood-addict. Score. ..and Kev and I've agreed to a snood challange soon's he gets it on his cpu.
(You *know* I'll kick yer butt, Kev. ~_^ )

Oh, hey, and tho the images may or may not be up on here still (tho they *should* be, darnit!)...comments *are* sporadically working, and *anyone's* free to comment. ^_^ (Click the thing that says "shadow", "starlit", or "(#)starlights" to comment, for anyone completely lost. *g*)

Coming back from aural theory, ended up walking behind *another* guy with blue hair!
..and this time? it wasn't the med-dk. blue.
It was bright-blue.
...only trouble is, he was also smoking. >_< wearing tye-dye, had a nice little earring there, but was smoking.

Ah, dude, so much to say! ^_^
Just got back from my philosophy class, it's gonna be SO much fun. ^_^ I've already started arguing in class, and one of my hallmates took the complete opposite side - I've got someone to argue with. On top of that, she stopped me after class, said it wasn't personal, I said yeah, exactly. So no hard feelings, and someone to debate with! ^_^
There's a British guy in my class (from England, tho he lives in Spain). ^_^
And coming back from class? There were two bass players walking behind me, talking about their bands. Daf, I wish you coulda been here!!! *laugh* (Was CRAZY. "I mean, I think I play a pretty smooth bass..." O_O *laugh*)
Listening to "Electrical Storm", and looks like we might get one, it's clouding over...

Somehow, I forgot to mention on here - there was a blue-haired guy in my room the day before yesterday. O_O ^_^ It was *crazy*. Random people have stopped in to say hi and stuff the past few days, a few have seen my roommate's decorated mirror by the door, and stopped to check it out. So, there were these two girls, and a guy, they were lookin' at the mirror, and popped in to say hi. And the guy had blue hair. *huge grin* I was just...gah. yeah. ^_^ And he was really nice. they left, I commented on his hair, said I liked it, it looked really cool... ^_^
And on top of that? He's in my art history class, he was sitting behind me yesterday. ^_^

Other cool news:
Someone found my website!!!!! ^_^ ...and even better, dug my stuff so much she asked if she could use some of it on her site (giving me credit, of course). *SO* frickin' *COOL*!!!! ^_^ And she's got a really cool layout to her page, plus lotsa fun U2 stuff. Go check it out. ^_^
Was talking with Jacquie last night...she said she thought I'd bought the two drawings (of Reûic and Rai) on my wall, she'd no idea I'd drawn them! ^_^ (*is flattered*)
i had my niche.
intelligent. creative. or artistic.
what kind of child were you?
(brought you by april)

My inner Goddess color is blue!
© What's your Inner Goddess Color?? © Jen

Yup, yay blue, and cool.
Ok. Sorry about all that..actually had happier things to report, but then that came up, and I'd been too social yesterday and needed some silent-time for a bit and stuff. Was tired anyway.
Happy day, one of my classes was cancelled! *laugh* ...teacher for applied musicianship was busy doing choral auditions, so we got to just go. ^_^ Went down to the bookstore, picked up another book I needed for aural theory, and what art supplies I need for tomorrow. (Ok. And just so y'all know, an 18"x24" sketchbook is a LOT bigger'n than you'd think. o_O;; )

But yeah. I wanna go eat in a bit here, more later... *g*

Oh shit. Wait. The date on taht e-mail was a week ago.
...ok, so, no images prolly for the next little while, lemme see what I can do here...
Boomspeed's gonna delete my account in a week.
They realised I've been off-site linking, which they changed things around recently and now don't allow.
A lot of people've been doing it, so now they're cracking down.
Bloody hell.
And I've not found *anywhere* that'll do it free anymore.
*deep breath*
...I might pay 'em.'s just $2 the first month, $6 afterwards, and I can do whatever I want, with 100 megs of space.
100 megs. That's a lot, even for me. And I'm *gonna* get a job here...
Hrm. They're right... this guy *has* got a point. ...tho, granted, I happen to *like* bonus tracks and things, cos I get more music that way, but I can see the point - they *do* kinda take away from the album, I s'pose.
I'm thinking this is the reason why David Bowie had a second cd with "Heathen" that had like, five extra songs - on a seperate cd. (Tho seems almost a waste, having a whole cd, and only five songs...)
Where the *big* waste of money is, really, tho, is singles. To my mind, a single should be something you pick up if you like a particular song, but aren't too sure on the band itself yet, or are just short of cash and don't want to buy the whole album. But anytime I go to try to get a single? It's like, $6, $7! For *one frickin' song*. And a live version of it. And maybe a remix. Which is crap.
That's if you can even *find* the single - they're not usually released 'til a month after the song hits the radio, and the stores I'm in usually have a pretty slim selection.
U2 and R.E.M. still have it right - add two or three b-sides, y'know, tracks that are decent enough in their own right, but didn't make it to the album, or whatever. Only trouble is, like I said, *finding* the single. U2's not even always releasing them over here, cos Americans are dumb and don't often buy them - all the rich kids go out and buy a cd for one song...and then listen to it a few times and forget about it...

