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Went to the choral concert tonight.. tho at first I definitely wasn't in the mood to go (and not *just* cos of yer ZooLar, Megs..but, admitedly, he was a part of it ^^; ), and I had cookies to finish baking. *grr* But, I'd promised people I'd be there, and I knew I'd be sad if I didn't go, so I went. (And once things got going, I was very very glad I went so it's all good. ^_^) Got there shortly before it was gonna start, looked about and wasn't seeing *anyone* I knew..
..'til I spotted James and Ryan (both of whom graduated the year before me) down there waving at me. I didn't hang out with them a *ton* in school, but James and I were friends, at least, he and Heather hang out a lot, and he and I talked a lot when we went to Italy a few years back. So, went and sat with them - Heather'd told them she'd be there, but she never *did* show up.. (despite the fact that she was one of my closest friends all thru high school, I've not seen her in months... in fact, probably not since Christmas break or so, I'm not sure). So the three of us sat together and talked and hung out...
...and I realised again how much I've always liked James, for as long as I've known him.. (which is since 8th grade, really). I dunno. It started cos Heather had a crush on him 'way back in jr. high, and then I noticed him, and he was cute and he sang well. *g* Then she got to know him better, and we realised he has a great sense of humour and he's cool. Then yeah, there was Italy, and he and I talked for hours on the bus one day, sitting by each other, about music - we're both in love with music in general, and while it's stuff like Dream Theater and Metallica that he's more into than me, there's a fair bit of overlap between his music and mine. Then in math my..senior year? yeah. he sat by me and Heather and the three of us got yelled at a lot by evilMrs. Moran all year, and listened to stuff on James' cd player. *hehe* great fun. Summer after we graduated, I saw a good bit of him, too, just cos that was the group of people I spent a lot of time with for whatever reasons..
Anyway! *laughs* It's not really a major thing, it's just been kinda lurking a bit for a few years, is all. But, for whatever reasons, he's still in love with Stephanie, tho she's been a bitch to him... *shakes head, smiles a bit* He's an impossible sweetheart, gentlemen, etc., tho, he's honest and loyal and caring. and funny. and cool.
And I realised tonight for the first time that he bears a bit of a resemblance to Bowie.

*Anyway*, moving on!!!! *laughs* I really didn't meant to write that much on here, but I'm in the mood for writing tonight.. (don't worry, Laur, I still have plenty of steam left for *really* writing. *smiles*)
Concert was great.. James and I realised how much we miss it, being in choir and all... I mean, we *hated* it plenty of days at the time, Goodling was a fookin' slavedriver but...when we sang.....*shakes head* was absolutely amazing. I mean, honest, you guys are still great, you truly are, you deserved every one of the awards you got this year. ^_^ ..and I know Mrs. Rice does all she can, and I know she's a good director.. but Goodling was..I don't even know, legendary, I s'pose. *grins* There were sme points in what choir did tonight where I was glad, the quality of what our music program's always been is still there..
..just not quite in *every* note, the way it once was. Which is no-one's fault but the school's for pushing out Goodling. Fooking evil bastards.
But yeah. *g*
Michelle *blew* me away.. Brandon's composition was, well, not the most catchy tune ever by *any* srtetch of terms! *laughs* but it was incredible.. Nicole was great, Steph Brew was great.. all the solos were great, Daf and Laur I couldn't hear you guys of course but I watched you and I know how you guys must have sounded and yay. *claps* *g*
The thing that made me really happy about the Singing Saints bit? They put the *singing* back into it again. The choreography was swell, it really was, but never did it overshadow the singing, there was only that one part where they sang but didn't dance.. and there the accompaniment took over anyway and *wow* Mead frickin' rocks. ^_^ (So do Pete Myers and Mike Landers, tho, really.. it made me *so* impossibly happy to see the two of them down in the pit playing, it really, really did.. they're both great guys and great musicians. ...and not at all bad-looking, but that's besides the point. *g*)
The senior song.. again, I'm annoyed that you guys got to sing in Italian when *we* were the youngest who'd gone to Italy. :p *giggles* But it was a gorgeous song.. and a lot better-done than they've been in the past, I think. To most people the whole thing probably felt drawn-out, but not me..cos I knew about half to three-quarters of those who were onstage......and *I* was about to start crying, for a lot of reasons... it reminded me of my last concert, last spring..and my friends...and choir and school in general and all the good times we all had...Blake...our whole jr.-high group of people...spending hs with Daf and Laur, guys, my senior year was still the best ever, we were all so close and I would never change a thing abuot it... ...and then I looked at all of those onstage and I realised that most, I'll probably never really see again..I can come back and visit next year, or the year after, but no-one will be there..... and even those whom I didn't talk to much, or never really knew personally, I'll miss.. and it's the same with people I graduated with, and who graduated before me... you share your life with these people and they're *all* a part of it somehow.. the girl you sat by in 9th grade choir..the guy behind you in band who made wisecracks about everyone...the guy in your enlglish class whom everyone loved, and who still managed to laugh about everything even when he was on crutches, never once did I hear him complain...your adversaries, your bandmates, your friends your crushes your everything.

