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*listening to HTDAAB after a few days' break, due not to being tired of the album but just not being in the mood to appreciate it*

*is listening to "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own"*

...I cannot even fathom how I was iffy on this song at first, it's so incredibly beautiful...guess that's really a testament as to how fucked up I was that night, that I couldn't get into it at all.....
All of that is 100% gone, just so you know. :)
Cos I'm bored. And it's been awhile. And I need something else to do while working on my term paper for Epistemology. (heh I'd post that for commentary, but I think it'd been even *less* likely to be read. *giggles* whee for philosophy.)

ganked from Erica.

1. Name: e_e if you don't know it, you're not reading.
2. Location: in front of my dear beloved Lawrence, at Eagle Street in Fredonia.
3. School/mascot/colors: Churchville-Chili, that little saint-dude (who, now that I think about it, is posed quite like the little fighting irish dude. only with a halo and little tiny wings.), orange and black
4. Zodiac sign: Capricorn
5. Shoe size: *thinks* 8 1/2, 9, idek, somewhere in there.
6. Height: 5'..6"? ish. Half an inch taller than Mel still, and that's what matters. XD
7. Eyes: blue
8. Pets: Curious and now Bear :) and eventually Tess the vaguely mobile carpet.
9. Siblings: Matt the slacker and Mel the antisocial one. XD
10. Your mom and dads name: Carolyn and Robert (though even getting re-married, they called him Bono BONO! fecking damnit BOB. which amused me. as does my complete inability to type the letters b and o without following them with an n and an o.)
11. Hair: brown curls, slight red highlights sometimes, occasionally behaves.
12. Hair length: shoulder-length, depending on the spasticness of the afore-mentioned curls.
13. Ever dyed your hair? nope. still occasionally considering some blue, but y'know.
14. Are you good in school? yup. I may write fanfic and things all through classes but my GPA's still up there. s'all good. *g*
19. Nicknames: 'Nanda, Melissalish...other'n that Megs has about a hundred for me. *giggles*
20. Do you play sports? D!D!R!!! :D
21. Are you a night or a morning person? NIGHT.
22. Are you ticklish? not quite to the degree I was when I was younger, but still, inevitably, yes.
23. Do you believe in God? yep
24. What's your screenname? if you need it, you probably have it.
25. Do you have braces? nope. and never did. \0/
26. Do you have glasses? nope. and don't intend to. (wooo borderline vision.)
27. What do you want to be when you grow up? *smiles* I like Erica's answer. "A good person" I think that pretty much says it.. a job, a career, has no bearing on who I am, that's not something all that important to me.. I want to create things that mean something, I want to be someone who does some good in the world..
28. What was the worst day of your life? *laughs wryly* Thanksgiving this year was pretty bad, ehm.. but probably sometime during that whole Cory-mess back in high school, that or the first time Megs and I had a rough spot.. (at least the ones since, we've known we can get through it alright..the first one was the scariest, we didn't know what would happen..)
29. What are the best days of your life? U2 concerts. ^___________^ Being home with my sister, and Daf and Laur and everyone. Being with Megs. Spending the day out in the sunshine with my camera.
30. What comes first in your life? *stops a minute, and really thinks* I'm not sure I can really define it..somewhere between love and soul and passion and caring and meaning and beauty, but more than that... I guess trying to keep all of those in peoples' lives... being here to pick those I love up when they fall. So, in a way, I guess my friends, if you want a simple answer, but it's something more than that... I'm just not really sure how to explain it.
31. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? why of course, Megs and I are engaged, for anyone who missed the announcement on her lj a few weeks ago. *G* (well, that, and in-Bubble? I'm married to a certain sweet gorgeous amazing drummer of a boy. <3)
32. What are you most scared of? jumping in to water. and that I'm not doing anything worthwhile, that I'm not helping anyone or anything by being here. I used to slip into this anxiety a lot that people didn't really care about me and I didn't know it...but that's lessened a lot now, thankfully.
33. What do you usually think about before you go to bed? it..kind of varies by the day. a lot. but usually a daydream of some sort, something U2-related pretty often, but a lot of the time, just random things, thinking about things that happened that day, or seeing a friend..
34. If you could be anything without consequences, what would it be? *laughs softly, shakes head* I know what it is, but I'm not posting it here...

