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The internet is very quiet tonight.

This is good, that means I can actually get to bed on time, and will probably spend some time doing something vaguely productive before that.

No real news, been working all weekend and will continue to do so - Tues and Thurs off this coming week, the grandparents are probably dropping by one of those days. I'm getting a better handle on things at work, I'm actually able to find things (even boxes in the back rooms!) on my own sometimes, and only make maybe two or three (usually small, easily/quickly repairable) mistakes a day, though I still have to ask lots of questions. Getting to know my co-workers a lil better... Everyone's still very nice, though I'm starting to see who I might get annoyed with in time and why, and oddly enough I've a hunch I'm going to like being around the adults more than the high school kids (there's a couple starting college I think, one a year older than me, otherwise it's like, 16 and 40+ years old). But there are a few I think I'm going to get along really well with, I'm starting to be able to joke around with a couple of the guys and things so that's good.

I still suck at tying balloons, which's a bit of a problem. ^^;

Tom has been an absolute angel. :) Today was my first eight-hour day, and even last night, he'd volunteered to make dinner tonight. I called him on my lunch break, and told him I was going to be even more pooped than I'd thought, I was not-quite halfway through the day and getting pretty beat already. And! The air conditioning in the front of the store broke today, and can't be fixed 'til Monday. X_X But then Tom said he'd have a nice soothing bath all drawn for me when I got home, and would be waiting at the door with a coooold glass of water, and a Mike's Hard Lemonade (I picked some up on the way home yesterday, as a treat for My First Payday). And oh, that so got me through the day! I came home and-- well, we had some bathwater issues, the pipes randomly spat out some rust-water again, and--- But oh, it was worth a bit of a wait. Tom wet down a washcloth with coooold water and rested it against the back of my neck and things while the tub sorted itself out, and then when I finally did get in (nice warm soothing water).. ohhhh it was like all the achiness and tiredness of my feet and legs flowed out into the water. Oh it was heaven. *giggles* (I need bath-stuff though, I squirted in some of my bodywash and it made happy bubbles and things, but it's not quite the same.)
And then he made a fantastic dinner. ^_______^ He mixed together a few ideas off the Ramen site, and it was REALLY really good. (The Meaty Ramen, which I'd been considering myself, put overtop of Easy Peanut Sauce Ramen, but with much less of the peanut sauce, and more hot sauce added everywhere. It was FANTASTIC.) it thundering out there AGAIN? goodness. ^^; It was poooouuuring most of Thursday, and then Friday morning it threatened me with rain going to work... Fortunately I lucked out, and only got misted at, whihc my raincoat easily took care of.

My shirt came from Threadless! a few days ago, and it is SOGREAT, it fits perfectly and is comfy and actually compliments my current hair color really well. ---I put Sun-in in my hair for.. eh, maybe a week or so, a little more. A couple days, I sat outside an hour or two, but mostly it was just the time spent riding to and from work, and then my half-hour lunch breaks. But my hair's much lighter, it's turning more red than anything, and I really kinda like it. :) On the top, it's actually about the color of the little bunch of baby-hair that usually hides under my bangs. And it's so soooft and SHINY! oh so shiny. I might have to keep this stuff around more.

Been spending a fair bit of time poking around Facebook - I believe I added a link to my profile there over on the left column here (though you can't see much until you're friended or on a network or whatever, that's 'cos I have contact info there). If I haven't found you yet, friend me plzkthx. ;) It's pretty great though, I haven't talked to people from high school like since graduation.. Heather S. is in computer graphics like me! Eric V. said hi to me (hadn't talked with him much since like 10th grade)! Kevin's in another summer play (which I'd love to go to but probably can't)! DONNA GOT MARRIED HI. *giggles* Kevin and I were talking the other day about how like half the people we know are getting married.. it's a lil crazy. Not bad though, I'm so happy for everyone. :) Tom thinks I'm just continually dropping hints though, whenever I mention someone I know getting married... which, I'm not reeeaalllyyy. *giggles*
No, but I'm not. That's another thing working at Paper Factory's done - made me see quite clearly just how many random little pricy things go in to weddings. O_o;; It's a lil nuts. Granted I'm probably not going to get personalised napkins, but, still.

...and I'm really babbling. *giggles* Filling up the silences I guess. But I think I'll go, it--- OOOOOO!!! LIGHTENING!!! *bounces over to a window* <333

Pictures of the apartment! (finally. ^^; sorry for the delay.) But yes. Pictures. Going from the front door to the back, then out the back door around to the front outside, then upstairs. There's still some things I'd like to do, mainly get a few more pictures up, but it's getting there. <3 I love. (And my closet is sohuge, heeee.)