After it'd ended, James and Ryan and I all headed down towards the stage, where all the now-seniors still were, laughing and crying and hugging, mixed in with other graduates doing the same. Found Blake, said hi.. *still* wanted to hug him but gehhh I didn't feel there was reason enough and chickened out. (as I did earlier when an opportunity popped up to glomp James...meh. *smacks self with stale breastick*) Saw Greg!! yay!!! ...haven't seen him in a *year*, what with him being in Spain for first semester, then down at SUNY Purchase the rest of the year.. now he's coming back here to go to RIT, which is cool. He came over and hugged me and it was sweet. *smiles* Katie G. was there (she had a codename here but I'm blanking on it just now..*g*), Jess Dewalt was there, glomped Daffy, Laur glomped me and we *both* nearly fell over! *laughs*, talked to Holly and Melinda and Michelle and Nicole and goodness me everyone.. eventually went to the cafeteria and had something to drink, chatted with more people.. Laur kept alive the stocking-sliding down the back hallway tradition!!!!! hurrayyyyyy!!!!! :D Hung out with Laur and Daf and Calypso (whom I'm able to at least stand sorta better now..*shrugs*..we'll see), and people, and all, for nearly an hour... hitched a ride home with Laur, checked messages...
..and decided it was far too nice of a night out and I had too much energy to just sit here.

So, went for a random bikeride. *G*
Rode down to the IGA parking lot, went around there.. came back up, saw a small pick-up turning onto my street, followed it - it was, as suspected, Calypso bringing Daf home.. I called out and said hey when she got out of the truck.. then went riding off again. Randomly went down Himeros' street.... ..nearly ran into this guy's dog he was out walking - the guy was dressed in black, the dog was black, I didn't see them 'til I was close, then the dog walked out to the side in front of me.. *laughs* was ok, tho. (I was good, I'm wearing a white tank-top. *g* And it wasn't terribly dark anywhere I went - it's cloudy tonight, so there's still city-glow, for one thing.)
Started to ride up Westside a bit, then changed my mind, as I've ridden to the school enough lately..
..decided to go ride over to Reddick Lane, where I lived when I was little, before I moved out to Perry. (It's like, a two-minute drive from where I live now..very odd, I know.)
So, rode over that way.. passed Reddick at first, rode onto teh bridge and looked down at the creek..and though I could barely make it out in the darkness (and I wasn't about to stay long on the shoulderless bridge late at night - there are very few streetlights around here), I didn't really need to, I could still see it perfectly in my mind and fill things in, the smell of it came faintly up and I remembered it the rest of the way...
Turned about, then onto Reddick, and rode slowly up my old street... the trees have gotten much bigger since I lived there..I realised, it was *twelve* years ago (well, about a month short of that, but close enough) that I left there... but I looked at the locust tree and the - *my* - black maple out front, the front door, my old bedroom window... the interior of the whole hoiuse flashed thru my mind in an instant, I could draw our exactly where everything is even now...
Rode the rest of the way around the neighborhood, went down Donlin, remmebering the day my friends and I'd gone out for a walk around the block, and as we turned onto that street we were caught in a sudden downpour, and were offered refuge in someone's garage 'til it passed... and went slowly past Zinni's old house.. the tree out front that we all climbed in, that we have pictures of all of us in (hey guys? did I ever *get* a copy of that one great shot we had? if not, can I borrow someone's and scan it or something? *g*)... remembered the water balloon fights we had, with everyone there, inc. Blake and Sham... the *endless* sleepovers in the basement... parties always going on fron five hours to seven hours to nine hours to sleepovers to two days ^_^ ....the Frodis tree out back.....