35. Movie: Labrynth, Velvet Goldmine, Moulin Rouge
36. Band/Group/Artist: *giggles, rolls eyes* I think y'all have a pretty good idea by now...
37. Store: Randy's Antiques 'round the corner. :)
38. Relative: my sister
39. Sport: DDR!
40. Vacation spot: *laughs* ehm, right, bear in mind I'm not exactly well-travelled around the country... that being said, I'm all for going back to Italy. <3
41. Ice cream flavor: Fireball!!! and anything chocolate or with cheesecake in the name. and mint chocolate chip still, cos it's just awesome.
42. Fruit: I think I finally figured this out. I think it's raspberries. (Well and lemons, of course. *G*)
43. Candy: 3 Musketeers for the most part, but these little Dove chocolates are ridiculous yo. <3
44. Car: *giiiggles* an orange vw bus all the way, yo.
45. Class: philosophy classes are always a blast, but it's my systems languages and protocols one I'm most enjoying this semester. otherwise, anyplace where you have discussions about music or computers or things that fuck with your head, I'm happy.
46. Holiday: heee July 16. *G* ..probably Christmas, though it's worn a little thin the past couple of years. Hallowe'en is always awesome though. <3
47. Day of the week: Friday/Saturday, cos I can sleep in and stay up and do whatever and spend hoouurs in the Bubble with Megs. ^________^
48. Color: various shades of blue. but also browns and the colour of faded paper and all sorts of natural aged colours.
49. Magazine: ehm..seeing as I only buy things for the U2s (and occasionally REMs or Bowie or someone) on the cover... Spin seems to usually be pretty decent, Blender sometimes.
50. Name for a girl: at the moment, I'm really liking the name Aurelia.
51. Name for a boy: Cadence :)
52. Sports team: whatever one talked Larry into doing that song for the World Cup.
53: Month: they pretty much all have their good points
54. Animal: unicorn
55. Saying: KERFUFFLE!!!!!!!! (beware, I'm determined to start actually using it. it's the coolest word ever. <3Bono<3)
56. Word: oh. damn. ehm.. *giggles* let's switch that then, fav word is kerfuffle and fav saying is "fuck off and die", not that I use it much BUT it's the coolest ever.
57. Room in your house: definitely my room, despite the fact that I don't see the floor very often.
58. Concert you have been to: this answer brought to you by the letter U and the number 2.
59. Meat: crab. idek why, but I'm like addicted to it everytime I have Chinese lately.
60. Pizza topping: the chicken finger pizza at the willic is maaaaad good.
61. State: dude I've only been to like, what, 4, 5 of them? I don't think that's enough to give a fair answer on.
62. City: heeeee Roooooome. <3
63. Feeling: when "Miracle Drug" hits the guitar solo and then Edge's vocal, and your heart could explode from the joy and emotion and sheer--- idek. that.
64. College: I'm pretty attatched to Fredonia..but, again, I've been on, what, four, five campuses ever? Alfred seemed pretty awesome though. :)
65. Number: ehm.. 67?
66. Book: lately, Goethe's "The Sorrows (or Sufferings, depending on your translation) of Young Werther". Which I really ought to get a copy of. Otherwise, C.S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters", Salman Rushdie's "Ground Beneath Her Feet" and "Satanic Verses", any of the "Wrinkle in Time" etc by Madeleine L'Engle.
67. Cereal: I quite like Raisen Bran, but I don't think anything can top Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs or the Rice Krispies Treats cereal.

In the past 24 hours have you
68. Had a serious talk? oddly enough, yeah - that's why I didn't get to bed 'til 4am last night, cos Britt and I went off on a big long things..I think it started with music? and it ended up on the need for social contact and the validity of internet-only relationships (which's where I gave up cos we're hopelessly on opposite sides of that one).
69. Hugged someone? online and in-bubble, yeah.
70. Fought with a friend? well, only in a debate-sort of way with Britt on the online friendship thing.
71. Cried? almost - but they were tears of happiness. :)
72. Laughed? YES! omfg. and I can show you why, it's cos Megs sent me THIS.
Already being sleep-deprived and a little off-kilter due to a slight resurgence in my un-ending cold...I could noooot stop laughing omg. Well, and also cos Edge's a fecking nutcase when he wants to be, and it's all the better cos he's so calm and brilliant and sweet and quiet and then THE MOST RANDOM PERSON IN THE WORLD OMFG. *diiiies giggling all over again*
73. Made someone laugh? probably, though I can't think of why.
74. Bought something? no! woo!
75. Flirted with someone? *giggles* well, again, online/in-bubble, yes...
76. Felt stupid? yeah, cos I decided to skip my first class and get some extra sleep...only I didn't check the bus schedule before sitting around here lingering over morning internet-rambles, and wound up being ten minutes late to my next class. x_x;
77. Talked to someone you love? uh-huh ^_^
78. Missed someone? definitely