The drawings in the spare room (aka my art room) are the ones from my capstone. :)
heh, my list is all full of everything Megs sent me the past few days. :)

I jingle when I walk. I'm so excited. Tom and I went to the Chautauqua County Fair yesterday and I was looking at jewelry and I found a jingle bell anklet!!! *dances* I've wanted one foreeeever, I was going to make one but I'm almost out of my lil mini silver jingle bells and WalMart didn't have any more, but now I've got one! And it was $1, heeehehe. It's so much fun. It jingles a LOT though, it kinda drove Tom a lil nuts yesterday, bwahaha. But it makes me happy.

So yeah, the fair! It was pretty fun. Really, it was about the same size as Pike Fair (well, Wyoming County Fair, but we never called it that), with a handful more rides and food stands and games, and a little less by way of tractors (though there were still plenty to freak Tom out, hehehe). But we wandered around and looked at everything, except I was kind and didn't drag Tom through the cow barns, but we did look at the pigs (because apparently he likes pigs, which I would've never guessed *giggles*) and the goats (which were REALLY cute, I have pictures to post sometime) and the bunnies (also INSANELY cute I have pictures) and HORSES! The horses were so pretty. I got to meet one. *giggles* They had them outside and were washing them down, and there was one girl holding the reins of one who'd said hi to me as I walked by to go through the barn, so when I came back out, I went over and talked to her awhile. She was very very nice, as well as quite talkative, and the horse, Hershey, was very calm and friendly and soooo pretty. (Yes I have pictures, though they're not quite what I'd wanted to get.) So that was very fun.

There were plenty of random booths, for water systems and bathroom things and satellite tv and hippie clothes and blankets with harry potter or unicorns or what have you on them... the usual hodgepodge of everything. :) There was also FOOD, omfg. THEY HAD CHOCOLATE-COVERED CHEESECAKE ON A STICK!!!!! Isn't that the most fantastic thing ever??? I wanted. But by the time I saw, we'd already had lunch and had gone on rides, and uh... wasn't at all hungry. sigh.
They were selling sweet potatoes filled with butter and cinnamon and brown sugar and nutmeg! Which sounded fantaaaastic, so I got one, and it was huge. *giggles* Tom and I split a bloomin' onion, whihc was alright, and he had a sausage.

Rides. There were a few I kinda wanted to go on, they had something like the Strawberries at Pike, but it was either teddy bears or cartoony dragons.. so I spared Tom's manliness and passed on those. *giggles* The Sizzler-type ride wasn't running, I was very sad. But we did go on Tilt-a-Whirl, which made me very happy. Tom, meanwhile, had spotted two rides, and wanted to go on one of them, my choice.
They BOTH went upside-down and HELD YOU THERE FOR MULTIPLE SECONDS. *cries* That's the one thing I can't cope with, I went on one at Pike that did that and it freaked me out. But, I reasoned, I was in like 5th or 6th grade then, and Tom came to the fair just for me (he's never huge on anything that involves him not sitting in front of his computer), so...
OMFG NEVER AGAIN. *gigglehides* It was sobad. We went on the Ring of Fire thing, which's one of those biiiiig circles with a track on the inside, a short train-like thing goes up a ways then back down and up the other side, building momentum and eventually going all the way around the loop. Only, there are two or three times during the ride where it STOPS at the top, and holds you upside-down for a handful of seconds.
So I was okay going up and things, and even around, I managed to open my eyes eventually, but... It didn't even bode well getting *into* the thing, never have I been on anything that cramps you in so much, like there was leg room under the seat ahead of you, but you had to clamber in (me in a skirt, yeah) and down to the seat, and there was maybe two feet or so between your seat and the one ahead of you. Everything was padded like mad, thankfully, and while it was relieving not to have any real wriggle room in something that goes was a wee bit claustrobic. Thankfully, I was snuggled quite tightly next to Tom, who kept an arm around me, while I clung for dear life to the metal bars around me.
The hanging upside-down, I could feel the blood pressure in my head building and building, and all my weight was against the padded lap bar, so like I was being held by something pressing into my thighs, which, I'm sorry, does NOT feel at all secure. I kept shrieking. *giggles* And closing my eyes, and I clung so tightly that when the ride fiiiinally ended (felt like foreeever), my fingers were in that semi-paralytic state where it's really hard to uncurl them?
But, toward the end, I was giggling and things. Tom was an angel as always and was not only holding me, but kept up a steady stream of "I love you I love you I love you I'm right here I love you I love you..." the entiiiire time. *giiiggles* Which actually helped quite a bit. But even he admitted to being a bit queasy after that, so we passed on the one other ride we'd been looking at, heh.