What is it about memories that makes them so sweet? I mean, really. When Laur told me that there were *Perry-people* at the State Envirothon competition (which reminds me, CONGRATS ON PLACING FOURTH, you guys ROCK!!!! :D ), I *flipped* out, it made me so mad crazy happy... ..seeing the creek by Reddick again, looking down from that bridge... looking up at my old window...thinking back on the attic over the garage, which I only ever saw up into maybe once or twice...Dad sawing wood and us playing with all the odd-shaped left-overs like blocks....thinking back on all the times we spent at Zinni's....thiking back on junior high, and how close Blake and I were, remembering the Ensemble trips to Darien Lake..and that first one, where I had no-one to sit with on the ride home that night, and Mrs. Oldfield asked Blake if he'd let me sit with him, which of course he did, and we talked the *whole* busride home and it was one of the best nights of my life.....I don't know of any sort of words to describe the feeling I get when these things come back to me..are there any? there shuold be. *grr* *g*

But, when I remember all these things... so often, I miss them *so* much that it hurts, many times...and it makes me so sad to know that those things will never come again, I'll never quite have our little group from jr. high back as it was then...I'll never sit in Zinni's basement over there with Daf and Laur and Zin and "psychoanalyze" and bare our whoel frickin' souls until all hours of the night...and we'll not even get *into* Perry cos that's a whole, still-larger, thing to itself... ...and I realised that when it ends, I'm going to miss Fredonia and my times *there* *terribly*, too..... I think one of my main troubles is that I love too much. Really, I thought it through, and that's what a lot of it, I love so many things so much that I wind up having an overdose of bittersweet... like I said before, all those people, even those I barely knew, or just saw around, I miss...places, and things, and events...that first year of our Leo Club that we started...the giant prickers on the bush out back on Reddick...the reddish carpet in our living room there that looked like tomato soup swirled around in a bowl when I stood in the middle of the room and spun around and around until I nearly fell to the ground...the day we spent our Wildlife Ecology class putting woodchips onto the trails, me right up there with the guys pitchforking and shovelling the woodchips down off the giant piles, working harder'n about anyone else, as I recall... every little thing, I've loved in some way... it's like yesterday, I wrote about how I stood out at the border between the woods and field, watching that first deer, and just... was overcome by the beauty of everything? and I kissed a bunch of fookin' *leaves on a tree* cos I didn't know what else to do, my heart was about to burst with it all.....I get those moments quite a lot, actually, and..
*laughs* I've no idea where I'm going with this tonight, I'm just writing... if it makes no sense at all to you, don't worry about it, this is what goes thru *my* whacked-out mind, I don't expect anyone else to get it, or care. *g*

Rode my bike along Brewerton, somehow it's still field in behind those houses which made me glad...
Then rode back here. Had come out teh back door of the garage (cos the main doors are *loud* to open and Dad's sleeping *g*), so I walked my bike by the side of the house.. Daf's light was on, but I don't know if she has the screen down or not yet and if her window was I didn't want to wake anyone or get her in trouble, so I headed on out back.
Parked my bike, peeked into the now-dark pond, then lay down in the grass for awhile. Considered briefly sleeping out there, decided against it. *g*

So then I came in and now I'm sitting here wondering what on *earth* to do about those cookies cos the batter was only supposed to be in the fridge for three hours - whicih ended at 7pm, when I was trying to leave for the concert. I'd planned on baking them when I got back, but I didn't get back 'til 11, then rode 'til 11.30, then came up here to type and now it's 12.30. hrmmm.
Well, the oven itself doesn't make any noise.. it's rolling out the dough that I'm worried about..hmm.
*closes eyes a moment, thinking*
*yawns* ok cookies are gonna be done tomorrow, I just realised I'm sleepy! *laughs*
Time to write awhile, I think.. or at least read.