...and I am totally just babbling, ignore if you'd like - I just got outta 2D design, and it was *crap* boring.... =_= (I *hate* slide shows. Thank goodness I had a sketchbook with me---! ~_^)
...and sorry, Teraa-chan... I know I was being a little testy yesterday, I felt kinda bad about it last night. I dunno, was just one of those days...grandma was driving me nuts...and yeah, you *were* being a little annoying - I'm getting used to all this quiet around me, not people talking incessently *g*.
Then, too, had a biological reason for being cranky, so...... *wry grin*
(I hate being female some days... >_< )
I <3 "Electric Storm".'s this song that's gonna keep me going for the next month, or two, or three... *smile* I said I think on Topaz, I always expect so much from this band...and they always *surpass* an unbelievable extent...they go so impossibly far beyond what I could ever have imagined.....
Well, feeling a *little* better... didn't sleep all that well last night, felt like shite this morning...and aural theory sounded scary. O_O;
But, class wasn't too bad - it's just an hour, twice a week, the hour went by pretty fast today, which was nice...the teacher's pretty cool...I had to laugh, tho, his name's Mr. Schneider! *laugh* (and he's Canadian. so he's automatically cool anyway. ^_^)
Ran into Calypso, we chatted for a min. or two... then I got some breakfast/lunch, I'm all happy, I've got getting food from the Connections Cafe all figured out now. ^_^ Sat down, started one of the sketches I'm doing for Teraa (started Kajime, a little ^_^)... got art classes from 1-5 still...

And dude. This's just *weird*. One of Teraa's friends just imed me to ask how class was! *laugh* ...wowww.... *g*

My feet are still sore, tho. I think it's cos I'm not used to walking on so much concrete... >_<

My roommate's really nice. ^_^ Her boyfriend's coming to visit tomorrow, he sounds really sweet and fun, so that'll be cool. We were just talking for awhile, about our respective belovéd guys, and how we could never be mad at them...*smile* ..but I was telling her about Blake, and how we'd been friends in preschool...and she's like, "aww! guys will *have* to get married now." *laugh* *smile*
So yeah...classes start tomorrow, so I'm gonna (try to) get to bed a little earlier tonight...

*laugh* Here's somethin' for you, Laur:
Grammar Lessons for Pop Stars
"...Car alarm won't let ya back to sleep
You're kept awake, dreaming some else's dream
Coffee is cold, but it will get you through
Compromise, there's nothing new to you
Let's see colours that have never been seen
Let's go to places no one else has been

You're in my mind all of the time
I know that's not enough
If the sky can crack
There must be some way back
To love and only love

Electrical Storm..."

- "Electrical Storm", U2

Omg!!!!!! "Electrical Storm" was played on BBC radio 1 the other day, there're mp3s online now!!!!! *crazy happy*
Head to @u2 for a list of sites to d/n it's incredible..... mean, I *know* U2 always surpasses everything else they've ever done when they do something new, God.....this's blown me away. ...the melody...drums...vocal...lyric...guitar...bass.....
...I'll never stop loving this band. *Ever*.
*huge smile*