We walked along by all the games and things, I was thinking about doing something, but only if there was a nice prize and it was reasonable. They had the awesome poster game I always did at Pike, the only thing I can ever win - throw a dart at a wall of these cheap thin posters, and you get whatever one you hit. There were a few unicorn posters, but.. nothing that really struck me. But we were walking slowly by everything, I was looking all around.. and the woman behind the counter at the throw-darts-at-balloons game called us over, said she'd give us a few free ones.
NEVER EVER FALL FOR THIS omfg. *hides* We did. It was fine at first, there really were a few free ones. But then she talked so quickly and handed me darts and said things like "if you hit one, I'll pay, if you miss, you pay" and I was doing fine but I didn't know when I was being charged and when not and--- I've no idea how she managed to keep me so confused and caught up in things. It's really creepy. But she pulled Tom in as well (so I feel a little less stupid, because he's much more practical-minded than me..though at the same time, I think he felt obligated to have me get a stuffed animal somehow), and somehow suddenly it was $15 he owed. O_o;; But! He *did* win me an incredibly cute little stuffed white seal. It's really adorable. It made me happy, but at the same time, I felt so guilty about getting us sucked into that. ^^; Ack. Crazy.

But it was a really nice day, it was really hot out and we both wound up with mini-dehydration headaches, but not 'til later on. It was really fun, and nice to go out and do something for once. :)

Yaaaaaaay I have a jingle anklet. ^_______________^

So, Haruna and her roommate had left random things in the cupboards for us, mostly useful things, but also a few oddities.

Two packets of "small fish and seaweed" soup. Just add one beaten egg.

Sooooo, I tried it.. You know how it smells in an aquarium? *giggles* But I tried it anyway, and it's salty and very fishy and I remembered I'm not big on seaweed, but, it's not too bad.

...doooon't think I'm going to have the rest, there's like three more bowls worth, and I couldn't manage. *giggles* Nor is it likely to be something Tom would want.. though I don't even know when he's getting back yet.

But! He has an interview. ^__________^ He doesn't know yet. I'm twitching, I want to tell him. There was a message on my cell when I got home from work. ..though, it's for PetMore or whatever the place is called. Not exactly top choice, but, an interview nonetheless. I'm so glad, I know how it bothers him that I'm working and he's not...

Any which way, work went well today, I got to spend a little time int he downstairs, sitting on the floor and putting little bitty things up on a display, which I like doing. The day went by pretty quickly, which was nice. It's still awfully quiet around the house, and, it was a lil sad to not have Tom meeting me at the door with a glass of ice water (which he's done every day I've had work so far, the darling <3), but, I frosted some of the cookies I baked last night, and am watching Nana while finishing my soup, and it's nice.
Debating if I want to get into cleaning out the bag-drawer and putting down the contact paper Mom bought us and moving all the utensils.. ALL of our silverware and various utensils are currently crammed into one drawer, and it's always getting stuck and I have to dig to find things, which annoys me. But maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow and make Tom help, heh. We'll see. I should get some things done in photoshop tonight though, work's made me a bit slow on the sourceforge projects I've been helping with... -_-;;

heeeeeeeeeee so I finally watched "Breakfast on Pluto". Figured this would be a good time to watch it, so Tom wouldn't drop by, glance at my screen, and roll his eyes and groan and then hide from me. *giggles*

SOCUTE!!!!!! and SO sad in places, I nearly completely broke down, but luckily though a couple events tore my heart from me, the movie moved on pretty quickly from there, or the main character said something adorable, and it was better. But omfg, Cillian Murphy's character was DARLING, he looks the part perfectly. Ohsocute.

Though, I will say that all the movie summaries are rather misleading - I don't think there was any point where anyone was in a caberet thing. There was a rock group and a magician and a peepshow (all seperate scenes! *g*), but... oh well. Still cuuuuteness.

And Liam Neeson. *loves!!!somuch!!!* AND GAVIN HOLY FUCK I COMPLETELY MISSED GAVIN. I don't know whether to crack up or go cry and hide in shame. I was too busy following the characters and trying to hear what Cillian said (his voice is insanely quiet much of the time) and--- well, and I was bouncing between laundry and baking cookies and eating dinner and sewing throughout the movie. *giggles* But I just saw the character and it wasn't 'til I was glancing at the credits and I saw Gavin's name that I went O_O!!!! *THAT* WAS GAVIN!!!!! Not a second's hesitation, I knew exactly who it was, I just didn't connect it while watching. I feel so dumb. *giggleblushing like mad* wow.