Wow. That was, in fact, RIDICULOUSLY long.
hahahahaha have fun guys. ^________^ (and no griping, for awhile, anyway, that I don't post. *g*)

Meanwhile, am still on the New Wave kick, hashed together a cd last night/this morning, and it's actually pretty good. score. *g*
So, as promised (sorta), here's the tracklist for my favourite cassette ever. This is a good place to start if you want to know what I mean by underground 80s college radio..aka the stuff I adore ^_^ The ones in bold are the ones I reeeaaallly really like. (Err, rather, I *madcrazyadore*.. I love all the stuff on here. *g*)

"Swamp Thing", Chameleons (I've been listening to this and had it in my head incessently for a few days's awesome. go. download. now.)
"Minutes in a Day", 86
..ehrm..something we don't know the title of, by Naive... (will give you some partial lyrics eventually)
"Adorations", Killing Joke
"Reap the Wild Wind", Ultravox (got some more of theirs and it kicks YEAH SYNTHPOP)
"The Bridge", Cactus World News (my band! *glomps* they're awesome and no-one, sadly, knows who they are. *pouts*)
"Sanctaury", The Cult
"Panic", The Smiths
"Another Time, Another Place", U2 ( ^_________^ )
"Cundalini Express", Love and Rockets
"Shake the Disease", Depeche Mode (who are wonderful in general)

Right. For anyone who cared. *g*
Was dragged out of bed at 5-fookin'-am this morning, barely alive. really. it was terrible.
Managed to doze off for about half of Boy i the car on the way to Buffalo, but that's been it.
And I'm all awake now!!! *laughs* ..bikeride really *did* wake me up. ^_^

So, yeah, worked and stuff, nothing really interesting there, same as yesterday, relaly, tho it was only three stores, and I had to get some of brushes that'd just come in out of their arrgravating-as-hell plastic and onto the racks at one store, but *shrugs* yeah.
In the end, Dad said I'd made about $70.
"Now, you owe me $340 for all the Visa bills..." [he's been paying them for me while I'm at school,. which messes me up cos I always have the cash and would pay it off on my own right away, but now it's all piled up what I owe him gahhhhh ... ..and the only reason it's that high is cos of the plane tickets to NYC, which I'd planned to take some $ out of savings for anyway so yeah.]
" made $70, so now you only owe me $270." Or something like that, they were big numbers and I was just like gahhhhhhh don't I get an option to see ANY of the $ I made????
I want the Unfire videooooo!
But, I do have some cash right now, actually, I'm just trying hard as I can not to spend it..
And, when we got back here around 12.30, Dad took me over to Pearce and we tracked down random guy (who used to live in Perry and supposedly I knew..*shrugs*..I was in Awanas in what, 2nd-4th grade? something like that? I don't remember a whole lot of faces...) and I got an appliaciton for the daycare center. Got home, started filling it out.. and went fuuux0r... I have no preious emplyers. I have no pastoral reference, or really a professional one.. and there were nine fooking THINKING questions ahhhhh. >_<
Put down B and Mead for references (I'd asked them about it before when I was gonna try to get a job on campus, dropped them e-mails today saying I hope they don't mind if I use them again..*hehe*), cos, well, they were teachers, which's kinda professional, and I babysat Mead's son like, twice, so that's kinda professional too, and they're both kinda personal cos I'm a dork and lived in the band room and was in SFE and everything. *g*
The thinking questions were intersting.. I got to make a statement about my faith, and what my religious and spiritual beliefs are and how they impacted my life.
Needless to say, 'Nanda got a seperate sheet of paper to answer the bloody things (with my handwriting, I wasn't abut to make them go thru trying to read it all scrunched up--! ...b'sides, I know that in english you score far higher if they can read things. ..shite, I sholda used black pen, not blue!!! arg. I fail.). But yeah. Got thru all of those well enough, I'm good at making things sound good (except on here, aren't y'all lucky?? *laughs*), and there went my naptime cos then Mom came by to pick me up.