Have you ever
79. Done drugs? no, although I'm sure I've acted like it (but we'd spent 24 completely immersed in Monkee-ness, and hadn't slept in longer...I think seeing pictures in television static is pretty understandable at that point).
80. Eaten an entire box of oreos? nah, was never that huge on oreos, really. think having the fake-kind for months at a time cos they were the cheapest cookies at the store kinda turned me off.
81. Been dumped? well, yeah.
82. Had someone be unfaithful to you? wellll.. *laughs faintly, shakes head* yes, but never having made any sort of arrangement that'd hold him to the contrary..... (god lord was that only two years ago I was that much of a moron??)
83. Stayed home on saturday night, just because?: *laughs* I can't think of the last time I went *out* on a Saturday night...
84. Been in love? I've thought I was.. there are no happy little balloons that pop up and tell you when you are.. I think I have been, though.
85. Seen the white house? from a short distance, yeah, band trip wooooo~ (*giggles!* "and on your left, you can see the white house..")
86. Seen the eiffel tower? in person? heck no.
87. Drank alcohol? in very small amount, yeah
88. Played monopoly? omFg I was an addict, that was my favourite game for yeeeaaars. except people tend to get pissy when you put up hotels on things, nor do most people have the attention span to play for 6+ hours. Grandpa would, but he always kicked my little elementary school arse cos he'd get hotels up on all the orange ones. x_x;
89. Kissed someone? yep
90. Tried a weight loss program? apart from ddr? no.
91. Jumped on a trampoline? yes and I always feel like I'm going to die. *laughs* and like a moron. but when other people are on it too, you have so much less control, and I get really nervous. *giggles*
92. Colored in a coloring book(and had fun)? hell yeah! I've got my Care Bears colouring book *here*. and a nice 48 box of Crayolas. ... ..actually? that sounds like an awesome idea right now, maybe I'll do that before sleep, you've no idea how nice and calming it is.
93. Had a bubble bath? I *wanted* all that nifty Mr Bubble stuff they had for sale on the back of the bottles, I'd sit there looking at them, mentally sorting out which thing I'd want most.
94. Been on a plane? yep. JetBlue is my friend. <3
95. Been on a boat? yep.
96. Been on a train? yep, both subway and an old-school coal-powered one, on several occasions. *giggles* (wheee for the A&A RR..I'm assuming that's still going, yeah? that was mad fun yo. granted I was like 6, but still.)
97. Been in a car accident? thankfully, no.
98. Ridden an elephant? YES!!! *laughs* oh goodness, so long ago I'd nearly forgotten, but when I was little, yeah.. the thing was *ridiculsouly* uncomfortably, they've got these evil bristly hairs that jab at you.
99. Made a web page? oh, y'know, I dabble a little...
100. Played with legos? YES!!! Legos are the best ever. <3 Which reminds me, I need to put them away, I left the tupperware of mine sitting out in my room a vacation or two ago.
101. Stayed up all night? yes, and usually to my own embarrasment cos when I get sleepy I tend to get reeeaaallly silly.
102. Shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean? Not under the bed, no, cos that's usually full anyway of things stashed in tupperwares and whatnot. but definitely done similar.
103. Broken a bone?: despite my spazziness, no.
104. Called a psychic or sex hotline?: no, although that could be interesting..
105. Watched jerry springer? yes, and my faith in humanity hit a new low.
106. Gotten in trouble for talking in class? once or twice, but not often. far more likely to get in trouble for drawing or something, but that only happened once, despite the fact that I've had Westby sitting at the desk next to me, and I was drawing a rather large pencil drawing of..oh goodness, it was either Kuja from FFIX or my Angel-Bono. And Westby yelled at Lani for getting out her agenda to write something down, and I sat there drawing away, with nary a Westby-glare. ^_______^
107. Been afraid of the dark? yeah, I went through a very brief period where I needed a nightlight.. I wasn't scared when I was little, nor am I now, but there were a few months I randomly was. and I mean, after I watched Shallow Grave (which's not a scary movie by any means, but it has issues and it was messy and eww) the first time I was a little creeped out about going up to my room cos it was late, but..
108. Been in the hospital(not visiting)? once, maybe twice? definitely after I got bitten by a dog when I was, what, 3, 4? and possibly the time I was even younger than that and a bee stung me and my hand swelled up. (I have no memory of that, so I don't know where they took me..even the dog-thing, I remember the lead-up to getting bitten, but not the actual bite or anything after it.)
109. Had stitches? nope
110. Dumped someone and regretted it? seeing as technically I was the one to be dumped.. no
111. Went out with more than one person at a time? not technically, no.. (the Bubble has its own rules *g*)
112. Lied? well yeah, but I think I only did something more than an exaggeration once or twice..I'm really bad at it.
113. Been arrested? nope
114. Fallen asleep in class? many, many times. mostly dozing, but I'm sure I actually *slept* a few times in AP Calc senior year.
115. Used food for something other than to eat? oh yeah. our re-enactment of The Salad Incident, use of breadsticks, trying to make a Pop-Tart explode, our cafeteria scultures in high school..
116. Met a celebrity? inasmuch as I've shaken Davy Jones' hand, yeah, but nothing more than that. (this will someday change.)
117. Broken the law? weeeeellllll.. it depends on your point of view. in my opinion, no. in the riaa's... but they're a bunch of money-grubbing old fools, so they can go away.
118. Skipped class? yeah, but not very often, I don't think I've ever skipped anything more'n three times in a semester, and usually not even that.
119. Hated yourself? yep. and then hated myself more for being that way. x_x
120. Been brokenhearted? yeahh..
121. Broken someone's heart? to a point, I think I have..but I think we worked through things, there's nothing that kills me worse than hurting someone I care about...
122. Wanted to kill someone? I don't think I've had an urge to actually commit murder myself...though there've been many times I just wanted someone to go away and be out of my life forever.
123. Fallen off a chair? far too many times. x_x
124. Lap danced? y'know.. for all that term gets thrown around, how exactly does one GIVE a lap dance? I mean I know the general idea, but..
and the answer is, again, out of bubble, no.
125. Been in a fist fight? apart from my brother and I hitting each other a few times when we were little, no.
126. Blown me? Lawrence, darling.. *pets sweetly* I blew your insides out just the other day, don't you remember?
127. Like to give hugs? well yeah :)
128. Like to walk in the rain? definitely. unless it's reallyreally cold and I'm already cold and tired and things.
129. Sleep with or without clothes on? "Have you ever sleep with or without clothes on?" ... ..apparently the "have you ever" prefix was supposed to end a few questions back and no-one thought to clarify. e_e 99% of the time, with clothes.
130. Prefer black or blue pens? definitely black.
131. Dress up on halloween? ALWAYS ^______________^
132. Have a job? part-part-time, when I'm home. x___x
133. Like someone? no, I hate everyone, I am goth-emo.
134. Sleep on your side, tummy or back? depends on the night. and I'm too groggy to realise in the morning which I ended up on. usually tummy, sometimes side, occasionally back.
135. Have a goldfish? nope.
136. Ever have the falling dream? I haven't actually, no.. I only *finally* had a flying one like, a few months back.. ... ..and I just realised I can no longer remember it. For all my obsession with wings and angels and all, you'd think this wouldn't be the case.
137. Have stuffed animals? 'course I do. on my bed here ar--- okwell, rather, to the side of the bed, on top of a box of stuff, cos I haven't moved them back after changing the sheets on my bed the other day--- are Hannah (my Cabbage Patch doll I've had since I was just under a year old), Baby Brite (whom I'm still not sure isn't supposed to be Tickle Me of these days, I'll sort this out), my sweet little angel-bear Lar (who Megs got me <3), and Aneurin (my little baby stuffed penguin from Boston).
138. Like to give anal sex to animals? O_o;;; first of all, I haven't the means to do so, second of all.. NO.
139. Do you believe in the horoscopes: nah - they're so generally written that you can always apply whatever it says to what's going on in your life. though that's not to say I don't read them occasionally and wonder a bit.
140. Do you like your handwriting: I'm not big on my scrawl, but when I'm writing at a reasonable pace, I like it a lot.
141. What superhero would you be: no, wait, Megs and I worked this out the other day.. I think I was Batgirl. *giggles* wait lemme check. here we go. ^______^ Edge is Batman and Lar's the Boy Wonder. Bono's the Penguin. Ad is sototally Catwoman. Batgirl snogs Robin, therefore I'm Batgirl. *giggles* And Megs is Poison Ivy cos she's genius and sweet on the outside but then sexyevil and gets to go after Batman/Edge. It's allll goooood.
142. Do you have any piercings: well, I had one in each ear, but I doubt they're still usable anymore - got fed up with them closing getting infected etc., and gave up.
143. Any tattoos: no, though I've considered it from time to time.
144. Are you picky: not about day-to-day things.. but things like image-quality on things I make in photoshop? I'm ridiculous.
145. What makes you mad: people being close-minded. (I know I'm not perfect at it, but I'm better than I was at any rate..) and cds not being right-side up in jewel cases. people being unreasonable and not thinking. probably more things that I don't feel like ruminating on right now, cos it'd make me cranky.
146. What do you think of Bush: I have a lot of respect for him as a person, I really do, I admire the fact that he's stuck to his morals and isn't afraid to do so. I just don't think that's always in the best interests of the country and the world.
147. Who do you admire: Bono. ^__________^ all of U2, really. and I look up to Megs a lot - like an older sister, only far cooler and more. *g*
148. Do you like cartoons: heck yes - Danger Mouse is the best ever. <3
149. What did you do today: slept in, skipped philosophy to do said sleeping, got up, poked about online and showered and things, caught the bus, went to systems languages and protocols, got some lunch and went to thestupidclassthatIhate, had a grand time writing a teacher/course evaluation, then worked with my group on our script for an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air (which I've never seen - so I type things), caught the bus, chatted with Bono Bob a bit, came home, got online, saw the new was up, and pounced. ^__________^ spent a lot of time there, subscribed to the full membership (which's replacing propaganda), hung about for Megs, talked with Megs and hung out in the Bubble and made a few new buddy icons, since then have been vaguely working on my term paper and mostly poking around the internet and wasting time.
150. Are your parents annoying: at times, yes.
151. Do you own a miniskirt: ehm.. definitely not. I have a couple of hippy-dresses that're rather short, but the one I think I've only worn as a dress like, once ever, and that was a day I was just hanging around at home. And the other's like, just above my knees. For me, that's short.
152. Do you floss: before going to the dentist's.
153. What is the farthest you have traveled: Italy, summer of 2000, Choral trip. <3
154. Have you ever died: aka hi do you still have brain cells this far into a survey?
155. What kind of shampoo do you use: V05, cos it's mad cheap and very good and smells awesome. Strawberries'n'Cream flavour when I can get it. Aussie conditioner always.
156. Do you use big words to sound smart: I've used big words my entire life.. I use them cos they need used.
157. When you get mad, do you swear a lot? Depends on the situation, but sometimes yeah. Mostly when I get mad, I wind up getting upset and curl into a pathetic little crying ball until I come out of it again.
158. Ever worn black nail polish: many times. it's pretty fun, it's amazing what assumptions people will make about you...
159. Do you do everything better then guch: *blinks* ok people.. you're not funny when you make shit up to make a survey longer.
160. How many sheets are on your bed: *looks* well, technically, one, then a blanket and the Monkees blanket Megs gave me. <3 I'm a moron and left my comforter at home after washing it over Thanksgiving. and idek where my thick heavy awesome light blue blanket is.. either of those would be really nice right now, it gets fecking cold in here.
161. What's under your bed: here? ridiculously shitty thin dark blue indoor/outdoor carpet. and probably things that've seeped out from under the boxspring that idek wanna know about.
162. Do you have your own tv and vcr: nope, haven't really much of a need, apart from watching U2 and Monkee videos and things.
163. Do you see dead people: despite how much time I spend in graveyards, sadly no.
164. Are you a good speller: typically. random things throw me sometimes. and I tend to mix up "lose" and "loose", but The Edge does too and that makes me feel worlds better. *G*
165. Do you like little kids: I have mad maternal instincts. I see a little four-year old boy tugging at his mom's hand and I turn into an absolute *puddle*.
166. Are you talented: yeah, but I've too many partial talents in too many different areas to be any kind of sane and have any sort of normal existence.
167. If so, how: flute, singing (though both a little less so due to lack of practise), drawing, computer artwork, writing (which I'm still pretty shy about but I'm getting better), creating fictional situations for U2s to be in.. and most of my cookie-baking attempts work out pretty well.
168. Do you watch the weather channel while getting ready in your hotel room on vacation: ehm.. last time I was in a hotel on a vacation was, like, what, six years ago? all I remember watching was Weird Al's video for "The Saga Begins" and thinking it the coolest thing ever.
169. Ever seen a ghost: Not that I can be sure of..I'd like to say I have.. I catch things at the corner of my view that slip away before I can quite see them now and again, but those might just as easily be hallucinations from lack of sleep. (I've actually had those before, it's pretty disconcerting.)
170. Abortion: murder
171. Bill Clinton: everyone in America looks down on him, and everyone outside America thinks he was wonderful. figure that one out.
172. Eating disorders: are really sad
173. Rap: I can respect (to a point), but still care nothing for except in a few small cases (like the ending of R.E.M.'s "The Outsiders" on their new album, random things like that)
174. Suicide: isn't the answer to anything..
175. Piercings: are not something my body seems to approve of
176. Make-up: Maaaaackiiiiiiieeeee. <3 (fun to play with for costumes and things, but my old statement still holds for me: God wouldn't create something he'd dislike, what's good enough for God is more than good enough for man.)
177. Drinking: doesn't interest me. curious every now and again to a small degree, but.. I really have no interest in it, I get loopy enough on my own, I'd rather remember what happened..and I'd rather be happy and spastic and whatever on my own than have it falsely heightened by alcohol...