Anyway. Not what I'd expected, much less glamorous, but still really, really sweet. I think the writers tried to bundle far too many stories into one movie (it's based on a book, which I'm sure is able to flesh things out more so they make sense), but the characters were very believable, and Cillian got to wear the preeeettiest things. AND CURLS!!! <333


But yes. Time to put away all the cookies I baked, then curl up and read a bit before going to sleep. It's been a very nice little evening to myself. :)

"If I wasn't a transvestite terrorist, would you marry me?" hee. <33
Sooooo, if you were a boy, who worried a bit about money-things, and who had told his girlfriend to be sure to mail out the month's bills while he was away for a few days...

Where would you have PUT the bills?
Okso, with the purchase of this awesome shirt from threadless, I AM DONE clothes shopping for a few months at the least. No more. Keeping the fuck FAR AWAY from threadless and palmercash and all the other dangerous tshirt sites of awesomeness. This one, I've been in love with for awhile, it's just so perfect, and there's only a few left in my size, so I figured I'd better pounce on it now.
(The ONLY only exception to this will be the Monkees shirt, which I'll get off Target's site with a gift card from mypoints.)

But I am veryveryhappy with my new things, everything's nice and earthy but pretty and versatile and comfy and looks nice. Yayyay. (Also, there's no dress code for work, one of the other girls was in a Hollister tshirt and ripped up jeans and flip-flops the other day. I don't think I'll go so far as ripped jeans, but, yay.)

Just repotted my fern and bridal veil, and seperated the little baby wandering jew that appearing in with my fern. Everything's sitting on the back porch to let the water drip out and to get some actual light. Mom also brought me a lil basil plant yesterday, and oh the leaves taste so amazing compared to the dried stuff. Yaaay. And I have spare pots and soil now, so whenever I find my seeds (or pick up more - plant prices have just begun dropping, late in the season), I can plant more things.
Tom is going to be less than amused, but, all he has to do is tolerate the green. *g* He'll cope.
Yesterday was quite nice, though it raaaaaiiiiined so much and so hard. Not only was our sidewalk a creek and a pond on our street... later in the afternoon we drive by a house further down the road, the tiny creek I'd barely noticed even being there had flooded a ridiculous amount, and the car in someone's driveway had water up to its undercarriage. O_o;; Crazy.

Mom and Steve came by around noon, we went out to Applebee's for lunch (pecan-crusted chicken salad, mmm <333), then out shopping awhile. We nosed around Tuscany's, a smaller more specialized little grocery store I guess, with a small nursery attached - andand!!! Mom found GHIARDELLI HOT CHOCOLATE MIX OMFG. *dies* Wish I'd remembered to make some last night, it was chilly enough.. Went to WalMart for awhile, picked up some things, including a broom whose bristles are *not* bent into an l-shape *giggles* and a dustpan! Which is far more exciting for me than it should be. Got some fgroceries and also a few clothes, another pair of nice pants and a skirt, a few shirts, one that ACTUALLY matches my other new pants, and! the cutest thing! A little cream-colored tshirt with the "Magical Mystery Tour" logo on it! And so cute, and done and fit just right, and will match the skirt I got at Fashion Bug pretty awesomely. So happy. They'd also brought along Mom's small grill for us (yay!) and some flower pots and things for me, also exciting. But it was a really nice afternoon, catching up and talking and visiting and things. :)

They left around five or six I think, and then Tom and I waited for his father to arrive - one of Tom's uncles died this past week, he'd been in poor health for awhile so it wasn't a surprise, nor were they particularly close, but still. The funeral's in Ohio, so Tom's dad picked him up along the way. I think it was around 7 or 8 that he got here, the rain slowed everyone down yesterday. We'd waited to get dinner until he got here, so we went out to Wing City, as both Tom and his father are pretty big on wings, and there's like 20 different flavors there, hee. So we got some wings to split, and we all got burgers, but the burgers were huuuuuuuge and NONE of us finished ours. *giggles* Insaaanely good burgers though. Came back here, and Tom gave his dad an overview of Linux, whihc he's thinking about switching to, and showed him some other interesting programs he recently found; all evening we'd been discussing net neutrality and all sorts of geektastic things, hee. I eventually came down here awhile, to give them some time to catch up and things.

We all got up about 7 this morning, they left about twenty after, and I personally went back to bed. *giggles* I'd tried valiently to sleep in yesterday but couldn't sleep past 8, I'd gotten so used to getting up then for work. >_<; It's awfully quiet around here without Tom, but I've a million and a half things to do today, and I can have my music on as much as I want, heh. ;) It's really pretty outside now though, whihc is probably not a good thing, as I'll want to be out there rather than in here.. but, maybe I'll just re-pot my fern before getting to computer-based work. <3