merani-chan's been mad sick for two days straight now and it's not cool... I feel so bad, she's like, dying. or close. go read her lj, let *her* tell you. *g*..

Hung out at Mom's, worked on fanfics a bit, worked on bikerLar sketch a bit, realised I'd messed it up, tried to fix, fooked it up worse, so bs'd and he's just wearing a different shirt than he was when I saw him the other night. *g*
We went to the library and after some intial finding-NOTHING-ness, merani and I found stuff and I've got the second Darkangel book ^____^ among other cool things. hurray for libraries! <3

Got back, talked to Megs, then went for a bikeride cos I was feelign a bit queasy from reading in the car (which yes, I did yet AGAIN even tho I *KNOW* it makes me queasy. I'm a moron, I know), and bikerides, I've discovered, can sometimes clear up my stomach when it's off.
When I'd worn these jeans before, I didn't have a problem on my bike, the flares were small enough that I didn't remember them giving me any trouble, so I didn't pin them back or anything before I left. Bad idea. I don't *mind* bike-grease, it'll wahs out.. only, well, for one, this was motorcycle-chain grease that Dad'd put on this time. Plus jeans getting caught in sprokets = SAFETY HAZARD HELLO. Ended up stopping once I'd gotten past all the houses on Westside.. looked up at the lowering sun shining around a cloud, the sky colouring, the fields around was gorgeous....
Checked my coat pockets, no sort of string, no rubber band, no hairtie, no safety pin, nothin'. geh. Looked about on the ground, found a nice tall piece of field-grass, stuck it thru the lacey-stuff that runs up the side of my jeans and tied it together, tightening it up to shrink the flare a bit.
Yeah for woodsy-inventiveness. ^___^ ('Course, didn't hold super-well then.. on the way back, I tried to find some grape vine to use instead, but it was out of my reach, so I got another piece of grass. Which, of course, is STILL holding now gahhhhhhh *laughs*)
Ended up riding to the school, and back down to the nature trail. Discovered that we now have a *real* *track* out behind Fairbanks Elementary, it's even all red with white lines and stuff! shweeeeeeet. and they're putting in a baseball diamond back there too. ahve to say, I preferred the NICE WILD FIELD that was there before, but.. *shrugs* ..what can you do in the face of athletics? 9_9 Anyway, chained my bike to a handy tree..and as I started doing so I realised, hey, that's poison ivy all over this thing! ... sweeeeet so any moron who tries to steal my bike will be covered in poison ivy. *hehehehe* ^______^ ..and anyway, this basically proves that I really *am* *NOT* allergic to poison ivy, cos I definitely ran into it (and a lot more later, too), and it's spring, which's when the stuff's at its worst, and I'm good. Score. *g*
Went thru massively muddy, catepillar-tread-track-covered field that was once full of tall grass and wild flowers...
...and was immensely relieved that they hadn't knocked down any of the woods.
But then I looked to where we'd started a (rather pathetic) flower garden in Wildlife Ecology my junior year...
It was a random small mini-project we were doing, Swais [the one who looks like Bono, if I've ever had a crush o a teacher it was prolly him] was all into it, as was I, and there were others who helped... we dug up all the soil, turned it over, got the sod outta there.. Swais got hold of some lumber to border the garden with, and some random seeds.. we found some willow saplings and relocated them there, and planted a few things.. I forget what all we had, but there were marigolds anyway, I can't recall what else.. monarda, maybe.. and Swais wanted sunflowers. So, we plated some sunflowers, which never *did* really come up.... I remember, was it he and I? He and someone, anyway, think it might've been me and someone else, each planted something (a sunflower? can't remember) and challanged each other as to whose would sprout first.