(Thank goodness my roommate just left to go out shopping, I'll be listening to this *all* day now! ^_^)
Oh! ..have had *one* good omen, anyway.
Had the best Edge dream *ever* last night. ^_^ (Meg is insanely jealous..hehe...*g*)
Started out, I was at this show, goofy cooking-show-like-thing? it was weird. But they had people from the audience improv music for it, I did on my flute (and it was like, *perfect*..which'd never ever happen in real life, but..*g*)...and at one point, I saw Edge up in the audience. But I was like no, it *can't* be Edge! but, maybe...and then I realised he was holding Levi (his youngest son), so I was like, dude, it *is* Edge!
Afterwards, I pointed him out to whoever it was I was with, Edge'd gotten into a car with his kids... somehow, I got all brave, and crouched down at the window of the car. "Hi!" I said. Edge's face lit up, he had the *hugest* smile and his eyes were twinkling - "Hi!...oh my God..." He was all like, surprised that anyone'd come up to him and recognise him I think...*smile* So cute. ^_^
We hugged (thru the rolled-down car idea how that actually worked, but *g*), he gave me a kiss near the mouth, I kissed him back on the lips... (they were nice. hehe. ^_^ it was a brief, little kiss, Megs, calm down...*g*).
So, somehow I ended up in the car with him and his kids, we chatted a bit... "Now, Edge, I have to ask you, about "Electrical Storm"...", and I thought about asking about the song itself, but the first question was: "Larry and a mermaid!?" And he was like, well, he didn't know, and Larry'd been a little iffy on it too, but they trusted the director (Anton)...I said yeah, I did too..and I trusted them to always do worthwhile stuff, they always do..."but when my friend told me about it, I thought she had to be joking!" *laugh*
He said he'd played pretty bad at the play-show-thing... I protested. "No, it wasn't bad! It's *always* beautiful, Edge..." ^_^
We stopped at the Chili family restuarant, before we got out Edge gave me another hug, so did his two youngest daughters (which I know wasn't right, they were both really little in my dream, and only one's that young in real life)... we got out, Morleigh (who's hair wasn't right) said she was gonna go over to IGA to pick up some stuff, she gave Edge a quick kiss goodbye, the rest of us went into teh restaurant...I was keeping an eye on the three little girls (there was a third a little older in my dream, who was like, little brainiac child *g*)...they sat down in this large-ish booth, I stood there timidly for a sec, not sure whether or not to sit down, whether there'd be room...then I saw tehre was, and sat down kinda by Edge.
Some drinks came after a minute or so, Edge motioned to the beer in front of me - "That's yours." Sweet of him to get something for me, but... "I'm only 18. And even if I wasn't, I still wouldn't, I've seen too many people get too crazy..." He looked kinda surprised (mainly that I was 18, I think)...
..some other stuff happened, then these two other fans came up, chattering, realised they didn't have anything for Edge to sign...I was like, crap, neither do I! ..then I looked down, realised I had on my grey ATYCLB shirt, he could sign *that*...

..things shifted, we were walking thru a field towards a white, open-walled tent..I overheard some security guards or summat saying that Bono was on his way, he'd be tehre soon... ...we went inside the tent, it was a church of some sort, but not a kind I'd ever been in before...some people, inc. Edge (who was now dressed in mostly white, inc. his hat, I think?), went up front, kneeled before this white pedestal-thing a foot or two high, touched their foreheads to it, said something in a language I didn't know, then took a seat in the congregation... ...I stood there for a minute or so, bewildered, clueless as to what I should do...the preacher (or whatever..this old lady in white robes) stood up behind a podium and started to speak...I darted over to crouch at Edge's side for a moment, then slunk away (was curious enough to stay, but was too scared...afraid I'd do something wrong, or that I shouldn't be there, or..). Also wanted to stay cos I remembered Bono'd be there soon, but I left...

...another shift, I found this old beat-up umbrella-like thing with different sets of old balloons on different sides...there was a black and white photo of little-Larry at the top of a tent-pole or something, grinning happily and looking proud as he finished putting up bunches of balloons...

...another shift, I was in a hotel room (Edge's?), which looked oddly similar to my dorm room...the phone rang, I heard the message she left on the answering machine, it was a friend of Edge and Morleigh's, who wasn't feeling well... stepped in, asked if I knew where they were, I said no, they were out, I wasn't sure where.....these guys were all grim and determined to find them...U2'd been evading security, they didn't want it, the hastle etc..."but these are our orders!"..I asked who the orders were from, was from the record company...I was like, oo. I don't think so. They're not going with what my bands wants, and are jsut from the record company on top of that...stupid ptb...
..think I woke up then.
Man...I must've been dreaming it all night!...*smile*
Hehe...hurrah for BMB! ^_~

Went out to try to find a job today - didn't work cos the places are closed today. >_< ah some more $ on my student card...gonna sit here and figure out how *exactly* the meal plans work again...
But got the anti-virus software on here finally (figured out that student id # is your ss#...thanks to Morg's rommate, Courtney.. *g*). Had some food. Figured out where Katie O's room is (tho she wasn't in), wandered about campus some more, am slowly learning my way around. *smile*
Oh. But *do* need to train my roommate to at least turn *down* (if not *off*) the sound on her cpu when she leaves an away message up...just jumped half a mile cos it made noise *really* loud. *g*

Had a nice night last night, tho... after posting here, turned my monitor around and lay on my bed watching anime for awhile. ^_^ Went to sleep about midnight, was up about 10.30 this morning,'s all good. Gonna go wander about and figure out where all my classes will be in a bit..also gotta see if I can find one of those bus schedules about here someplace...