What do you think when you hear this name:
178. Jennifer: arg ok Erica's answers need to not be here to throw me. *giggles* honestly, the first person who came to my mind was this girl Jennifer Alliot who I went to school with..only it wasn't her as I (vaguely) knew her in jr high and hs, but her kindergarten picture, which's wooorlds away from who she is now. *shrugs*
179. Leah: some chick my brother hung around with? or was it one of mel's friends. *shrugs again*
180. Megan: SPELLED WRONG!!! *laughs and GLOMPS the Megs*
181. Brandon: Harrington, whose lj I was poking around at yesterday. It's been a good while since I've seen him, or most of the people I knew in hs, for that matter, and I kinda miss them all.
182. Christina: suitemate from last year whose last name I'm blanking on.
183. Angela: Lansbury?
184. Courtney: friend of mine from Perry - one of only one or two people whom I've ever let call me "Mel". *giggles* cos that's my sister's name, so I just never.. that wasn't me. But for whatever reason, she called me Mel, and I just went with it. possibly cos she was a year older than me.
185. Lauren: girl in my computer classes I worked with on the open-source/proprietary source debate.
186. Lisa: *laughs* first thought? Lissa. Which, again, I've only let I think one person (not counting in-bubble) call me. Cos that was, back on Reddick Lane, one of our neighbor's names was Melissa, so they called her Lissa and me Melissa, to differentiate.
187. Jackie: Chan idek. *giggles* And the Sinead O'Connor song, though it's Placebo's cover of it that just popped into my head. gheeee Placeeeboooooo. <3
188. Kat: Katie. Daf. :) and also that chick Kat who lived up the hall from us in Nixon who didn't like us for no apparent reason.
189. Patrick: Stewart!!! <3