Swais reportedly snuck out there at night with MiracleGrow but anyway... *laughs*
The garden's gone now.
There was black tarp-stuff that was outlining that whole border of the field and woods, it was laying across some timber.. I crouched down and caught my breath and nearly started to cry...
THe timber had been broken, probably by the weight of heavy equipment rolling over it...
I picked up the tarp a little and looked beneath and there were more timbers, all smushed together and broken, after all our insanely careful work to line them all up properly, and cut them to the right length, and nail them in place.. (a LOT of work went into that..far too much, I think, but.. *smiles* was a ton of fun)...
*sighs, shakes head*
Went into the woods, walked a little ways in--
--and heard a crash in the brush a ways off, looked over and saw a flash of ruddy-gold.
Well, it was either a deer, or someone in a Carhardt jacket, and I didn't think it was the latter.
Peeked out into the field that lies between the high school and the woods, and stepped out into the lower brush and bushes.
In the next field over stood a single deer, I'm pretty sure a doe but a large one at that, feeding peacefully.
I caught my breath, and stood still, not daring to move out into the open where she might see me...
She never did.
So I stood there for.. I don't even know, probably ten minutes or so, just watching her.. and looking up to see the sun sinking in the sky, shining on all the green glowing around me, looked out at the field and just.. laugh all you will but I kissed the leaves nearest my face. I just.. *shakes head, smiles* I loked up to the sky and smiled and thanked God for this.... much as I love the computer, much as I long to see the desert and everything's the woods where I'm at home, still. I had at least five more moments like that over the next hour and a half..probably more than that, I definitely wasn't counting. *g*
Went back into the woods and let the deer eat in peace, and walked about..
Dude, guys, remind me to yell at B for painting over our benches!!! and not only were they painted over, but they'd been *stripped* entirely first, I could see the dark spots in the wood beneath the dark green paint in places, where I should have been able to make out our old designs... Granted, ok, they pretty much sucked, but still! that was our legacy, our nark, on those woods, the outdoor classroom and our benches.. I painted mine with a FRICKING LEAF it was the best *ever*!!!!! *laughs* (I did. No joke. Everyone else was using all the brushes I'd brought, so I grabbed a leaf and used that to spread the acrylic paint around. That and my fingers. Great fun. ^_^)
Anyway.. it *did* look nice, anyway...
I wondered what was blooming at this time of year, I knew it was too late for most of the spring flowers.. spotted a Jack-in-the-Pulpit plant out in the middle of the path - as always! *laughs* - and there was no flower, I was all sad and thought I'd missed them.. [pic ganked from here.]
But nope. *grins happily* There were plenty blooming, including the big one near the original main entrance. ^_^ (That was one of my things, pointing those out to people back there, cos no-one else'd noticed them really, or knew what they were.. and Mom told me the things are endangered, plus they're just cool-looking *g* - so I was *constantly* on people to NOT step on them! *g*)
*Tons* of wild geraniums, too, more than I remember seeing before.. but that's cool cos they're so pretty. *smiles* [image pulled from this site - duuude I just learnt what a *bunch* of the random little flowers I always see are! yay! *bounces about happily* ..whoa, the *orange* ones are touch-me-nots?! I see those all the time!!! sweet! :D ..ok yes I'm a plant-geek. deal. *g* *happy sigh* yay, they have my favourites.. Forget-me-nots and..ok, they have Cinquefoils but not the kind I'm used to seeing..the ones here are the prettiest pale yellow, with five little heart-shaped petals. ^_^)