This or that
191. Pierced nose or tongue? ow. no. neither. ow.
192. Be serious or funny? depends on the day, I tend to flip between the two pretty easily.
193. Single or taken? "taken". like you're a parking space or something, being used. e_e ..both have their advantages at times.
194. Mtv or vh1? old-school mtv, not this shite that exists now.
195. 7th heaven or dawson's creek? seen about two episodes of the former, one of the latter, hadn't much use for either. 7th heaven is just too..idek. it's far too fake, it scares me. tho the one guy's really hot.
196. Sugar or salt? suuuuugaaaaaaaaar.
197. Silver or gold? silver
198. Tongue or belly button ring? given the choice, belly button I guess, but still, no. I'm not that secure about my tummy. *giggles*
199. Chocolate or flowers: ohh.. both are reallly good. but chocolate's easier to come by, flowers are far more special. :)
200. Color or black-and-white photos? depends on the picture and all, but black and white tends to be cooler.
201. Sunrise or sunset? definitely sunset.
202. M&M's or skittles? m&ms.
203. Rap or rock? rock all the way.
204. Stay up late or sleep in? doesn't one entail the other? both yo.
205. Tall members of the opposite sex or short? ideally, just a little taller than me, so I can curl up and feel all safe and protected when I need to. but really, physical attributes are negotiable. *g*
206. Sun or moon? depends really.. I like both, though sunlight is sometimes a bit too much for me to deal with.
207. What time is it? lmfao 2.20am, I was *dead* tired all day and here I still am...
208. Diamond or ruby? ehm.. y'know I really don't know.
209. Left or right? pick up the fork in the road and eat a salad with it. :p
210. Cat or dog? cat ^________^ I like cats. very much.
211. Mustard or ketchup? hmmm.. depends, I have cravings for each at different times. pickles beat all tho.
222. Newspaper or magazine? depends. magazines I can usually stand longer, cos they're expected to be biased, newspapers have a habit of pissing me off.
223. Spring or fall? fall is prettier, but spring has flowers and I've a lot of good memories of playing around in the vast ponds and puddles made of melting snow. *g*
well ok. *giggles, shrugs* either that or a bomb exploded or a plane's brushing the rooftops.
224. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? the latter - the heart needs company more than the body.
225. Happy or sad? ehm.. happy? though I can be perfectly content in a slight bit of melancholy, idk it's an artist-thing.
226. Sneakers or sandals? was never big on either really. though, at the risk of sounding all semi-posuer-cool, I adore my Sketchers. I really do.
227. Blondes or brunettes? brunettes, I think.
228. Duct tape or scotch tape? ooo.. tough one. if it's the annoying milky-sort of scotch tape though, definitely duct tape. duct tape's silver and cool. if it's clear scotch tape though, like really-clear, that's a close call.
229. Pepsi or coke? I know this is an unheard of thing to say, but.. I honestly have no preference.
230. Nike or adidas? I went through the Nike phase for about five minutes. Never quite got into an adidas phase. And then I realised how stupid the whole name-brand thing is anyway, and was enlightened.

Love life
231. If you could kiss anyone in the world, who would it be: it's a reeeaaally close call between Bono and Larry. cos I love Larry a lot, but, I'm thinking it's a lot more plausible with Bono, and a bit..more. y'know. cos if Lar went along with it (which's not very likely), it'd be a light little thing and I'd pass the fuck out. with Bono...this is the man who regularly pulls women from the audience and not only holds them close and dances with them, but will lay down beside and lean over them and things and guuuuuuuuuuuh. and I'd utterly die.
but he'd be loving and his eeeeeyes and I---
y'all don't need to hear my Bono-fantasies. *giggles*
232. If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be: Am I allowed to go back in time? Cos I'm so calling dibs on a LilLar. <3
234. What is the biggest turn off: cruelty, stupidity
235. What is the biggest turn on: *laughs* "Sweet and nice guys who are massivly horny"... Erica, dear, you're awesome. I can't think of any one thing in particular, really, there're always a few things..
236. Do you think there is a person for everyone: Well, I mean.. there are people who can be perfectly happy and live their lives without a significant other, so I wouldn't say everyone.. but I do have faith that if you're meant to be with someone, you will be.
237. If yes, do you know who yours is: Britt had an interesting idea last night, she said that she believes everyone has a romantic-soulmate, and a friend-soulmate... whether or not I've found the former, I know I've found the latter, in several degrees.
238. Do you believe in love at first sight: y'know.. I'm not entirely sure. I mean, logically, no it's not likely, but.. you can look at a person and get an idea of what they're like, not to be stereotypical or judgemental about it, but.. a person's eyes really *do* say a lot. I don't know if you remember, but I had an entry on this boy, this was, what, summer before last? we went to Niagara Falls with my grandparents, this was like the day of or the day after that huuuuge power failure.. and there was this boy, probably a couple years younger than me (of course ^^; ), and I only caught his eye I think once.. but I could see something there, I knew we'd get along well, had we only the chance to talk...
239. Have you ever been in love: this question was sototally already asked.
240. What do you think love is: *laughs softly, shakes head* if I could answer that, I wouldn't have half the trouble I do.. well, but no, that's being *in* love.. there's a huge difference. love.. is sharing with someone, honestly truly putting them over yourself, when they cry you cry, when you're sad and they're sad, you go rushing in to take care of them, not even giving another thought to your own sadness.. and it's being able to trust someone, not just with secrets or something but with your self, your heart, never doubting, and having them never doubt you.. "love covers over all wrongs", from somewhere in the new testament.. even when someone's being silly or irrational or anything, love won't even consider turning away...
241. Do you think it lasts forever: yeah. I think sometimes.. what you loved doesn't always last forever, but the love itself will.
242. Do you want to get married: definitely
243. How many times: O_o; once? please. (again, this does not apply in-bubble, where I'm married to a Lar and had a Bono tell me tonight that he's going to marry me some day, no matter what. <3)
244. When was your first kiss?: *laughs, shakes head* Somewhere late December '02, early January '03, just before turning 19...