Anyway! *laughs* where was I? oh, right. woods.
Dude, I have NEVER seen it that wet back there!!! I was following the middle path (which doesn't look to be much more finished than it was when I left..figures..*giggles*), reached the end..and there was creek. and I looked around but didn't see the path it intersects at *all*. I was like, duuuude, the creek is a lot bigger'n it usually is..I think it ate our path. So I made my way thru random puddles and walked across convenient branches on the ground and things, and eventually got over to the original path that goes to the right. And realised that yeah. Basically, our main path that's usually *along* the creek?
*Was* the creek.
So, that made things interesting. Walked out on the birdge, and saw that the water was nearly *touching* the bridge, which I know I've never seen.. and the water was flowing along pretty quickly, actually, too, it was cool. So I sat there for awhile, looking around me, and it was just nice...
Thought the bottom looked a bit redder than I remembered, tho, wondered vaguely about that.. so I went off the the side and poked about in the mud along the creekbed. Quite sticky between my fingers, reddish, and pretty smooth..which means very, very fine..
..*laughs* ok, Laur, you caught me, I *did* retain more environmental science than I think I'd realised, but..*giggles* ah well. (Right, I love how I know soils *AFTER* I've graduated--! 9_9 )
Attempted to follow the trail that ran parallel Onion Creek there..didn't get too far before it puddled over, so I had to detour a little farther back again..
Where the creek used to be dammed up some, it's not so much now.. and a little ways down from there there were trees across it, I don't know if they'd fallen or were put there or what...
Saw the tree where Heather and I watched and listened for our baby hawk for our observation project...
Ended up heading back up the trail I'd come down, the third trail is hard to find down by the creek anyway, and it was *definitely* flooded over on top of that. Again passed two of my favourite spots that I remmeber..I found them before that trail was there, if I remember right, just walking around one day.. there's a small clearning full of ferns.. and nearby, a huge fallen-over tree a bit off the ground that's perfect for sitting on...
Came up to the outdoor classroom from behind - had wanted to go find the tree Heather and I found the baby raccoon we'd tried to rescue in, but the sun was starting to go down, and I knew I'd been out longer'n planned already (and I knew Megs would be waiting for me online), so just headed back to the classroom--
--and just fifteen, maybe twenty, feet in front of me a deer ran across the path and out into the field.
I stood a moment, burning the image into my mind, then quietly as I could, headed for the side-entrance to the trails (the one that you come to when coming from the high school..I guess *that's* the main one now, huh?). Peeked out, and about halfway up the field, next to the brushrow, stood the deer. I couldn't tell if it was looking at me or not, it was too far away, but in any case, it didn't move for a few minutes, and I stood there watching, not moving either.. finally it noticed me, leaped about and ran off, tail turned up and flashing white.
So, I went back up thru the mud and found my bike again.. peeked out thru the trees to see if the deer was still in view - it wasn't - slipped about in the mud a bit and my boots and jeans are *covered* now.. oops. *g*
Got on my bike and rode home.. was gone for about an hour and a half, and it was so beautiful out there tonight.....