245. First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Plucknette :)
246. Last word you said: I have no idea. probably something derisive to Britt who was getting silly cos it's late.
246. Last song you sang: ehm.. something off of htdaab, I'm sure, probably "Yahweh", "Crumbs From Your Table", or "A Man and a Woman"
247. Last meal you ate: rice with sauteed veggies, a bit of sweet and sour sauce and a whole mess of various spices.
248. Favorite childhood cartoon: Danger Mouse, Rainbow Brite, Jem, Inspector Gadget ^__________^
249. What did you hate most about school: oh goodness.. the stupidity of the social structure, early mornings, the brain-deadness that would seep in if I didn't keep myself busy writing or drawing, and gym class. x_______x and calc.
250. Last person you flipped off: uhm. ... ..I have *no* idea, that's not something I do often. Probably Britt or Erik.
251. Last song stuck in your head: Well, it was "Until the End of the World" cos I wrote something about "melted snow", but then "Man and a Woman" popped back in.. now they're sort of both in there, along with something else I can't hear quite loud enough to identify.
252. Last time you were burned: *laughs* tonight. I was moving a pot around on the stove, not realising there was metal on the underside of the handle, whihc'd been kind of over another burner I'd just turned on. nothing that left a mark, no worries.
253. Last time you bled: last week, when I randomly got a blister on my heel from my shoe not being tied tight enough and walking to work. didn't realise it 'til the next night, I was sitting in Mel's room talking, and I happened to spot this huuuge bloodstain on my sock. whee.
254 What's in your cd player: U2's "Achtung Baby" at the moment, actually, "Until the End" got mentioned someplace this morning and I was suddenly in the mood for it.
255. What color sox are you wearing: white with little tap-dancing penguins all over - Megs' darling mom got them for me awhile ago. :)
257. What's the weather like: fecking cold. it hasn't thundered again, idek what's going on out there.
258. What time did you wake up today: alarm went off at about quarter after noon, I think.
259. Who do you want to marry: well, once we move to Canada, I'm marrying Megs. *g* and in-bubble..well, there's a lot. *giggles*
260. Are you going to college: yep
261. If so, how long do you want to go: however long it takes me I s'pose. really, I'd like to stay forever, it's the perfect sort of learning environment for me - I learn things I'm interested in, and it's enough to keep my mind stimulated, but also leaves me enough spare time to do things on my own.
262. How many kids do you want: oh goodness, I've no idea. I just want kids. :)


that's how it ends?

wtf kind of a choppy ending is *that*?


*is scared to look at the clock*

*can't help but glance over*

oh fuckmuffins. *giiiggles* so much for sleeping early... at least I got a little of my paper done. though I think posting that'd be shorter'n all this mess - I am the master at avoiding short concise answers to things. to the point where the summary I wrote of Charlotte's Web in first grade had to be posted on the ceiling as well as the wall, cos all the pages of that wide-lined half-drawing half-writing paper it took me to write it wouldn't fit on the wall.. I think it was a good 20 or 30 of them if I remember right.

You'd think that'd translate a little better and I'd've been able to win NaNoWriMo. x_x; (a note on that, if you've not seen the post on that blog - I failed, miserably, but I'm not giving up the story - I'm going to see if I can finish it off in the next month or so, I'm really determined to get myself through something this long, and finish this story.)

okwell, I've rambled and bored y'all long enough, it's bedtime yo.

I need a sound-editing program that will do things like pull the vocal out of something.
Suggestions, anyone?? ^^;;;;;

and explain to me why someone would list MS Paint in a resume as one of a dozen or so different programs the person's familiar with? talk about throwing things in just to take up space...

hi, I'm very familiar with Calculator and Character Map...
I refuse to even link to it.
I suggest not reading's review of HTDAAB, unless you're already in a cranky mood and would like to continue it.

But in better news, massive hugs to the Megs for cheering me up tonight. ^_______^ *snugglefies*

And after hours spent poking around looking for the history of paint programs (and finding way more than I needed, far more complex then I needed..ehm..I'm in a bit over my head and I need to find a way to trim all this down)'s time for me to sleep.

p.s. explain to me why there are 4362890 tutorials on USING MS PAINT on the internet? -_-;;;



okso it's Passengers, and it's "Viva Davidoff" and I'm sure I'm not missing *too* terribly much. *giggles* but stiiiiiilllllll.


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE LEMON REMIXES!!!!! All of them!!! (well all the official ones anyway. *giiggles, halo*) Oh there are SO like, nine of them. Probably more scattered about. heeeeeeeee. <3

*eyes nearly fall out of head*


*passes out*
*helpless whimper*
*has left fresh teeth marks in side of hand*





digital boxset omFg


do you know what is IN that thing?! only EVERY single and bside EVER, *all* the way back to U2-3 and INCLUDING random things like J. Swallow and all, which I have most but not all of (and all downloaded and some sketchy quality, like the 11 O'Clock single), AND allllll those random remixes that were on the crazy tons of singles in the 90s-present (including all the Vertigo remixes, whihc're spread across like, three versions of the single)..
AND three entire concerts! (ehm, which I think I already own, with the possible exception of the 1981 Boston show..lemme check.. ...*laughs* I so do, that's the "Another Time, Another Place" bootleg. okbutstill, that's mad fecking cool.)
and most of these you can download individually (though that'd still rack up a looooot for me cos I need remixes like mad yo), BUT!!!


*THESE* are what were on ebay awhile back, that we were flipping the FUCK out over (so does this mean someone in the U2 camp *did* end up buying the things back?)!

..and even *if* that winds up being the same versions I downloaded off Napster eons ago, they'd be *good* quality on this, which'd be nice.


*a lot*

*and not just from the cold* how to get $450 out of two/three sets of people whose individual Christmas budgets for me usually run just shy of $100? (two/three sets of people who don't all exactly get on so well sometimes.)


there are times that having a birthday so close to Christmas comes in handy. not often, but..

*spazzing like nobody's business* neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed~~~
and it'll save me soooo much time aggrevation and possibly even money in the future, I'm sure U2 will coordinate things and all cos they're awesome like that and me having an iPod/U2iPod will be maaad conducive to me getting hold of concerts and new tracks and everything else.

and I *REALLY* need to go the feck to sleep.

I'm not really this selfish and needy when it comes to stuff, y'all know I'm not.. I.. just.. every now and again, there's something. this is the something. *paws at the itunes store, where the listing of alllll the songs on the digital boxset are visible*

p.s. "sun moon and stars" or whatever it was called is nowhere to be seen in this thing. I *know* I heard mention of it around ATYCLB, and it seemed it was being considered for or was a b-side to European copies of the Elevation single.. I really think I have it, or at least some early form of it, in soundcheck form from an undated Melbourne show, and it sototally kicks ass. hmmm.

..we thought the Monkees had a pretty big backlog of tracks left in the can? y'all have aaaany idea how many hundreds of dollars worth of stuff U2's got stashed away that's probably mad fecking awesome but either didn't fit an album or meet their extreme levels of perfectionism? *whimpers, paws at the babies*
this is a good start. really. but.. *head spins at the amount still unheard*