And here ends the longest ramble I've had in awhile! *laughs* There. Enjoy the woods, from country-girl-me's point-of-view. Now get yer arse outside and take a walk or a ride or something!!!! *laughs*
I.. hm. Not sure. It's nearly midnight now, but I'm remarkably awake, due to the bikeride I guess.. and I'm hungry. oh, right, was gonna do popcorn and a movie. or something similar. score. ^_^ 'night all!

To the CCHS *STATE* Envirothon team: I know y'all won't see this 'til you get back, and most of you won't see it at all, but I've been thinking of you guys all day, and I hope you kick some serious molass tomorrow morning!!! *high-fives* You guys'll rock. And you have my blessing, as former forestry-expert and general smartperson, for what it's worth. ^_^

ooooog... I *am* tired I nearly messed up the color-code here... -_-;;;
so, getting up prior to 6am is FOOKING EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but we knew this. *g*

But, yeah, wasn't bad... put little upc stickers on paintbrushes most of the day, put brushes back in their proper little box-things in displays the rest of the time.
Ok so lesson for the day? When you're in a store, and you pick something up, and you go to stick it back on the shelf or in a display.. DON'T just put it anywhere. And if it's something specific like a brush display? do NOT just put a small brush with other small brushes. those silly buggers go from size 3 to size 0000 without any real visible difference, but they ARE different damnit. gaaaahhhhhhhh. >_<
*laughs* so yeah. going again tomorrow, actually, tho it's Buffalo this time - will be done earlier but need to get up a little earlier, too. geeehhhhhhh *dies* Then after work it's over to Pearce to look into a potential job watching little kids. ..I'm actually hoping that works out, cos it'll be regular but not impossible to work around, I know, and it's like a five-minute bikeride (less, if I'm feeling energetic *g*), and it's watching little kids which I know I can do. ^_^

Interesting bit of the day...
Watching my dad. He's definitely a people-person. I definitely am not, in general. I mean, we walk into a store, and he says hello to *everybody*, and they all know him, they're all hey, how was your weekend, how are you, all this... and then there's little me trailing along behind not saying a word. *laughs* ok, I know, he works with these people, I've probably never seen them before in my life, but still, y'know? I don't know.
But it was weird cos I was thinking about it, and I realised.. I think Dad and I care about people the same, we're fascinated by their stories, and we want to help in whatever way we can. Difference is, Dad gets to talking with them, and me.. I'd love to listen but I can't start the talking, usually. I mean, one-on-one, I can, most times, I can ever be super-friendly and be all talkative and whatnot but.. *shrugs* I don't know. Definitely have more of Mom in me than Dad, in that, at least...

Muzak is EVIL.

And I had random visions of U2s in my head all day which was quite nice. *gheeee* Cute little Adam-butt bopping about (this one bit from the Red Rocks video, Adam's playing away and bopping a bit and his cute lil arse is..well, I don't know, it's hard to put inot words but it's nice *hehe* and it was running thru my head on and off for like an HOUR this morning *G*), Edge playing piano (cos the one store played thiis mostly-innocuous piano-song for AN HOUR FOOKING STRAIGHT), and random Bono (and I don't remember what exactly he was doing but he's in my head pretty much nonstop of late anyway so yeah *g*). And I sketched out Megs' Lil-Lar in his biker clothes and it's cute. *g*

Oh yeah, and saw Ewan McGregor's new movie this afternoon with mom, Down With Love. It's cute, it's styled after like, '60s girly-flicks kinda, but it's good and just cute, basically.
Ewan, meanwhile, is just...guuuuuuhhhhhhhh.
There was this one scene, all he was wearing was a towel and it was hunging loooowwwwwwww....mmmmph.
and I sunk down into my seat and probably went "guuuuuuuuhhhhh" and mom kinda laughed at me. oops. *g*
But he was shirtless a fair bit and it was gooood.
And he sang!!! *squee*! ^_^ He's wonderful. *smiles*

ok enough spazzing for tonight..*giggles*...I'm MAD fookin' tired, I need to sleep early tonight....but I've a drawing or two and/or some fic I wanna work on a little first. And I need to burn cds, I'm on a New Wave kick and all I've got is the bestest cassette EVER (which is one Mom made, taping stuff off the college stations back in '86..will put up a track-list here later, great stuff), which is all well and good but I don't always have a cassette player about, and the tape is old and was making noises when we rewound it in dad's car... ^^;;;;;

blahhhhhhh I have to get up in the morning and work whaaaaaaat????
Nothing serious, don't worry.. helping Dad set up paint brush racks and things at a few of the Michael's stores around the city. Gotta be up around 6am blahhhhhh but I get paid and it's not like it's *hard* work (tedious, but not hard), so yeah.
And I was gonna go to bed but wheeeeeee angst rears its nasty head again! *half-laughs* and it doesn't directly concern me really but it's my friends and I want to help....even if all I can do is listen, really, and try to make sense of things (and they call me Gandalf the wise and I still don't know why.. *dry laugh*)..

ooooo quiz with pretty Gackt-pic on the main page.... ^______^ go take it, too, or just go to the page cos he's pretty. whee. ^_^
*bursts out laughing* I can't even put up a result.. I switch *one* answer to a question that doesn't have an answer I like at all, and I get either "fun" or "death"... dear me. I give up. *g*

Right. Bed. Going. Honest.